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20 Best Fighting Games for Android Devices [2020]

best fighting games

Best Fighting Games: 

Android fighting games may not popular as other gaming categories. Still, people are liking to play fighting games. There are many popular fighting games that are full of fun & excitement. Fierce punches, Wild kicks, Special moves & combos attract the attention of many gamers.

So, let’s have a look at the list of best fighting games.

Here Is The List of Best Fighting Games:

Shadow Fight 3:

Shadow Fight 3 is a ninja based fighting game. It is one of the best fighting games on Android. This game comes with impressive 3D graphics & effects.

Shadow Fight 3 is a single-character game. It affords a wide collection of equipment for characters. You can customize your character with lots of customization options.

The most highlighting part of the game is unique skills & moves. You can make your own playing style by combing 3 general fighting style.

Game Features:

  • Modern 3D Realistic Graphics
  • Unique Way of Playing
  • Tons of Weapons & Equipment
  • Thrilling Story Line
  • Big World Map with Spectacular Places
  • Regular Game Events with Unique Awards


Shadow Fight 3
Shadow Fight 3
Developer: NEKKI
Price: Free+

Shadow of Death:

Experience a gripping dark fantasy action with Shadow of Death. It is greatly inspired by the pluckiest fighting games. This game offers four unique shadow warriors to choose from.

Each fighter represents their own play style. You can also upgrade your techniques & moves by rewarded germs. It is driven by the all-new animation system and graphics engine.

This engine delivers jaw-dropping magical effects & epic combat sequences to life. In short, it is one of the best fighting games for Android. This is basically an offline game. You can also play with the other players online.

Game Features:

  • Four Unique Shadow Warriors
  • Multiple Weapons
  • Conquer the Darkness in Style
  • A Beautiful Ruined World
  • Challenge the Universe
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Moral Kombat X:

Join your favorite Mortal Kombat 11 console characters in Mortal Kombat mobile. Moral Kombat X brings its trademark Fatalities to mobile with stunning graphics.

It has over 130 mortal Kombat characters. Build your own team of Mortal Kombat fighters & lead them into the battle. It offers unique character customizations for characters. But you need to unlock them.

You can able to compete with other players in online competitive mode.

Game Features:

  • Popular MK11 Characters
  • Brutal 3v3 Kombat
  • Difficult Challenges
  • Multiplayer Faction Wars
  • Jaw-Dropping Fatalities
  • Reward on Epic Quest

Real Steel Boxing:

Real Steel World Boxing is a global multiplayer fighting game. It is an official boxing game of Real Steel movie. Join your favorite robots in the battle with Real Steal Universe.

It delivers a heroic storyline and spectacular action to your Android device. Make a collection of your favorite robots & take them in enthralling arenas and stadiums.

Upgrade your robots regularly to make them stronger, faster & meaner.

Game Features:

  • Unleash Robot Titans
  • Real-Time Multiplayer
  • Exciting Challenging Levels
  • Real Sports Action
  • Upgradable Robots Fighters
  • 11 Huge Arenas
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Tekken is a very well-known Android fighting game. It comes with epic fighting techniques from all over the world.

Taken the character Dojo Master & battle with other legend fighters of Tekken franchise. It also offers 20 other characters that come with unique fighting style & moves.

You can also build your own team to fight with your friends or other random teams.

Game Features:

  • Popular TEKKEN Characters
  • Unique Fighting Styles
  • Special Moves for Each fighter
  • Unique Game Modes
  • Online Versus Battles
  • Live Events

Iron Blade:

In the list of best fighting games, Iron Blade comes in the fifth position. The game sets in a medieval Europe that filled with war, magic and discord.

It delivers amazing fantasy weapons & upgradable monster gear for hunting. It carries you from the many breathtaking heartbreaking locations. You can also find different types of dragons with amazing graphics and combat abilities.

So, take your sword and become a monster hunter with Iron Blade.

Game Features:

  • An Epic Fantasy World
  • A Lineage of War
  • Tons of Fantasy Weapons
  • Upgradable Monster Hunter Gear
  • Compete With Your Friends
Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG
Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG
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Honkai Impact 3rd:

Honkai Impact 3rd  is a 3D anime-style fighting game with smooth graphics. This game comes with an impressive storyline. You play the character of Kallen who is a famous Valkyrie warrior.

