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10 Best Idle Games for Android [2020]

Best Idle Games for Android

Best Idle Games for Android: Idle games are quite different than any other games. This game is also known as an incremental game or clicker game. The concept of the game is super simple. You just tap or simply wait to achieve a thing. If you are looking for some best idle games on Android, then you are in the right place. Because in this post I have listed 10 best Idle games for Android. Here I have listed all types of idle games including Idle Clickers, Idle RPGs and etc. So, let’s start-

Here Is The List of Best Idle Games on Android:

#10 Bitcoin Billionaire:

Bitcoin Billionaire is another famous idle clicker game. The concept of the game is almost the same as the other idle clicker games. Tap on the screen to mine virtual coins and increase your wealth. Then invest your assets to earn more. When you go through the game, you will see many upgrades, new achievements, thrilling bitcoin mining and etc. That’s all. There is nothing to say more about this game. However, this is one of the best idle games on Android.

Game Features:

  • Great Gameplay
  • Offline Mode Available
  • Special bonus
  • Customizable Characters
  • Various Types of Achievements

#9 Girl X Battle 2:

Girl X Battle 2 is a new Anime Idle card game. This comes with both tactics and leisure features. It comes with hundreds of characters of Japanese Anime style Battle Girls. In this game, you can build the team of Anime Girls and ready them for the PvP and PvE battles. Each Battle Girls has her own background story and unique skills. The most exciting feature of this game is that the battles are hands-free. Besides, this game comes with many other exciting features that give you great excitement.

Game Features:

  • Hundred of Lovely Girls
  • Engage With Girls
  • Amazing Gaming Experience
  • PvP Battle
  • Decent Graphics

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#8 Ulala:

Ulala is an idle mobile adventure RPG game. The plot of the game sets in the Stone Age. It provides the excitement and adventures of the Stone Age in a fun and social way. Here you can team up with your friends and fight with the monsters across the world. These features with lots of locations, PvP mode and etc. It delivers a brand new concept and gameplay experience at your palm. This app is free to download. But you can purchase additional stuff as in-app purchases.

Game Features:  

  • Versatile Gameplay Experience
  • Epic Equipment Piece
  • Never Ending Choice of Pets
  • Upgradable Equipment

#7 Tap Tap Dig:

With more than 1 Million downloads, it is one of the best idle clicker games on Android. It is a funny mining game. Here you just tap to dig. Dig deeper into the planet’s core to collect coins, diamonds and many more precious things. You can also upgrade your helpers and hire benefactors to dig deeper and faster. It is a perfect clicker idle game that gives you endless fun.

Game Features:

  • Realistic Gameplay
  • Incremental Upgrades
  • Upgradable Miners
  • Decent Graphics

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#6 Idel Supermarket Tycoon:

Idel Supermarket Tycoon is a great casual idle game. This game comes from the same developer of Idel Theme Park Tycoon. In this game, you will play the role of a supermarket manager. Your main purpose is to spread your business all over the world and become the richest supermarket entrepreneur. You can research some new features to improve the quality of your products that help your business to grow. You can also hire some sellers and marketers that increase your sales and profits. No doubt, it is one of the best idle games for Android.

Game Features:

  • Easy Gameplay
  • Different Challenging Levels
  • Amazing 3D Graphics
  • Discover Your Own Managing Decisions
  • Save Your Progress in the Cloud

#5 Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game:

Cash Inc. fame & Fortune is an ultimate idle clicker game. Click and tap to collect the cash that helps you to become rich. Then use your money to your business and take it to the next level. You can also choose some celebrity business partners who take care of you and your business while you not available. This is a true idle clicker game where you have to just click and tap to gain your fame and ranking.

Game Features:

  • Business Tycoon Amenities
  • Easy to Play
  • Impressive Gameplay
  • Share your Wealth

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#4 Almost A Hero:

Almost A Hero is an idle RPG Clicker game. This is a role-playing game. It is quite complex than other idle clicker games. This game is more than a clicker game. It comes with huge and thrilling battles. Here you have to turn your zeroes characters into good heroes and then join the battles. Your adventure is continuing when you are not playing it. The game is free to play but comes with some in-app purchases.

Game Features:

  • 15 Heroes
  • Various Updates
  • Decent Graphics
  • Plenty of Missions

#3 Idle Theme Park Tycoon:

Idle Theme Park Tycoon is a beautiful and one of the best idle games on Android. In this game, you have to rule your park and work on it to grow that attracts the users. To grow your tycoon successfully, you need to take some important decisions. You can also hire new employees to improve and control your park and business. It also offers you to visit the most famous park in the world. This game is a freemium game. Means, you can see in-app purchases in it.

Game Features:

  • Challenging Levels
  • Great 3D Graphics
  • Cloud for Recovering Game Progress

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#2 Adventure Capitalist:

Adventure Capitalist is a very well-know idle tap game on Android. In this game, you can earn money by tapping on the screen. Then you can invest it in your business to earn more money. You can also hire managers to automate and boost your profits. This means you can earn money while you are sleeping. You can experience a good adventure while playing this game. Lastly, it is a wonderful addictive idle clicker game.

Game Features:

  • Generate Passive Income
  • Special Events for more Rewards
  • Good Graphics
  • Regular Updates

#1 Idle Miner Tycoon:

Idle Miner Tycoon is one of the best idle games for Android. It is a very interesting game. Here you can automate your gold mine and hire managers to boost your mining. Sell the resources to expand your empire. Take the different types of challenges and discover your own mining strategy to earn extra money. It is a very popular idle game and available for free on the Google Play Store.

Game Features:

  • Different Types of Managers
  • Each Manager has a Special Tycoon Effect
  • More than 20 Cool Mines
  • Over 15 Different Resources

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So, these are the 10 Best Idle Games for Android that you can consider. You can play all of them one by one or try those that suit your taste. I hope this article helps you to choose the best idle games on Android. Have fun! See you in the next article. Ta! Da!

What is your favorite idle game on Android? Let me know in the comment below.

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