Amazon Just Made Apple & Google’s Lives Difficultly

Amazon Just Made Apple & Google’s Lives Difficultly

Amazon Just Made Apple & Google's Lives Difficult

According to a recent report by Canalys, Amazon is already the top brand in the smart speaker segment. The company sold almost 6.3million Echo speaker in Q3 2018 and Google sold around 5.9 million units. 

This also suggests that Amazon is leading the digital assistant market with Alexa. While this was a big challenge for Google, Amazon has made a new movement that is possible to make the life difficult for Sundar Pichai & Co. 

Amazon has now started Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) kit to all the Bluetooth device makers.

This suggests that all the device makers will be able to join Alexa in their products including headset, headphones and other Bluetooth devices. 

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“With Alexa Joined into their BT device, customers can enjoy convenient access to their favorite Alexa features and capabilities on the go: music, tens of thousands of Alexa Skills and smart home control and news and information ,” said Alfred Woo, Principal Product Manager, Alexa Voice Services, in the company’s Alexa developer blog.

For opening Alexa to all means users, it will able to give voice commands from their Bluetooth devices that will communicate with the Alexa app on Android and iOS smartphones. 

“By leveraging the Amazon Alexa App which is readily available for Android and iOS, device makers accelerate product development, software integration, and testing time while reducing product support costs. After launch, their products are automatically updated to include new Alexa functionality and features when they arrive in the Amazon Alexa App,” Woo adds.

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