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10 Best Micro Jobs Sites That Pay You Decent Money

10 Best Micro Job Sites That Pay You Decent Money


Best Micro Jobs Sites:

Do you want to become your own Boss? Do you want to work your own will?

If you are, then this article becomes very helpful to you. Because here I have listed 10 best micro jobs sites that pay you decent money.

Micro Jobs or Freelancing is the best way to make you become your own boss. It is the right way to start your online career.

A micro job site is a platform where you can earn money just by doing simple tasks. Micro Jobs is one of the easiest ways to earn money online.

You don’t need any skills and qualifications for doing micro jobs. So, anyone can work in micro jobs sites. This is a plus point of micro jobs sites.

A huge number of people are working on these sites. These sites are very genuine and legit. They also pay decent money for doing their tasks.

Before getting started, let’s know how a micro job site works:  

Generally, Micro Jobs site is working through four processes respectively. First, they pick up a project from some clients and divide them into small pieces.

After that, they submit the micro works in their site and worker complete their works. Then they merge all the micro-jobs. Finally, deliver the project and receive their payments from the clients.

Have a look at the infographic:


best micro jobs sites

Here Is The List Of Best Micro Jobs Sites:

Fiverr :

‘Which is the best micro jobs site ?”

Answer is-


Fiverr is the biggest online marketplace for workers. It is the best among all the best micro jobs sites. You can find lots of work in Fiver.

Official Sites:

Available Works:  Logo design, web design, voice over, digital marketing, writing and translating, video and animation, programming and etc.

Sign Up:  Free to join. The joining process is too simple.

How It Works:  The working concept of Fiverr is simple. You need to submit your gigs in Fiverr.  Here gigs mean projects. When someone buys your gigs from Fiverr, you will earn money.

How Much You Earn:  You can sell your project or gig from $5 to unlimited.  So,  you can earn decent money from  Fiverr.

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After Fiverr, Mturk comes in second positions. It is to be criminal not to add Mturk in the list of best micro jobs sites

It is a service of Amazon. Here you can find millions of Hits. Here Hits means micro jobs.

Official Site:

Available Works: Image /Video processing, data verification and clean up, information gathering, data processing.

Sign Up: Free to join.

You can sign up with your Amazon account. After sign up, Amazon teams verify your account. If they approve your account, you will work in Mturk. Mturk is not approving all members. If they will approve of you, you will get a welcome mail from them.

How It Work:  Mturk provides simple tasks. You find lots of Hits. Choose any of them and complete the work and then submit.  When your task approves, the money will be credited in your wallet.

Payment: The price depends on the works. The minimum price for the per task is $0.01.

I suggest you apply for Mturk because it is a service of Amazon.


Freelancer is a very big micro-jobs platform.  They connect 30,021,849 employers globally all over 247 countries. This becomes the largest freelancing marketplace by the number of users.

Official Site:

Available Works: Website, IT & Software, Mobile Phones & Computing, Writing & Content, Data Entry, Product sourcing & manufacturing, Translation, the business serves, Local Service and Other.

Sign Up:  You can freely sign up in freelancer.

How It Works:  After sign up, you need to complete your profile. Then search for jobs that you can do better and choose your best price. Complete their tasks and earn money.

Payment:  Payment is varying according to your task.

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Guru is another biggest micro jobs site. They have 3,000,000+ members worldwide.  They also paid $250,000,000 to their users.  It is a very genuine site to find micro-jobs.

Official Site:

Available Works: Programmers & Developers, Design & Artists, Writers & Translators, Sales & Marketing Gurus, Engineers & Architects, Business& Finance Gurus, Lawyers and more.

Sign Up:  Free to sign up.

How It Works:  After sign up, you need to complete your profile. Then, Guru Employer reviews your account and choose the best clients for you.

Payment:  They have four different types of payment option. Like- Pay by Milestones, Pay by task, Pay by the hour and pay using recurring payments.

