25 Top Best Under 20 MB Games For Android (2019)

25 Top Best Under 20 MB Games For Android (2019)


20 mb games

20 MB Games: There are some cool games that come under the list of 20 MB games. These games seem very short in size but they are very refreshing as the high-end graphics game. This game will definitely relax your mind and kill your boringness.

But, before I get started, you should take a cup of coffee and relax. Because you don’t believe how these games have come under 20 Mb.

Here Is A List Of Under 20 MB Games For Android:

Dr.Driving 2:

In the list of 20 MB games, Dr.Driving 2 comes first. Dr.Driving 2 is the sequel version of Dr.Driving game. This game is the biggest mobile driving simulation game of all time. It is a modern racing game that comes with easy gameplay.

This game comes with stunning graphics. You can compare this game with any other high-graphics games.

Here you need to drive your vehicle safely to the destination. If you hit something, you will bust. You can find many difficulties levels here. Sometimes, the roads have a too sharp corner.

Downloads: Over 10 million people download this game.

Game Features:
  • Easy to control
  • Real-time online multi-Player
  • Exciting cars
  • Multi-Stage levels


It is a different type of puzzle game. Mekorama is a small robot. Your mission is to help him to reach its destination through puzzling mechanical dioramas. This is not so easy. It is a great logical game that needs good brain work. In addition, the game has in the list Editors’ choice.

Downloads: It installed more than 10 Million times from the play store.

Game Features:
  • Charming Robots
  • Multiple Levels
  • Relaxing Gameplay
Developer: Martin Magni
Price: Free+

Unblock Me Free:

Unblock Me is another addictive puzzle game. You can easily exercise your brain with this. Here, you can find more than 1800 free puzzles. This game also in the list of Editor Choice.

Here you need to unblock the red block out by driving the other blocks out of its way. You must try this game because it helps you to increase your concentration, logic reasoning, attention and fit your brain.

They also provide four types of mood such as Relax Mode, Challenge Mood, multi-Player mood and Daily Puzzle Mood. In short, it is one of the best under 20 MB games for the android.

Downloads: The game is downloaded more than 50 million.

Game Features:
  • Data Sync: This feature helps you to transfer game progress and statistic between devices using the same Google Play Service account.
  • Multiple Levels: Here you can find 5 types of levels such as Starter, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.
  • Unlimited puzzles: The game has 18,000 puzzles that are enough.
  • Achievements: Complete your levels and collect your achievements.

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Bike Racing 3D:

It is a BMX racing game that comes with authentic 3D graphics. Drive your bike through the different types of tracks. It is very easy to control & comes with awesome gameplay.

By playing this game you can prove yourself as a most intense and skilled motorcyclist. Here your work is to finish your mission without any crash.

Downloads:  This game has installed over 100 million that is a huge number.

Game Features: 
  • 3D Physics and Stunning graphics
  • 5 Unique bike rides
  • More than 60 Tracks in career mode, from easy to hard mode.
Radtourwettbewerb 3D - Bike
Radtourwettbewerb 3D - Bike

Modern Sniper:

Modern Sniper is a first-person shooting game. When you play this game, you can get a whirlwind tour of the criminal world. Here you play as a modern sniper who is ready to fight in silent assassin missions. You can also experience an ultra-realistic 3D graphics during gameplay.

Downloads: This game has more than 50 million downloads.

Game Features:
  • Over 50 crime missions
  • 6 unique maps and stunning location
  • Sunning and Realistic 3D Graphics
  • 7 Different Types of weapons

Basketball Shoot:

Basketball Shoot is a simple but too addictive game. It is very easy to control. You can control this game by dragging on the touchscreen. This game provides a great shooting experience. It is also very well-know under 20 MB game.

Downloads: Over 10 Million people downloaded this game.

Game Features:
  • 11 background for the play
  • East to control
  • Simple but special picture style
Basketball Shoot
Basketball Shoot
Developer: MiniCard
Price: Free

Dragon Hunter Ice:

It is a very popular dragon hunter game. It is very easy to control. Here your mission is to shoot arrows by moving the finger on the screen. You can earn coins when you kill dragons. With the help of the coins, you can buy and upgrade your arrows & magic power and others.

Download: It was installed more than 1 million.

Game Features:
  • Multiple Types of Weapons such as Arrow, Poison Arrow, and Dizzy Arrows
  • Use 4 types of Magics like a Fire mage, Ice mage, Wind mage, and light mage.
Dragon Hunter
Dragon Hunter
Developer: FT Games
Price: Free

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Racing Air:

Racing Air is also the most popular racing game. If you want to experience the infinite fun of barrier roll then it should the best racing game for you. This game also has downloaded on a large number.

