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10 Best Action Games For Android

best action games for android

Action games are the most favourite among the game lovers. In Google Play Store, you can find many kinds of action games. But it is very hard to define what is best. In this article, I am going to share the best action games for android.

     Best Action Games For Android


Frontline Commando:D-Day:

D-Day is the best action games for android. The story of the game based on World War II (WW2). You can enjoy 3rd person shooting experience with amazing graphics. Here they throw you directly on the battlefield. You can really feel the action of the battlefield. You can experience 5 separate campaigns with 145 separate missions. You can also use many deadly weapons to destroy your enemies. If you like army based action games, then it should the best action game for you.

Dead Trigger 2:

Dead Trigger 2 is a first-person shooter zombie apocalypse survival game. It is a heart-stopping first-person shooting game. Here you can fight in 33 unique environments with 50 types of weapon. They drive into the action with more than 600 gameplay scenarios including Solo Campaign, Global Mission and Side Quests. They provide amazing graphics which blow your mind. Here you can use awesome weapons like Big Hammar, Boat Motor, Machete and etc. All over it is the best action games for android.

Shadow Fight 2:

Shadow Fight 2 is based on classical fighting. Here you play the role of Shadow. The game starts with a great storyline video. This impresses you very much. You can fight with enemies with countless lethal weapons, rare armor sets and dozens of life like Martial Arts techniques. The game has many levels. You love these game from the start. If you find real-life android action game, then Shadow Fight 2 is the best action games for android. They also release Shadow Fight 3 that is also very awesome.

Force Of Freedom:

Free Of Freedom is a real-time 5v5 team multiplayer game. This is free to play. Here you can play as a snipper or rifleman with authentic military soldiers from across the globe. Thay has many multiple maps and multiple game modes.

N.O.V.A. Legacy:

N.O.V.A. Legacy is the best 3D sci-fi shooting game. Kal Wardin is the hero of the game who strikes against the enemies of Colonial Administration forces. You can play the role of the hero. Here you fight with alien forces in various game modes including Story mode, Shadow mode, and special Ops force. You can also test your skills in Multiple Arenas. It is an immersive offline and online shooting game. It is the game of Gameloft FPS series.

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter:

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter is one of the best action games for android. The game has ultra-realistic 3D graphics and awesome animations. Here you can find hundreds of thrilling missions, tons of guns and mortal weapons. Here you play the role of a snipper. You fight against the global war on crime and become an ultimate shooter. This is very addicted and interesting game. If you like the fighting games, then you should play this game Sniper 3D Gun Shooter.

Death Target:

Dead Target is also a very popular FPS zombie shooting game. You can experience a 3D shooting game with awesome graphics. You feel that you are a true zombie killer. You can use multiple weapons like the rifle, shout gun, machine gun, grenade launcher and more. They also provide battle on different maps Shoot the most zombies to become the top zombie hunter.

Major Mayhem:

The tagline of Major Mayhem is ‘save the world, and your girlfriend’.This is quite funny. You play the role of Major Mayhem who is the newest recruit in the Adult Swim Games army. Here you run and fight your enemies to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the force of evil. The game has 45 levels for non-stop action,100 achievements,150 mini mission objects,20 unique weapons and more. I love these game very much from the first level. It is also the best action game for android.

Shadow Of Death:

Shadow Of Death is a brand new dark fantasy epic journey game. The animation of the game is very cool. The animation system is inspired by classical fighting games of old. Here you can choose a character among four unique shadow knights. The game has multiple gameplay styles and lots of customization. You can also play online when you beat down all shadow masters. In online, you can battle with other players in the Arena.

Survival Prison Escape:

The story of the game based on a prisoner who sentenced 10 years imprisonment in a horrible prison. But he wants to break the jail and escape the jail to chase the freedom. You play the role of a prisoner. The jail is secured by police sniper shooters, police security guards,k9 dogs, cops patrol cars, CCTV and etc. You work is to break the jail and escape from this high security. The game has an impressive environment and real-life sound effects. It is a very interesting game and one of the best action games for android.


I hope you like these 10 best action games for android. These actions games are blowing your mind and stop your heart. If you do not play any of them, then download them and start playing.

What is your favorite android action game? Let us know in the comment box and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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