Click Worker:

Click worker is a leading micro job tasking marketplace where you find many types of micro jobs. They have more than 1.2 million click workers all over 136 countries.

Official Website:

Available Works:  Text, Web Recharge, Categorization and Tagging, Product Categorization, Video Analysis, Image Marketing and more.

Sign Up:  Free to sign up.

How It Works:  They gave a complex and big project from their client. Then they break the large project into micro-tasks. Then they offer micro jobs to their click workers. After that merge all work together and transferred the project to their client.

Payment: Payment is varying according to their tasks. You complete $10, you can withdraw your money through PayPal.


Up Work is another well-known micro job site. Millions of jobs are posted on Up Work annually. Freelancers are earning more than $1 billion via UpWork each year.

Official Website:

Available Works:  Web Development, Mobile Development, Designers & Creatives, Writers, Virtual Assistance, Customer Service Agents, Sales, And Marketing Experts, Accountants & Consultants.

Sign Up: They have three types of sign up options.

Up Work- Free to join

Up Work Pro & Up work Enterprise- You need to contact them to sign up.

How It Works:  They work in four simple steps. Find Hire, Work and Pay. First, post a job in Up Work. They will match you with experts. Complete their jobs and receive your payment.

They provide three tips of projects like-short terms tasks, recurring projects, and full-time contract work. It is also the best among the other best micro jobs sites.

Payment:  Payment is varying according to your task.

In short, it is also the best micro jobs sites.

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People per Hour are also a big micro job site. They started their company in 2007.  Now, they connected over 1 million clients and freelancers. They are highlighted by many famous news companies.

Official website:

Available Works:  Business Support, Creative Arts,  Design, Marketing, Mobile, Social Marketing, Social Media, Software Development, Translation, Tutorials,  Web Development, writing.

Sign Up:  Free to join.

How It Works:  They are work in four simple ways. First, choose your fixed price. Next, post a job that you can do better. After that, contact your client directly. Receive a down payment from the client to start their task.

Payment:  Payment is varying according to your task.


Truelancer is a very famous micro jobs site.  It is a very trusted online micro jobs sites.  They connected 5,00,000+ clients.

Official Websites:

Available Works:  Skilled Developers, designers & Creative, Bloggers & Writers, SEO Experts, Sales & Marketing and Mobile Apps.

Sign Up:  Free to sign up.

How It Works:  Post a project to show your skill.  Then, Find your clients. Complete their works and earn money.

Payment: Payment is varying according to your task.

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Microworkers is also a leading micro jobs sites. They have more than 1,211,5480 workers all over the world.  They also complete more than 36,853,846 tasks. It is also very well known among all best micro jobs sites.

Official Websites:

Sign Up: Free to join.

Available Works:   Data Annotation, Match Destinations, Building words Database, Questions and Answers and many more.

How Its work: When you complete a task, you need to submit proof. After submitting your proof, Microworks employer reviews your task. If they satisfy with your work, they pay you.

Payment: Payment depends on the tasks.


Gigbucks is a very simple micro jobs site. It is just like Fiverr. Here you earn a minimum of $5 by selling your product just like Fiverr.

Official Websites:

Sign Up:  Free to join.

Available Works:    Advertising, Arts & Creative, Business, Gift Ideas, Graphics, Health &Wellness, Music & Audio, Photography, Programming, Social Marketing, Writing and etc

How Its work: The work method of Gigbucks is just like Fiverr. Post a project and choose your price. When someone buys your project, you earn money.

Payment:   You can set your price between $5 to $50. This is a minus point of Gigbucks.


So, friends, these are the top best micro jobs sites. Micro jobs are best to earn money from online. These sites help you to earn decent money. Choose some sites and earn money by doing simple jobs.

If you don’t work, you can buy awesome service at the cheapest price from those sites.

I hope you like the list of 10 best micro jobs sites

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