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15 Best App Lockers For Android You Should Try [2020]

best app locker for android

Best App Locker For Android: Smartphones are now a very handy gadget for storing personal data. We contain a lot of sensitive data in it. We store our banking-related apps, personal messages, images & videos, social media apps and etc in our Android devices.

So, we have to protect this sensitive data from the wrong hands. Perhaps App locker is the coolest and great way to protect your data from the snatchers. It also gives you a second level of security protecti`on through some very unique ways like Pin, Finger Print, Password, and many other ways.

There are lots of app locker Android apps in the Play store. It is very hard to find what is best and what is worked properly. So, here I have listed 15 best app lockers for Android that you should try. In this list many apps come with the same name, so don’t be confused.

best android app locker

Here Is The 15 Best Android App Lockers For Android:


It is the best app locker for android that you must try. It can lock Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Gallery, Instagram, Settings, Incoming calls and any other apps that you want to lock.

You can easily hide photos and videos in AppLock. It is only visible in the vault of AppLock. This app comes with the features of a random keyboard and invisible pattern lock. It protects someone from peep the pattern and pin.

You can also use Advanced Protection in Protest of AppLock that prevent someone to uninstall the app without a password. It is no doubt that it is the best app locker for Android.


  • Lock apps with Password, fingerprint lock, and pattern
  • Good looking themes
  • Intruder Selfie- take photos of Invaders
  • Time Lock & Location Lock
  • Quick-Lock switch
  • Low memory usage
  • Power Saving Mode
Schützen (AppLock)
Schützen (AppLock)
Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free+

Security Master

Security Master is upgraded by the Cheetah Mobile and distinct the scope of the phone security. It is a free antivirus for Android that comes with Applock, Antivirus, VPN & Wi-Fi Security.

The Security Master is built with lots of powerful & unique features.

  • AppLock: Protect your sensitive data and app with a password
  • Intruder Selfie: This will capture the photos of the intruder in the time of phone’s using.
  • Anti-Theft Alarm: By using this feature you can protect your phone from the theft by sounding an alarm.
  • Message Security: This hides your preview of notifications
  • Safe Connect VPN: The app also provide safe and secure VPN proxy

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Norton App Lock

Nortan is a very popular anti-virus software company. Norton App Lock is the product of them. Use a pattern or password to keep your device more secure and safe with Norton App Lock. They also provide the users to lock and prevent unauthorized access to apps.

If anyone fails to unlock your phone after 3 attempts, it captures the photos of the person and saved in the folder of your phone. You can also keep some content private if you share your device with your children and friends. So, it is also the best app locker for Android.


  • Custom Password, PIN & Pattern lock screen
  • Lock Photo and Video apps
  • Lock Social Apps
  • Anti-Theft Protection
  • Parental Controls
  • Prevent embarrassing ‘Pocket-Dial’ accidents
Norton App Lock
Norton App Lock
Developer: NortonMobile
Price: Free

Private Zone

Private Zone provides the smart app lock function to lock app to prevent intrusion. Secure your information by hiding photos & videos and important files in their private zone.

You can use pattern, digital or fingerprint to lock your favorite apps. Easily hide your picture in their vault to keep snoopers from your private information. You can also prevent kids from playing games or buying unwanted things.


  • Customizable lock screen
  • Cloud backup for more security
  • Hidden app and clone app
  • Free VPN
  • Private Browsing
  • Privacy status
  • Intruder Selfie

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AppLock MAX

App Lock is a very well known and best app locker for android. AppLock provides three types of locks such as password lock, pattern lock and gallery lock for privacy protection. MAX Applock gives you high privacy protection for your Android devices with App Lock, Photo & Video Lock, Intruder Selfie & Lock disguise.

Lock disguise is a very popular feature of MAX AppLock. It set up a fake screen to avoid unnecessary troubles. It only sees ”Something Went Wrong”. You can lock your app with the fake lock screen.


  • Good user experiences
  • Lock Disguise
  • Call blocker & Assistance
  • Parental Control
  • App Lock Widget
  • Notification Organizer


AppLock is a very advanced app locker app. It protects your privacy using a password, pattern or fingerprint. It also takes intruders photos and hides the fact that lock the app with a fake error window. Of course, it is a very lightweight and one of the best app lockers for Android.


