50 Million Facebook Accounts Are Hacked

50 Million Facebook Accounts Are Hacked

50 Millions Facebook Accounts Are Hacked

It was revealed yesterday that more than 50 millions facebook accounts were hacked. Facebook already lost their reputation after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Scam that happened in March.

It is one of the biggest scams in Facebook’s history. Facebook claimed that the breach took place because of  “View As”  feature. This feature helps people to see how their profile looks. Hackers targeted the features and stole data.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post that they face constant attacks from people who want to take over accounts or steal information around the world. While we found this, we fixed the issues and secured the accounts that may be at risk. We need to develop some new tools to prevent this from happening in the first place.

The company was not sure that these accounts were misused or not.  Facebook has no idea about it. They have reported the FBI and investigation is going on.

Facebook said that in case your account is hacked, they will notify you. The notification message will appear on the top bar of your news feed.

Facebook said that it is the massive hack attack ever. They said if your account is hacked, your all data were compromised. Means, your pictures, chats, personal message, likes and etc. might have been compromised.

According to a report by Wired that if your hacked Facebook Id is connected with any other accounts then those accounts also might be affected as well.

The company advise that log out your facebook account from all device and log in again. It,s work better if you do it.

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