10 Best Android Games Under 10 Mb

best android games under 10 Mb

Are your Android phone has less memory and RAM? Do you afraid to play heavy games on your Android phone? Don’t worry. Here I have listed 10 best android games under 10 Mb. 

There are many interesting and popular games in the Google Play Store under 10Mb. These games are giving great pleasure when you are boring. I know that you love these best android games at a once.

       Best Android Games Under 10 Mb 


Dr. Driving is the popular Android games under 10 Mb. It is a very simple and addictive game with easy control. The game has visually stunning graphics. This game easily bets high graphics racing game. You can play with your friends at the same time by connecting with the internet. These game come under 9.5Mb and it is downloaded over 100 million.

 Racing Moto    

Racing Moto is another popular small size android game. You can drive the bike with incredible speed during traffic. They also provide easy control and a beautiful view during the journey. I know that you should enjoy super speedy moto racing. This game is full of fun. The size of the game is 6.8Mb and the game has over 50 million downloads.

 Brave Ninja    

Brave Ninja is an interesting arcade game for Android. Here, you can play as a Ninja. They provide 15 unique gameplay and 4 fantastic ninja characters. The game has simple but amazing graphics. At every level, you need to complete the unique task such as tilt screen, flying darts, move right to lest and avoid obstacles and many others. The game is under 6.9Mb and it downloads over 100K. It is the best android games under 10 Mb.

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 Crazy Wheels     

Crazy Wheels is the bicycle based sports game. This is a very interesting game. Crazy Wheels offers amazing tricks and intense challenges. The game also provides wild stunts, witness bone cracking impacts and lose a limb. It provides many game features like realistic crash physics, crunchy sound effects, and simple control panel. The size of the game is 6.9Mb and download over 10 Million.


Friction is a new arcade game for Android. It is an amazing Android game. Here you can jump and run to survive in the Prismatic world. You play the role of Shadow. The shadows are alive and they wanted to regain their real identity. They also provide a great user interface. It is also the best Android game under 10 Mb. The size of the game is 10 Mb and downloaded over 1K.

 Ninja Dash-Delux 

It is an amazing Ninja game. To become an awesome Ninja, you need to be a quick, smart, learn your environment. It is a fast-paced action game. Your mission is run as you can. It is the most addictive ninja jumping game in Android. I confirm that you love this game very much. Because it is full of fun. The all oversize of the game is 3.5 Mb. It is installed over 1M.

 Robot Wants Kitty 

It is a very funny and new released Android game. Here A Robot needs friendship. So, the Robot needs a kitty. A robot life is cold, mechanical and unfeeling. For this reason, Robot needs a life and companionship. The robot is willing to use lasers to get Kitty. You can really love this game at once. You can p[lay the role of Robot. The size of the game is 8.5 Mb and it is downloaded over 1K.

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 Modern Sniper     

Modern Sniper is a first-person shooting game. It is also the best android games under 10 Mb. When you play the game, its blow your mind. You are a modern sniper and ready to play your part in dangerous attacks and silent assassin missions. Here you can find over 50 crime shooter missions with ultra-realistic 3D graphics. They also provide 6 unique maps and stunning locations and 7 different real-world weapons. The size of the game is 9.7 Mb and it is downloaded over 50M.

 2 Cars            

2 Cars is a very popular Android game. It is control based game. Here, you want to control the red car and the blue car at the same time. You need to collect all the circles and avoid the squares on the road. The size of the game is around 9.4 Mb. It is installed more than 1M.

 Ninja Dash        

Ninja Dash is the best fast running game. Om these maze fields, Ninja apprentices become Ninja hero. It is a very good Ninja game. Here, you can quickly jump over and roll through obstacles and run as far as you can. They provide easy control with super sharp high-resolution graphics. It is a super addictive game. They also provide three types of levels like easy, hard and crazy. The game is full of incredible fun. The size of the game is 3.3 Mb and downloaded over 1M. 


So, these are the best android games under 10 Mb. If you don’t try any of them, then please download them and try them. This is not only for those who have less memory and RAM. But, any Android users can try this. I hope you like these article.

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10 Best Android Games Under 10 Mb
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10 Best Android Games Under 10 Mb
Best Android Games Under 10 Mb
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