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Top 12 Best Car Games for Android Devices [2020]

Best Car Games

Best Car Games:

Racing games constantly attract game lovers. Because these games are always packed with fun & excitement. It is seen that racing games always appear with great graphics than others.

Racing games are divided into many categories. In them, car racing games remain at the top of the racing game categories.

There are lots of car racing games in the Play store. Here, I have listed 12 Best Car Games that a racing lover should try. Let’s have a look at the best car games:

Here Is the List of Best Car Games:

Asphalt 9:

Asphalt 9: Legend is a prestigious name in the ultimate arcade racing games. It is the most realistic arcade racing game with cool HDR techniques. It has a wide range of top licensed cars. And every car comes from the top manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche & more.

You can also customize every car however you want. So, pick your dream car & race across the spectacular locations all over the world. For the first time in Asphalt series, you can create your own online community with the club features.

Game Features:

  • Console Quality Graphics
  • Over 60 Seasons & 800 Events
  • Most Prestigious Vehicles
  • Stunning Visual & Realistic Graphics
  • Customizable Vehicle
  • Ultimate Racing Controls
  • Multiplayer

GT Racing 2:

GT Racing 2 is a prestigious racing simulation game. It provides many new physics models that offer the most realistic dynamic cars. You can enjoy your ride in solo or in multiplayer mode. Play & compete with your friends or other random players in multiplayer mode.

You can also join other teams to play with other drivers. To become a pro player, you can test your skills by completing 1400 events. and no doubt, it is one of the best car games on Android.

Game Offers:

  • 71 Licensed Cars with 13 Tracks
  • Over 30 Cars Manufactures
  • 28 New Challenges Each Week
  • A Deeper Driving Sensation
  • Steering & Breaking Assistance for New Racer
GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp
GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: Free+
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Asphalt 8:

Asphalt 8 is a high speed & gravity-defying arcade racing game on Android. It offers some decent high-performance dream machines to drive. And every machine comes from the top licensed manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari &, etc.

This game comes with an exciting new location with lots of shortcuts. Discover tons of shortcuts to complete your race first. You can play up to 8 players in multiplayer mode. The control of the game is fully customizable. Rearrange & optimize your screen icons & controls however you like.

Game Features:

  • More Than 220 High-performance Cars
  • Over 40+ High-Speed Tracks in 16 Different Settings
  • 9 Seasons & More Than 400 Events in Career Mode
  • Stunning Visual Graphics with Amazing HD Effects
  • Ultimate Multiplayer Racing
  • Experience Heart-Thumping Music
  • Control Customization

CSR Racing 2:

CSR Racing 2 is a standard racing game with decent graphics. You can experience a hyper-real drag racing to the palm of your hand. Compete for your race against live players all over the world with your custom built supercars.

Customize & tune your vehicles perfectly for maximum speed. This game comes with beautiful authentic graphics with outstanding 3D rendering techniques. It is a next chapter racing game with AR mode. Prove your skills & dominate the world with CSR racing 2.

Game Features:

  • Real Time Street Racing
  • Single Player Crew Battles
  • Configure & Customize
  • 200 Officially Licensed Vehicles
  • Next Generation Graphics
  • AR Mode Available
CSR Racing 2
CSR Racing 2
Price: Free+
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Carx Drift Racing:

CarX is an awesome drifting simulator racing game for Android. It delivers a unique experience of sports cars by a simple & intuitive way. This offers many powerful sports cars to drive. The vehicles are fully customizable. You can customize your handling scheme, setups, colors & more of the cars.

It provides original engine sound for every car that blends with addictive music. You can also compete with your friends & other players in an online world time attack championship. CarX Drift Racing is one of the best car games on Android. If you like to drift, then you must try this one.

Game Features:

  • Most Realistic
  • Various Setups for Every Car
  • 40 Sports Cars & New Tracks in Career Mode
  • Online Time Attack Championship
  • True Engine & Turbo Sound
  • Addictive Music
CarX Drift Racing Simulator
CarX Drift Racing Simulator

Asphalt Xtreme:

With more than 10 million downloads, it is one of the best car games on Android. Take an intense ride on the wild side with real physics & decent graphics. It offers a variety of exotic & extreme locations from all over the world. They regularly update the game & add new things.

