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10 Top Best Under 10 MB Games For Android [2020]

10 mb games

Do you afraid to play heavy games on your low-end Android phone? Then, don’t worry. Here I have listed 10 best under 10 Mb games for Android. These games are very lightweight & easily played by any device. There are many interesting and popular low MB games in the Play Store.

These games also help you to kill your boredom & boringness. I know that you love them at once. I am trying to give a mixture of all types of games on the list. So, have a look at the following games- 

Here Is The List of Best Android Games Under 10 MB:  

#10 Ben10:

Play as Ben & stop the Psyphon from destroying undertow. Your mission is to find all the explosive devices as soon as possible.

Rook is also there for your help. Manage your Omnitrix to transform into your favorite characters. Each character has a special power that helps you to achieve your mission.

Ben 10: Omniverse FREE!
Ben 10: Omniverse FREE!

#9 2 Cars: 

With over 1 million downloads, 2 Cars is one of the best under 10 MB games. Here, you need to control the red car and the blue car at the same time.

You need to collect all the circles and avoid the squares to continue your game. The ultimate thing of the game is control.

The size of the game is around 9.4 Mb.

2 Cars
2 Cars
Developer: Ketchapp
Price: Free+

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#8 Robot Wants Kitty: 

It is a new released funny Android game. This game has an interesting storyline. 

Here A Robot needs friendship. Because, a robot’s life is cold, mechanical and unfeeling. For this reason, Robot needs a life with a kitty. 

You can play the character of Robot.

The size of the game is 8.5 Mb and downloaded over 1K.

Robot Wants Kitty
Robot Wants Kitty
Developer: Raptisoft
Price: Free+

#7 Ninja Dash-Delux: 

Ninja Dash is an amazing Ninja game. It is the most addictive ninja jumping game in Android. Your mission is run as you can.

To become an awesome Ninja, you need to be quick, smart, learn your environment.

I am sure you love this one at a time. Because it is full of fun. The all oversize of the game is 3.5 Mb & installed over 1M.

Ninja Dash-Deluxe
Ninja Dash-Deluxe
Developer: Droid Studio
Price: Free

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#6 Zombie Attack 2:

In the list of 10 MB games, Zombie Attack 2 comes in the six positions. It delivers a great storyline.

Zombie hit the plane of the last survivors. And one warrior star battle against the zombies to save his friends. Help the soldier to fight against the zombies in the Zombie World.

It is a map-based zombie shooting game that offers interesting & addictive gameplay. It offers 4 different types of world, 8 types of Heroes & 4 variety of vehicles to play.

Zombie Attack 2
Zombie Attack 2
Developer: STEM Studios
Price: Free

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#5 Friction: 

Friction is a new arcade game on Android. It is an amazing Android game.

You need to jump and run to survive in the Prismatic world. Here, you play the character of Shadow. The shadows are alive and they wanted to regain their real identity.

It also provides a great user interface. The size of the game is 10 Mb and downloaded over 1K. In addition, it is also the best in the list of 10 MB games.

Developer: Without Logic
Price: Free

#4 Championship 2019:

Experience a great cricket game on your device in just 3MB. it is a very lightweight cricket game. Select your favorite team from the 14 international teams & rule the ground.

You need to look out the ball very carefully for hitting it out. It offers realistic stadiums to play. This comes with easy control & smooth gameplay. No doubt, it is one of the best under 10 MB games.

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#3 Racing Moto: 

Racing Moto is another popular small size android game. You can drive the bike with incredible speed through traffic. It delivers a beautiful view with an easy control system. 

If you are a racing lover then you should play it. This game is full of fun & excitement. The size of the game is 6.8Mb and gains over 50 million downloads.

Racing Moto
Racing Moto
Developer: Droidhen Casual
Price: Free

#2 Modern Sniper: 

Modern Sniper is a very famous first-person shooting game on Android. It is also the best under 10 MB games. Act as a modern sniper who is always ready to go in silent assassin missions. You will astonish while playing this game.

There are over 50 crime shooter missions with ultra-realistic 3D graphics. It comes with 6 unique maps, stunning locations & 7 different real-world weapons. The size of the game is 9.7 Mb and downloaded over by 50 million users.

Heckenschütze - Modern Sniper
Heckenschütze - Modern Sniper

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#1 Dr.Driving:


Dr. Driving is one of the best 10 Mb games for Android. It is a very simple and addictive game with easy control. The game has visually stunning graphics. This game easily bets other high-end racing games.

You can play it with your friends in real-time by connecting with the internet. These game comes under 9.5Mb and downloaded by over 100 million users.

Dr. Driving
Dr. Driving
Developer: SUD Inc.
Price: Free+

[Note: Some game should be bigger than 10 MB after the updates]


So, these are the best under 10 Mb games for android. If you don’t try any of them, then you should download them and try them.

This is not only for those who have less memory and RAM. But, any Android users can play this. I hope you like the list of 10 MB games

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