3D Printing Technology May Produce Artificial Blood Vessels

3D Printing Technology May Produce Artificial Blood Vessels

3D Printing Technology May Produce Artificial Blood Vessels, Organ Tissue

3D printers have already been proven a revolutionary technology. 3D printing is a process of jointing or solidified using different material under computer control devices. It is able to produce complex material and already been using in the manufacturing process.

Human blood vessels, tissue are the most complex one and difficult to produce because they are of the micro level and biometric. Researchers are trying to produce it using 3D printing Technolgy.

Now, it is not far away. A study published in the journal Nature Communications revealed that researchers have paved a way to produce natural tissues by using oxygen as material.

Xiaobo Yin, an associate professor at University of Colorado (CU) Boulder in the US said “The idea was to add independent mechanical properties to 3D structures that can mimic the body’s natural tissue,”

This type of research can be beneficial for hypertension patient treatment and other types of vascular diseases.

This technology uses oxygen and by controlled uses of it with tabletop sized printer researchers able to keep outer part off tissues harder and inner part softer which seems to be most challenging part while keeping the overall geometry the same.

Yonghui Ding, a postdoctoral researcher at CU Boulder said in a statement “Oxygen is usually a bad thing in that it causes incomplete curing. Here, we improve a layer that allows a fixed rate of oxygen permeation,”

“This is a profound development and an encouraging first step toward our goal of creating structures that function as a healthy cell should function,” added by Ding.

It can capable of producing biomaterial of a size 10 microns or almost one-tenth size of a human hair.

These findings can lead to the future where we may be able to produce new arteries and tissues.

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