AI Will Match Human Intelligence By 2062


AI Will Match Human Intelligence By 2062

An expert has predicted that within 50 years, Artifical Intelligence (AI) will match human on traits like creativity, adaptable, and emotional intelligence.

At the “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Professor Toby said that AI will mismatch human intelligence soon.

Toby Walse, Scientia professor of Artifical Intelligence (AI) at UNSW Sydney, has given a date on this looming reality.

“He considers 2062 the year that artificial intelligence will match human intelligence although a fundamental shift has already occurred in the world as we know it.” said by the university.

Toby declares that we are already experiencing the risks of artificial intelligence that seem to be so far in the soon.

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“Even without machines that are very smart, I am starting to get a little bit nervous about where it’s going and the important choices we should be making” said by Toby Walse who wrote a book “2062: The World That AI Made”.

According to him, the main challenge will be to avoid the apocalyptic rhetoric of AI and to decide how to move forward in the new age of information.

Privacy bothers about the collection of personal information is nothing new.

Quote the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Toby said that we should be more sceptical about how the data is misemployed by tech companies.

“A lot of the debate has focussed on how personal data was stolen from people, and we should be rightly outraged by that,” Toby told the audiences.

Toby explained, “Many of us have smartwatches that are monitoring our vital signs; our blood pressure, our heartbeat, and if you look at the terms of service, you don’t own that data” explained by Toby.

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He quoted, “You can lie about your digital preferences, but you can’t lie about your heartbeat”

We also know that untangling the ethics of machine accountability will be the second fundamental shift in the world.

“Fully autonomous machines will totally change the nature of warfare and will be the third revolution in warfare,” said by Walsh.

Walse assumes the problem is creating machines that are aligned with human values that are currently a problem on other platforms operate by artificial intelligence.

“Facebook is an example of the argument problem, it is optimized for your attention, not for creating a political database or for making society a better place,” quoted by Wash.

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