9 New Things That You Will See In WhatsApp Soon

9 New Things That You Will See In WhatsApp Soon

9 New Things That You Will Seen In WhatsApp

Are you a Whatsapp users? Do you want to know some latest features of Whatsapp? Though your answer is Yes, then read this article.

Whatsapp is a very popular social media platform. It is continuously updating many new features. There is so much different between the first WhatsApp and the latest WhatsApp.  They updated features like the blue tick, status update and etc.

Whatsapp is going to update 9 new features soon. So, let’s see the upcoming new features of Whatsapp:

 Vacation Or Silent Mode 

This is a very good feature that is under work. This feature based on the ‘Silent Mode’ that has reportedly rolled out to customers. This feature helps users to chat for as long as the user wants.

 New Chat Stickers 

WhatsApp said that they are working to add some new stickers for more entertainment. But, these feature is not till update in beta mode.

 Expand The Group participants List 

This feature helps to hide the entire list of members in the group and instead shows a ‘More’ text, tapping on which will reveal the rest of the list. The feature is available in WhatsApp for Android.

 Swipe To Reply 

Swipe to reply is another new feature that is already available on the iOS device. This feature is also available in the beta version on WhatsApp for Android. The user can simply swipe right on the message and start typing a reply.

 Linked Account 

Whatsapp also working on the feature ‘Linked Account’. There is no much information about this feature. But it could be expected that user uses this feature to recover passwords of other linked account.

Several reports said that Facebook may bring advertisement to WhatsApp in the form of the status update. A WhatsApp executive said in a report that Facebook already had p[lan to bring ads to WhatsApp.

 New Dark Mode 

WB Beta info tweeted that WhatsApp has started working on a Dark Theme. But, since then nothing has been confirmed. This feature is still not available in a beta version.

 PiP Mode 

PiP mode means Picture-in-Picture mode. It was already available for Android platform and also available for the beta version of WhatsApp in Android. It helps the user to continue watching videos while chatting.

New Recall Mode

A user can delete their messages after sending them within an hour if the recipient has not received it. But, with this update, the user can delete messages within 13 hours. This feature is also under work.

So, these are the 9 new features that you will see soon in WhatsApp. Some features are in beta version on Android and some are under working. So, let’s see what happen.

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