Here Is How This AI App Should Help Deaf And Mute People

Here Is How This AI App Should Help Deaf And Mute People

Here Is How This AI App Should Help Deaf And Mute People

A Netherland based start-up company develops an Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature a smartphone app for mute and deaf people.

The company says that it offers a low cost and superior approach to translate sign language into text and speech in real time.

The name of the app is GnoSys. It uses computer vision and neural networks to identify the video of sign language speaker and then smart algorithms translate it into speech.

There is a huge demand for interpreter services in the deaf community.

Konstantin Bonder, Co-Founder & CTO of Evalk said that every day thousands of local businesses around the globe face problems while providing their services to the deaf. Evalk is the company which develope the app.

According to a statistic of the National Deaf Association(NAD), in India, there are 18 million people are estimated to be deaf.

Roman Wyhowski Founder & CEO Evalk told PTI that the app is expected to hit the Indian market next year.

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According to the company, the new application can use in the B2B setting, The deaf and mute employees can use it to convey the employee’s message to the end customer.

Wyhowski said that it will help to drive inclusivity at the workplace by removing communication barriers between the able and disable.

Wyhowski said “Deaf people do have that many options for communicating with a hearing person, and all of the alternatives do have major flaws. Interpreters  aren’t usually available, and also could be expensive”

“Pen and paper approach is just a bad idea: it’s very uncomfortable, messy, time-consuming for both hearing and deaf person.” He also said.

Messengers and texting are quite better, but they do not solve the problem in translation and do not offer a comfortable way to communicate, also noted by Wyhowski.

He told that the available translation software in the market is either expensive or slow or use an old technique that does not scale to other markets outside the country of origin.

” By comparison, we offer a compellingly fast, easy, comfortable and economical solution,” said by Bonder.

Recently in the Netherlands, this app is used on multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets or PCs.

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It works like a video chat applications and AI assistants and etc. It translates any sign language and can be connected in many products.

It is required a camera on the device that faces the signing person, and an internet connection said, Bonder.

“Using on the camera on the device, our system provides the same services only an experienced sign language interpreter could do,” He also added.

Wyhowski told, “All the translation is done by algorithms so that means we can differentiate on price as well, offering an inexpensive translation service which is handy and gives a lot of benefits to both deaf people, and business and service providers,” 

According to the company, for using this service the user can pay for a day, for a week or for the month costing one, four and $11USD respectively.

The price is USD 150/month for the small business and USD 450/month for the medium and large business.

This service has a free plan that has a limited amount of phrases per week/month. In this plan, you can use just to satisfy the basic communication need of deaf people with low income. 

They are working in collaboration with Indian Accelerator.

Wyhowski said, “We have partnered with them already in order know better how we can help deaf people in India.” 

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“Plus we plan to get in touch with the Indian government, in order to know if some of the government spendings on deaf people can be used to provide them with digital interpreter service, which can lead to higher employment of the deaf, and social equality,” he added.

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