Your mission is to defeat the great enemy Honkai. There is a wide collection of Locked warriors & weapons. There is also an upgradable option for weapons & characters. You can upgrade the power of your character by earning EXP chips.

At a line,  it is a great role-playing fighting game.

Game Features:

  • Anime Style Graphics
  • Smooth Control
  • Awesome Gameplay
  • Great Warriors & Weapons
Honkai Impact 3rd
Honkai Impact 3rd
Developer: miHoYo Limited
Price: Free+

Injustice 2:

Join an action-packed battle with your favorite DC superheroes & villains with Injustice 2. It is one of the best fighting games with a great story that set in motion.

Build a team of heroes to combat the forces against you. It offers you to upgrade your superheroes with some special powers.

You can take your fighting to the next level with some super unique moves. It delivers impressive graphics with great sound effects.

Game Features:

  • Customizable DC Super Heroes & Villains
  • Action-Packed Combat
  • Console Quality Story
  • Fight Your Own Way
  • Daily Challenges
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Real Boxing 2 Rocky:

Real Boxing 2 Rocky is an ultimate epic fighting game for mobile. Explore the world of Rocky with the unique Rocky themed content. It has single and multiplayer modes along with hundreds of exciting punch events.

It has many unique Bosses to fight. You can customize your characters in various ways. There are hundreds of powerful items that enhancing your fighting state.

You can also create your own ultimate fighters by using robust sets of options.

Game Features:

  • Epic Boxing Action
  • Endless MMO Fighting Experience
  • Fast-Paced On The Ring Action
  • Unique Bosses
  • Choose Your Own Boxing Style
  • Hundreds of Powerful Items
  • Exciting Mini Games
Real Boxing 2
Real Boxing 2
Developer: Vivid Games S.A.
Price: Free+


Your favorite Transformer Universe is now available on your mobile. Join your favorite bots in the battle where Transformers Universes collide. It is a very exciting fighting game that comes with a heroic storyline & spectacular action.

You need a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to play this game. It has a wide range of iconic bots from the entire Transformer Universe.

Collect your favorite bots & battle with other players. You can also team up with your friends to fight in global events.

Game Features:

  • Iconic Bots from Entire Transformers Universe
  • Huge 360 Arenas & Global Events
Developer: Kabam Games, Inc.
Price: Free+
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Marvel Contest:

The greatest battles of Marvel are now available to your mobile device. Join your favorite Marvel Super Heroes & Villains in Marvel Contest of Championships.

Experience a great journey through iconic Marvel Locations with an exciting storyline. Build a team with your friends and other Summoners & battle in the top Alliance events.

This comes with action-packed fighting utilizing controls that develop specifically for mobile. So, Marvel fans don’t forget to play it.

Game Features:

  • Epic Versus Fighting Actions
  • Epic Contest
  • Suit Up With Friends
  • Ultimate Team of Champions
  • Collect Mightiest Super Heroes and Villains
  • Quest And Battles


ChronoBlade is one of the best fighting games on Android. This game features with explosive arcade-style combat & real-time synchronous PvP action.

Play as any of the four main characters in the game. Each character comes with over 30 punching ground and air attacks. Customize your characters with custom equipment for strategic upgrades.

Your skill and timing help you to dominate in real-time synchronous PvP battles. There is an open world progression system that helps you to build your own personalized characters.

Game Features:

  • Real-Time Synchronous
  • PvP Mode Explosive
  • Skill-Based Combat
  • 30 + Punishing Ground & Air Attacks
  • Your Own Customizable Characters
Developer: nWay Inc.
Price: Free+
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4Clash of Robots:

Clash of Robots is a real-time multiplayer fighting game. Join an epic PvP battle against rivals across the world with Clash of Robots. It comes with the top fighting pack.

You can use your own special moves & skills against your rivals. This game takes you through the hauntingly realistic locations.

There are tons of robotic characters. Each character is upgradable & comes with grappling attacks. Here you can create your own war machine according to your play style.

Game Features:

  • Futuristic fights
  • Top Fighting Challenging Levels
  • Eye-Catching Moves
  • Mounting Defense
  • Techno Upgrades
  • Exotic Battleground
  • Impressive Gameplay
Clash Of Robots
Clash Of Robots
Developer: Timuz Games
Price: Free+

Shadow Fight 2:

Shadow Fight 2 is a great mixer of RPG and classical Fighting. It comes from the same developer of Shadow Fight 3.