It has an impressive collection of custom setups & upgrades. So, customize your ride for better engine power. Play head to head online racing with 8 players with real-time multiplayer mode.

Game Features:

  • Over 50 Monster Machines
  • Best Licensed Motor Machines
  • 5 Game Modes
  • 300+ Career Events
  • More Than 1100 Mastery Challenge
  • Real-Time Multiplayer
Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing
Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: Free+
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Real Racing 3:

Real Racing 3 is the next level Android racing game. This game is powered by the remarkable Mint 3 Engine. It delivers a premium racing experience. It has a wide range of upgradable setups. Choose your required setups to maximize your car’s performance.

This game provides intensely detailed vehicles that come from iconic manufactures. Challenge your friends & rivals in global 8 players in a real-time racing. You can also challenge their AI controlled version in Time-Shifted Multiplayer.

Game Features:

  • Officially Licensed Cars with 39 Circuits at 17 Real-World Location
  • A 43 Car Grid Over 140 Intensely Detailed Cars
  • More Than 4000 Events
  • Real-Time Multiplayer
  • Innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer Technology
Real Racing 3
Real Racing 3
Price: Free+

Ultimate Car Driving:

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator is one of the best car games for Android. It comes with the most realistic driving physics & addictive gameplay. It has the largest open world map with extremely detailed environment. This delivers a wide range of cars with ultimate customization.

Create your own cars for better performance. It comes with special sound effects. This game is powered by the advanced graphics engine. This provides the most realistic 3D graphics on your device.

Game Features:

  • Real Driving Physics
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Open World Map
  • Impressive Sound Effects
  • Realistic 3D Graphics
  • Wide Range of Cars
Ultimate Car Driving Simulator
Ultimate Car Driving Simulator
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Hill Climb Racing 2:

Take your racing skill to the next level with Hill Climb Racing 2. It comes with the same creators of famous Hill Climb Racing. But it is much more fun & bigger than Hill Climb Racing. It comes with optimized graphics that are suitable for every device.

Unlock the cars & choose a perfect one to drive. You can upgrade & improve your car with over 14 unique tuning pars. It offers various environments like Dirt, Asphalt, Snow & more for the drive. Challenge your friends in social to show your pro driving skills. You can also make your own team of the racer in Hill Climb Racing 2.

Game Features:

  • Weekly Live Multiplayer Events
  • Customizable Cool Characters & Cars
  • Various Environments for Driving
  • Team up with Racers
Hill Climb Racing 2
Hill Climb Racing 2
Developer: Fingersoft
Price: Free+

Death Race:

Death Race is a killer car shooting game with awesome 3D graphics. Defeat your enemies to reach the goal. It offers ten cars to drive & modify. Equip them with the deadly weapons & dominate the racing tracks.

You can also improve your car’s strength with power-ups. It helps you to kill your opponents in seconds. This game is suitable for racing lovers as well as action game lovers.

Game Features:

  • Killer Garage
  • Different Weapons & Equipment
  • Powerful Breakers
  • Impressive Graphics & realistic Circuits
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Car Racing 3D:

Car racing 3D is one of the best car games with 3D graphics. It has many free nice cars with upgrade & customizes support. Upgrade & customize your cars for better performance.

It supports many racing modes along with Wi-Fi Multiplayer Racing Mode. This game offers you to race around the world’s most bustling places. It is a free street traffic racing game with epic drift stunts.

Game Features:

  • Real Competition
  • Super Cars & Easy Controls
  • Upgradable Cars
  • Wi-Fi Multiplayer Racing
  • Many Racing Modes: Career, Elimination, Tournament, 1 vs 1 & Time Trial
City Racing 3D
City Racing 3D
Developer: 3DGames
Price: Free+

Need for Speed:

Need for Speed is another prominent member in the list of best car games. Pick up the real world cars from a wide range of top licensed cars & customize them. Then, take them to the road & rule the street. Dig, drift, drag & roll your ride to win the competitions.

Game Features:

  • Customize Extreme Rides
  • Over 1000 Challenging Races
  • High-speed Nitro Zone
Need for Speed: NL Rennsport
Need for Speed: NL Rennsport
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So, these are the top 12 best car games For Android. All the games are very popular. I know that you already played many of them. If you don’t try any of them, then you must play these games. I hope you like this list of best car games.

What is your best car game? Let me know in the comment section.

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