Downloads: It downloaded over 10 million times.

Game Features:
  • New Speed Mode
  • Perfect Experience of Nitro
  • 16 types of car models
  • Two different operation methods
Racing Air
Racing Air
Price: Free+


The sky is a very simple but interesting 3D game. The idea of the game is very unique. Here your job is to jump over obstacles. The most attractive part of the game is controlled panel. It comes with a very simple control panel.

You can play this game with simple tapping. Tap the one time to jump over obstacles and two times for jump higher. This game also has a huge download in the play store.  It is also very popular under 20 MB game.

Downloads: It downloaded over 5 Million times.

Game Features:
  • Over 100+ unique levels
  • A huge selection of characters
  • Unique animated
  • Fight with your friend’s score with game center
Developer: Ketchapp
Price: Free+

Word Academy:

Word Academy is a kind of word game. It is already ranked No.1 among word games in 38 countries. The game starts with some easy levels. But later, it becomes more difficult. Here your work is to find all the words from the box and complete your levels.

Downloads:  They have more than 5 million users all over.

Game Features:
  • Increase Your stock Of Word
  • Refresh Your Brain
  • Multiple Levels.
Word Academy
Word Academy
Developer: Scimob
Price: Free+

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Stick Hero:

Stick Hero is very addictive android game ever. Here your purpose is to reach and walk on the destination with the help of sticks. The control panel of the game is very simple. You can easily control the game with one touch. You should try this game at least one time.

Downloads:  Over 10 Million Users download it.

Game Features:
  • Many Beautiful Backgrounds
  • Well-Designed Heroes
  • Easy to control
Stick Hero
Stick Hero
Developer: Ketchapp
Price: Free+

Space Racing 3D- Star Race:

Space Racing 3D is a modern star-space racing game. It comes with stunningly realistic graphics and effects. It is one of the fastest and most exhilarating racing action game.

Like other games, you can control it easily by the simple touch buttons. Using the simple touch button, you can speed up your vehicle, attack your enemies and defend yourself by throwing bombs.

Downloads: This game is downloaded over 5 million from the play store.

Game Features:
  • More Than 40+ Race Tracks
  • Three racing moods- Career, Chase, and survival
  • Six different types of aircraft
Space Racing 3D - Star Race
Space Racing 3D - Star Race
Developer: 3DGames
Price: Free+

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Break The Prison:

Break The Prison is a very well-known prison escape game. The game is mixed with actions and puzzles. Here you play the role of a prisoner. The story of the game is very attractive. You have been punished to death for a crime that you don’t commit.

Now, you make a mind to break the prison and clear your name. In this game, you are
a brilliant mechanical engineer, so at first, you need to build up a tool in your cell first. Then steal the keys from the guard and start your journey.  It is one of the very popular under 20 MB games.

Downloads: This game has more than 10 million downloads.

Game Features:
  • Mind-blowing puzzles with awesome actions
  • Beautiful atmosphere and visuals.
  • More than 40+ challenges levels in 8 different cells
Developer: Candy Mobile
Price: Free+


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Dead Moto 5:

Dead Moto 5 is a sequel to Death Moto. This game is remodeled with new stunning graphics and more violent fighting experiences. Here your mission is to reach your destination by defending your enemies. You can ride through the deep silence of the high-way or rampage of the snowy street.

Downloads: It is installed over 500k by the users.

Game Features:
  • 10 different types of motorcycle
  • New visual effects
  • Variety of upgraded projects like machine guns, nitrogen, rocket launcher and more


Ludoo is a very popular board game. It is full of fun and hilarious. It is one of the best under 20 MB game. You can play it with your friends and family. This game is very similar to a Spanish game Pachisi.

The game is popular for all ages. The game can be played between 2 players to 4 players. This game supports multi-player where you can play against your friends or other people from across the world.

Downloads: This game downloads more than 10 million times.

Game Features:
  • New Modern Design And Wooden Board
  • Multiplayer in the same device
  • Play Against Computer

Bubble Shooter 2:

Bubble Shooter 2 is one of the most popular puzzle games. Train your brain and solve the awesome puzzle games. For winning and hitting highest score, smash and pop balloons.

It is also very easy to control. Only tap the finger and smash the bubbles. It is a perfect free brain training game.

Downloads: Over 10 million people are downloaded this.

Game Features:
  • A Classical bubble Game Mode
  • Various thrilling levels
  • Stunning Graphics and Visual effects
  • Awesome color matching
Bubble Shooter 2
Bubble Shooter 2

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Real Moto:

Real Moto is a very popular motor racing game. It comes with easy control and realistic graphics. Just swap your phone to control your vehicles. This game has a simple interface.

