Apple’s First 5G Phone Will Be Reportedly Launched In 2020


Apple's First 5G Phone Will Be Reportedly Lunched In 2020

The speculation of 5G connectivity around 2019 has already made a big excitation among the mobile users and some 5G enable devices like MI Mix 3 will be in the market in 2019 as marketed by its manufacturer added up this.

Othe market leaders like SAMSUNG, ONE PLUS, and others are going to lunch their product next year. But Apple announced that it will introduce its 5G supported iPhone in 2020.

Apple will relay on INTEL as the sole provider of modems of iPhone. The report revealing Apple’s plan further cited that the company will use INTEL’s 8161 5g modem chip in its 2020 phone.

The reports further revealed that Apple is not satisfied with the work of 5G modem of INTEL. The testing 8060 modem is showing some hit issue which needs to be resolved.

Apple is looking its other option available on hand. Citing the rivalry among Apple with Qualcomm, Apple may explore other option. Apple in talks with Media talks to supply its 5G modem.

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This year Apple’s iPhone XR, XS, XS max uses INTEL’s modem exclusively, we expect to see this trend continue for a while. Apple may want a look on market behavior with this new 5G technology innovation before they enter the 5G market.

The introduction of 5G technology and enabled devices with this innovation in 2019 has created a big excitement among users but it will take a couple of years before 5G becomes standard.

You can expect to see the upcoming MWC and CES in 2019 to focus a lot on 5G services as well as some 5G Android smartphone from the likes of Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo.

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