  • Fake Lock
  • Notification Lock
  • Smart Lock
  • Multiple Password
  • Remote Lock
  • Support 31 languages
Schützen(Smart AppLock)
Schützen(Smart AppLock)
Developer: SpSoft
Price: Free+


Lockit provides you overall privacy protections like App Lock, Intruder selfie, Photo & Video locker, Fake Cover, Fingerprint Lock, Notification Lock, Safty Reminder tools and many other things. This app also comes with some great customizations and colourfull themes. It gives you everything that you want.


  • Fake Cover
  • Privacy Status
  • Lock install/uninstall of apps
  • Lock Incoming Calls
  • Hide pattern draw
  • Support many languages

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AppLock will protect your privacy with App Lock, Break alert, Hide Applocker and Disguise lock. These high-security features give you great phone protection. It also stops unauthorized access and provides privacy guard that gives you extra security.


  • App Locks: You can use three types of locks lock Pin, Pattern & Password
  • Break-in Alert: Stops intruder to unlock your apps
  • Disguise Lock: Provides a fake lock screen with an error report
  • Hide AppLock Icon: Change the app lock icon into the calculator. So, no one can find it.
  • Easy to use
AppLock - PIN & Sperrmuster
AppLock - PIN & Sperrmuster

LOCX Applock

LOCX is also the best app locker for Android. You can protect your privacy with the safest and most customizable and fun way by protecting private apps, hiding pictures & videos and all phone privacy. It is also a very lightweight app locker that comes with all new designs.

You can also disguise your apps just like a chameleon to protect your privacy. Fake scanner and wrong dialogue will hide the real lock screen and give you great security.


  • Email Lock
  • Invisible Lock
  • Quick-lock 0r unlock
  • Lightweight & good customized
  • App fake cover

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It is another best android app locker that comes from another developer. It is a smarter and safer android app locker that guard your privacy through the private vault, safe lock screen & hide the icon. AppLock can lock all applications that you want to lock. It improves your security and fluency.


  • Smart App Lock
  • Safe Lock Screen
  • Calculator Hide Icon
  • Message Protection
  • Disguise
  • Break-in-alert


Vault is a good customizable app locker that helps you to hide your apps, pics & videos. It also provides a cloud backup where you can store your call logs, SMS, contact, photos & videos. In the cloud backup features, you can easily transfer your data to a new phone.


  • Private Browser
  • Data Transfer
  • Password Recovery
  • Multiple vault & fake vault
  • Break-in-alerts

Calc Vault

Calc Vault is a very powerful and another best app locker app for Android. You can lock your private and social apps along with fingerprint lock option (compatible devices). This app icon magically disappears and gets replaced with a G-Scanner icon that gives you extra security. 


  • Safe Browser
  • Disguise & Inconspicuous
  • Fake Lock
  • Share to hide
  • Intruder selfie
  • Uninstall Protection

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App Lock

App Lock is a light-weight app locker that locks your apps through Pin, Pattern, Finger Print & Crash Screen. It has a beautiful and simple UI so you can do any tasks very easily.


  • Custom Settings
  • Lock Timeout
  • Prevent Install
  • Lock Screen Theme
  • Crash Screen
  • Capture Intruder Photos
AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps
AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps
Developer: KewlApps
Price: Free


AppLock is another lightweight and best app locker for Android. It is developed by another developer. AppLock locks your apps with Pattern Lock App with Password. This is fully customizable. Means, you can change your lock type, lock background and setting as you want.


  • Low capacity & less memory
  • Power saving mode to save battery
  • Application lock
  • Fully customizable
  • Support multiple languages

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Smart AppLock

Smart Applock is an elegant light and professional app lock. You can lock your personal apps with Pattern Lock & Pin Lock. You can also take the photos of someone who want to lock your apps with an invalid password. It is lightweight and uses less memory.


  • Custom Lock Screen Style
  • Easy To Use
  • Beautiful UI
  • No delay auto-start after devices reboot
  • Break-in-alert
  • Light and less memory uses
Smart AppLock  (App Protect)
Smart AppLock  (App Protect)


However, guys, these are the 15 best app lockers for Android. Every app locker is best and works properly. You can use one of them according to your requirements. I hope that this post helps you a lot.

What is the best app locker for Android in your opinion? Let me know in the comment section.

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