7 Apps And Services That Help To Save Your Fuel Bill

7 Apps And Services That Help To Save Your Fuel Bill

7 Apps And Services That Help To Save Your Fuel Bill

The price of petrol and diesel in India have stabilized lately after some days of regular increase. It becomes a very big problem in India.

Do you want to save some money on fuel bill? If you answer is yes, then continue your reading.

Here I listed 7 apps and services that show prices of petrol and diesel realtime. Obviously, you thought how this will help to save fuel bills.

These apps and services may help you to know where the price is cheaper compared to other. As an example, the price of diesel and petrol are currently lower in NCR areas like Noida, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Faridabad, and Gurgaon than in Delhi.

And the price of petrol and diesel now vary from fuel station to another fuel station. With the help of these apps and services, you can easily decide where you can get your vechile’tank filled. 

Here Are The 7 Apps And Services That Help You To Save Your Fuel Bills:


SmartDrive is a BPL‘s app. Here, you can cheek daily prices of petrol and diesel in your city. This app does not only give you the information about daily fuel prices but also give the information about the nearest fuel station, available facilities at the fuel stations and more. There is also an ‘offer section’ that is linked to the company’s Petro smartcards.

[email protected]:

[email protected] is Indian’s Oil app. This help to check real-time fuel prices in your city. This app is also for both iOS and Android users. Users need to create an account to access the feature of the app. Here you can see a ‘Local Us’ tab in this app that shows you a map and displays petrol pumps in your area. Users can check on the map and also check the petrol day’s rates. 


Unlike other apps, it is also a petrol & diesel update app. Besides, giving information about Petrol and Diesel, this also gives information on the CNG fuel. It covers many fuel stations such as Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), IndianOil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Reliance Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Essar Petroleum & Shell India. 

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IOCL, HP, And BPCL Websites:

You can also visit the Indian Oil’s official website (iocl.com) for prices. The website shows ‘Check fuel prices’ banner right on the home page. You can click on the banner and check the city-wise rates. It also displays a price rate comparison.

Similarly, you can also visit HPCL and BPCL’ official websites for prices. 

HPCL: http://www.hindustanpetroleum.com

BPCL: https://www.bharatpetroleum.com

SMS Services:

You can also check the price of the fuel by sending SMS, ‘RSP DEALER CODE’ to 92249-92249. 

For Bharat Petroleum: You send SMS (in the above pattern) to 9223112222. 

For Hindustan Petroleum: you can send SMS (in the same pattern) to 9222201122. 

You can easily get the ‘DEALER CODE’ from the petrol pump. All the petrol pumps show their sealers code for users and convenience.

PayTM Fuel Cashback:

You can get decent cashback on petrol pumps via PayTM. You can see a ‘Cash Back’ option in the PayTM. Here you can see different types of fuel cashback. Read their terms & conditions carefully and apply then and get cashback. 

PhonePe Fuel Cashback:

Like PayTM apps, you can also cashback from PhonePe apps. Here, you can also see many types of cashback for the fuel pump. Apply the carefully and earn cashback.

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