9 Top Best Online Jobs Without Investment In India

9 Top Best Online Jobs Without Investment In India

online jobs without investment.

Do you find some best online jobs without investment? Do you find some part-time or full-time jobs?

So, this article may help you. Because here I am going to share the best online jobs without investment.

Online jobs are very good methods to earn money. Here you can earn unlimited money by doing jobs. Of course, your earning is depending on your efforts and hard works.

You can find many online jobs by a quick search on the internet. But, they charge you for work with them or most of them are the scam.

So, I have listed some legit and genuine online jobs without any investment. I am personally using some of them. Read the article from the first to last. I know you may even find something new.

Here Is The List Of  Best Online Jobs Without Investment:


Freelancing is the best way to earn money. It requires zero investment. You can earn decent money from Freelancing.

A freelancer is someone who is self-employed. You can work here as a part-time or full-time. There is no specific time to work. You can choose your own working time.

There are many freelancing sites that helps to connect the workers with the clients.

You need to sign up those sites and search your jobs that you can do better. After select the jobs, read their terms and conditions and contact them.

Freelancing sites provide many kinds of jobs. These are website development, mobile developer, designers, writers, virtual assistants, customer service agents, social & marketing experts, accountants & consultants and etc.

Follow The Below Steps To Get Works From Freelancing Sites: 

  • Choose only those jobs that you can do better.
  • Make an attractive profile that attracts your clients.
  • Target some clients and impress them with your skills.
  • Complete their works and earn money.

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YouTube is the second largest search engine. I expect that everybody is known about Youtube.

In short, Youtube is a platform where users come to search for their quarry and increase their knowledge.

Youtube is one of the best online jobs without investment. Here, you can earn money by sharing your contents on Youtube.

If you have some knowledge in any topics, then make a good content video and upload it on YouTube.

When you crossed 4000 watch times and 1k subscribers, you will start earning from YouTube. You will not directly earn money from Youtube.

You can earn money from Adsense. AdSense is an ad- network of Google. They show ads in your videos. So, they gave some revenue to the creator. You can earn unlimited money from YouTube through Adsense.

It is no doubt that YouTube is the best online jobs without investment.

There are many paid survey sites that pay you for attending their surveys. This is a very legit way to earn money with zero investment.

You can earn $1-$20 for attending each survey. The survey rates are depending on the sites.

Students are liking these sites very much. Because it requires fewer efforts. It is the very easiest way to earn money.

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Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a very good program for anyone to start their online earning career.

Every marketing site has an affiliate program for promoting their products. They provide you with a special link to promote their products.

When anyone buys something from your link, you will earn a commission. It is the best online jobs without investment.

You won’t believe that many peoples are earned a thousand dollars from Affiliate Marketing.

Amazon Affiliate Program is the best for beginners. I am also starting from these affiliate programme.

URL Shortener Sites:

Do you know you can earn money just by sharing short links?

You can earn decent money from URL shortener sites. These sites help you to shorten your long URLs.

Whenever someone opens this short URL, they will see 5 seconds short ads and then redirect to the original URL. You will earn money from every single click.

It is a very genuine and legit way to earn money.

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Selling Photos:

Do you like to snap photos? Have you a great skill in photography?

Then you can earn money by selling photos. It is also the best online jobs without investment.

There are many sites where you can upload your own snapping photos. When someone buys your photos, you will earn money.

If you have good skill in photography, you will earn decent money by selling your photos.

5 Best Sites Where You can sell your photos:

  • SmugMug Pro
  • Shutterstock
  • iStokephoto
  • Envato
  • Freepik

Social Media:

We are always engaged in social media sites. But do you know, you can earn decent money from Social media.

Big brands and companies are always want to promote their products or service through social media. Because with the help of social media, they reach potential customers.

If You have big followers on social media, you can earn lots of money. There are many sites that connect social media influencer with brands. You can sign up those sites and earn money by promoting their products or services.

Famebit is the best social media marketing site. It is a service of YouTube. If you have 5000 followers in social media, you can easily sign up in Famebit.

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Online Teaching:

If you are expert to teach, then you can earn money from online teaching.

There are many sites that provide a virtual classroom for students. Here you can teach students online.

Believe me, you can earn handsome money by teaching online. 

5 Best Online Tutoring Sites:

  • TutorMe
  • Vedantu
  • OkTutor.Net
  • Tutor.com
  • Udemy                                                                                                           

Gave Product Review And Earn Money:

You can also earn money by giving reviews of a product or service. There are many sites which pay you for your reviews.

You simply go to these websites and sign up. Then gave your unique reviews about the product and earn money. It is also an online job without investment

Best Paid Review Sites:

  • UserTasting.com
  • Mouthshut.com

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So, these are the best online jobs without investment. These are the very genuine way to earn money. Many people earn a lot from the above methods. I hope you like this list of online jobs without investment.

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