Enjoy a great journey through the six different worlds. This game offers countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets for characters. It features dozens of lifelike-animated martial arts techniques.

Your mind is bowled by their impressive martial arts techniques. So, defeat your enemies with your special moves & become a great fighter.

Game Features:

  • Countless Lethal Weapons
  • Rare Armor Sets
  • Dozens of Martial Arts Techniques
  • Delightful Intuitive Controls
  • Six Delightful worlds
  • Impressive Intriguing Storyline
Shadow Fight 2
Shadow Fight 2
Developer: NEKKI
Price: Free+
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Fight Club:

Fight Club is a role-playing Android fighting game. Every level of the game packs with action and fighting combos. It comes with an easy control setting. You can only play this game with an attentive mind & fast fingers.

It provides countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets for your character. You can also upgrade the power of your characters to make them leading fighting machines.

Game Features:

  • Over 20 Action-Packed Levels
  • Countless Weapons & Armor Sets
  • Amazing Animated Fighting Techniques
  • Upgradeable Characters


Skullgirls is a 2D mobile fighting game. Its hand-drawn 2D animations deliver great polished visual graphics on your mobile. This comes with amazing custom controls. It allows you to make a variety of moves and combos during the fighting.

There are many modes available for fighting. It has a dozen of characters that can be customized in various ways. It also offers you to build a team up to 3 players for team fighting.

Game Features:

  • Visually Polished 2D Animation
  • Custom Game Control Setting
  • Fight Assist for New Fighters
  • Unique Playstyle
  • Various Game Modes
Skullgirls: Kampf + RPG
Skullgirls: Kampf + RPG
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Fight Tiger:

Fight Tiger is a great 3D fighting game. Here, you play the character of Gin.

Gin is a Kung Fu fighter & wants to leave his gang. But his gang members have other ideas. So, you have to fight for your life. And it could end very soon in case you make a wrong move.

It delivers various unique moves and weapons that help you to strike your enemies. It comes with easy control setting. There is nothing complex in the control system.

Game Features:

  • Special Fighting Styles
  • Special 3D Fighting Control System
  • 3D Characters & large Scenes
  • Smooth & Intense Motion
  • Various Weapons to Fight
Fighting Tiger - Liberal
Fighting Tiger - Liberal
Developer: Jiin Feng
Price: To be announced

WWE Mayhem:

Play as all your favorite WWE legends & superstars in the ring with WWE Mayhem. It is one of the best fighting games with over the top moves.

You can play your epic matches between WWE Legends and Superstars. It has a wide range of WWE superstars & WWE legends. Every WWE characters have a highly stylized look and their own special specials.

You can also play with your friends in Events & Versus mode.

Game Features:

  • Spectacular WWE Legends & Superstars
  • 6 Distinctive Superstar Classes
  • Weekly Events
  • Play with Your Friends
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Robot Fighting:

Ultimate Robot Fighting is an ultimate 3v3 fighting game. Build an awesome team of scientist robots & take down in battle arenas.

It delivers breathtaking console-quality graphics to your mobile. Every robot comes with its unique and devastating moves. You can upgrade the level of your machine for better performances.

Game Features:

  • Special Attacks & Moves
  • Console Quality Visual Graphics
  • 45 Unique Robots
  • Upgradable Battle Machines
  • Equip Power Cards and Over Clocks

Punch Boxing 3D:

Punch Boxing 3D is a great combat sports game on Android. It is a great fighting game with polished animation & stunning 3D graphics. This delivers a console-quality fighting experience with easy touch screen control.

It has many special moves & skills that you can use to beat your opponents. You can also upgrade your boxers with tons of uniforms & equipment.

Game Features:

  • Console Quality Action
  • 30+ Bone Crushing Boxers
  • Impressive 3D Graphics
  • More Than 120 Uniforms & Equipment
Boxmeister - Punch Boxing 3D
Boxmeister - Punch Boxing 3D
Developer: CanaryDroid
Price: Free+
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So, these are the 20 best fighting games for Android. All the games are very popular. I hope you should like this list of the best fighting games.

What is your best fighting game? Let me know in the comment section.

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