This 7 Year Old Kid Earned $22 Million Via YouTube Videos

This 7 Year Old Kid Earned $22 Million Via YouTube Videos

This 7 Year Old Kid Earned $22 Million Via YouTube Videos

Ryan, YouTube’s highest-earning star is a seven years old boy who runs a toy review channel. The name of the channel is Ryan ToyReviews that was created by Ryan’s parents in 2015. 

This seven years old boy earned $22 million of his review videos. According to a data of Forbes, Ryan beats Jack Paul by a margin of $500,000, throws him in the second position. 

The channel has 17.5 million subscribers and around 26 billion views till now. The channel would grow to become the highest grosser of the year that according to Forbes, was calculated between June 2017 and June 2018.

Jack Paul, who have more than 17.6 million followers in his YouTube Channel, leaving behind Ryan’s YouTube Channel by $500,000 in terms of the generated revenue. 

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Forbes also explains that $1 million out of the $22 million total is generated by the advertisements and other is brought from the sponsored content.

In NBC interview, Ryan told that the kids are likes to see his videos because he is funny and entertaining. The toys that are reviewed by Ryan have been sold more than they could actually be otherwise.

Walmart is the biggest e-commerce site in the US. It started selling the toys and clothing that were branded by Ryan. Earlier in this year, Walmart signed a big deal with Ryan to sell the exclusive toys and clothes in around 2500 stories as well as the website. 

Other YouTube Channel that was listed in the top 10 list, according to the data by Forbes-

3. Dude Perfect; 4. Daniel Middleton; 5. Jeffree Star; 6.Makiplier; 7.Even Fong; 8.Jacksepticeye; 9. PewDiePie; 10.Logan Paul.

Logan Paul’s earning of YouTube Channel downed when his channel was temporarily blocked over the backlash against a video showing a dead body of a suicide victim. But later, he issued an apology.

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