Downloads: It is installed more over 10 million times.

Game Features:
  • Very Easy To Control
  • Over 150 challenges
  • 11 types of bike
  • Realistic speed and sound
Real Moto
Real Moto
Developer: Dreamplay Games
Price: Free+

Unlimited Football:

With large downloads, Unlimited Football is one of the best under 20 MB games. It comes with fast-paced gameplay, most stunning physics, and an astonishing atmosphere.

Build your best squad on the planet and operate the league champion and World Cup of FIFA. This game featuring simple controls, insane action, and smooth animations.

Downloads: More than 50 million peoples have installed this game.

Ultimativer Fußball
Ultimativer Fußball
Developer: Mouse Games
Price: Free+

Fast Racing 3D:

Burn your street with his most exhilarating racing games. Fast Racing 3D is one of the most popular racing games. It comes with high graphics and awesome gameplay.

Here you drive your vehicles via outcoming traffic and collecting power-ups. Also, knock other racers off from the roads. It is also very popular under 20 MB game that you should try.

Downloads: This game is downloaded more than 100 million times.

Game Features:
  • Awesome 3D graphics and realistic sound effects.
  • Customize and upgrade your cars
  • Over 45 Levels

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Tower Of Hero:

Tower of Hero is a very exhilarating game. You can pack dungeons with vast armies of heroes and attack the enemy monster. It is also very easy to control.

Downloads: They have more than 1 million users.

Game Features:
  • Immense Tower Dungeons
  • Infinite abilities
Tower of Hero
Tower of Hero
Developer: Tatsuki
Price: Free+

Turbo Racer 3D:

Turbo Racing 3D is a popular endless racing game. This game is full of thrilling with beautiful stunning 3D graphics. You can enjoy the endless driving by bridge, city and mountain roads.

Downloads: This is installed more than 1 million times.

Game Features:
  • Beautiful 3D Graphics
  • 5 Types of different cars
  • Earn bounce point for close overtake
  • Special shield to protect your vehicles
Turbo Racer 3D
Turbo Racer 3D
Developer: GameDivision
Price: Free

Shadow Skate:

You find lots of shadow game in the play store. But, Shadow skate is one of the best among them. It is also best from among the under 20 MB games. And I love this game very much. It is a mixture running and skating game.

The main concept of the game is very simple. You need to reach your destination by skate without any accidents. Here, you can do awesome stuns with the skate.

Downloads: It completes more than 1 million downloads in the play store.

Game Features:
  • Stunning and realistic shadow arts graphics
  • 40 challenging levels
  • 4 beautiful skate parks
Schatten Skateboard
Schatten Skateboard
Developer: Candy Mobile
Price: Free+

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Find A Way:

Find A Way is one of the most addicting games. It is a simple minimalist puzzle game. This game comes with a unique concept. Here you see a grid of squares and dots. Your task is to find a way by connecting all the dots.

But remember one thing that dots cannot connect with squares. Dots also cannot be connected twice. These things make the game very interesting and most addicted. It is also the best among the 20 MB games.

Downloads: Over 500k people download this.

Game Features:
  • Beautiful Minimal Design
  • Multiple Levels
  • Night Mood
Finde einen Weg
Finde einen Weg
Developer: Zero Logic Games
Price: Free+

Fun Way To Think:

Fun Way Think is the most entertaining and craziest game ever. It is a dumb riddle game. This game needs a great thinking power. There are so many challenging riddles that may make you think in.

Downloads: They have complete over 1 million downloads.

  • Brain-twisting puzzles
  • Many types of stump riddles
  • Refresh your thinking power

Zombie Roadkill 3D:

The zombie game is a very famous action game. Actually, the game is a blend of a shooter game and a racing game. It is not only a driving game. It is also a good shooting game. You can shoot the zombies by using machine guns and RPGs.

It is totally different from other zombies games. You must try this.

Downloads: More than 10 million users installed this game.

Game Features:
  • Awesome action and racing gameplay
  • 5 types of vehicles and 10 exciting weapons
  • Realistic 3D graphics and inspiring soundtrack
  • Various types of mode like story mode and endless mode
Zombie Strassenmörder 3D
Zombie Strassenmörder 3D

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[Note: Some sizes of the game may increase after some updates]


So, these are the top under 20 MB games for Android users. I know that you should download and play these games at least one time. I hope you like it.

What is your favorite very low MB games? Let me know in the comment section below.

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