15 Best Offline 50 MB Games For Android You Should Try

15 Best Offline 50 MB Games For Android You Should Try

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15 Best Offline 50 MB Games For Android: Hey friends, here are some best android games that you can get under 50 MB. You can play these awesome games in offline mode. These games look small in size. But I am sure that they can blow your mind. Above all, this under 50 MB games helps you to cut your boringness.

Best Offline Games Under 50 MB:

N.O.V.A. Legacy:

”Which is the best offline 50 MB games for Android?”


N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy is a sci-fi FPS game. This game comes with best 3D graphics based on the epic first episode of N.O.V.O. It is the official game of Gameloft. And the download size of the game is 35 MB.

Here you play the role of Kal Wardin, the hero of N.O.V.O. marine. Your work is to protect human destiny by fighting against the alien invaders. 

Check out this stunning trailer of N.O.V.A. Legacy: 

Game Features:
  • Story mode
  • 19 Action-packed FPS levels
  • Remodel your marine with different types of special 3D models and skins
  • Multiplayer

Downloads: This game is downloaded by 50 million users. In addition, you can download the game from the below box.

Overdrive-Ninja Shadow Revenge:

This is a very popular offline ninja running game. Ninja Shadow revenge is a good combination of action and running game. In other words, this game is based on a very interesting theme.

In the future, the governor created a strong outstanding species from the combination of humans, black metal and technology. They are called as ”shadow cyborg”.

Then Dark Clan attacks the headquarters and takes over the government. After that CORE, a senior cyborg joins the battle and destroying the Dark Clan.

Game Features:
  • Smooth game control experience
  • Stunning graphics and sound effects
  • Story based
  • Multiple types of weapons

Downloads: More than 5 Million users play this game.

Traffic Racer:

Traffic Racer is an endless arcade racing game. Here you work is to drive your vehicle through highway traffic without any accident. This game comes with very easy gameplay. You can easily control your vehicles. In addition, this game is recommended by Editors’ Choice.

This game comes with 5 game modes such as Endless, two-way, Time Trial, police chase and Free Ride.

Game Features:
  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Easy to control
  • More than 35 different cars
  • 5 types of environmental- desert, suburb, snowy, rainy and city night

Downloads: They have more than 100 million users.

T20 Cricket Champions 3D:

T20 Cricket Champion is another best offline game under 50 Mb. There is nothing to say about the cricket game. I hope you will know this very well.

You can play with your favorite team in World Cup Tournaments. This cricket game gives you a master class batting and bowling experience. This game comes with simple control. So that you can easily control your batting and bowling.

Game Features:
  • Full stunning 3D graphics
  • Awesome physics
  • Easy to play
  • Quick match and tournament mode

Downloads: Over 5 million people download this.

Zombie Hunter King:

Zombie Hunter King is a very popular zombie game. This game comes with outstanding visual and sound effects. Here your mission is to destroy the zombie troops. Therefore, this is a very interesting game.

Game Features:
  • Lots of missions and stages
  • 20 kinds of weapons
  • Realistic graphics and sound effects

Downloads: This game is installed by more than 10 million users.

Zombie Hunter King
Zombie Hunter King
Developer: mobirix
Price: Free+

Major Mayhem :

Major Mayhem is a very entertaining offline game.  This game comes with a packed of action and visually stunning graphics. Aim and shoot your enemies and evils with fun. It is one of the best less than 50MB games. Above all, It is a mixture of run, gun and shooting game.

Game Features:
  • Colorful HD graphics with great animation
  • 4 game modes
  • 45 levels of non-stop action
  • 150 mini-missions
  • 20 different types of guns such as Pistols, Rifles, Sniper and more

Downloads: Over  10 Million people downloads this.

Into Mirror:

Into Mirror is a mix of running an action game. The game is based on the year 2076. In the mirror world, there are many hidden secrets. Here you can find lots of hidden items and rewards that waiting for you.

Game Features:
  • Realistic and stunning graphics
  • 20 challenging game levels
  • Lots of cyberpunk equipment
  • More new chapter and levels are coming

Download: This game is downloaded by more than 1 million people.

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Badminton League:

Badminton League is a very well-known badminton game. This game comes with realistic gameplay. You can experience many cool stunts and realistic hitting shuttlecock experience. You can play with your friend with 1 vs 1 mode or play the Badminton League trophy in Tournament Mode. Therefore, you should try this game.

Game Features:
  • Multiple types of game modes available
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Easy to control
  • Cool stunts
  • Lots of badminton outfits

Downloads: More than 10 million people downloaded this.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator:

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a cool racing game. This comes with advanced real physics and gameplay. Here you don’t need to break because of the traffic. So, you can drive your vehicles with illegal stunt actions.

Game Features:
  • Accurate physics
  • Control your car with steering wheels
  • Several camera options
  • Open world environment
  • Full real HUD such as revs, gear, and speed.

Downloads: Over 100 million people installed this.

Bike Mayhem Free:

Bike Mayhem Free is a very popular bike racing game. You can do many things like- smashing over rocks and roots, scoring insane trick combos and boosting huge jumps. Also, You able to do freestyle trick events on 19 different mountains. Moreover, you can easily control your bike in the time of racing.

Game Features:
  • More than 100 beautiful mountain trails that are inspired by real-world locations
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Over 80 gear items
  • Tricks, flips and bunny hops

Downloads: This game is installed by over 10 million people.

Football League 2019:

Football League 2019 is a football game where you can make the team of your dream an become the world champion. This game comes with impressive 3D graphics and realistic physics. For instance, I love this game.

Game Features:
  • Realistic 3D stadium
  • Awesome gameplay
  • Made your team with your favorite players

Downloads: More than 5 million users download this.

Fußball 2019 Liga
Fußball 2019 Liga

NinJump DLX:

NinJump DLX is a sequel to the popular game Ninjump. This game includes all the same feature of Ninjump in the new settings. This game is 100% deluxe. Here you can jump your way past witch doctors, sea monsters, monkey, snakes, dragons and etc. In addition, it is also the best choice under 50 MB games.

Game Features:
  • New jungle, pirates & casts levels
  • East to play
  • Awesome pop-ups & shields

Downloads: Over 10 million people download this game.

Battle Chess 3D:

Battle Chess 3D is an amazing 3D humanoid chess game. This game comes with cool animation and awesome gameplay. Currently, the game has five amazing 3D humanoid chess sets including Dwarf, Barbarian, Skeleton, Orcs and etc.

Game Features:
  • Single play with three difficulty levels
  • Two players mode
  • Multiplayer support

Downloads: Over 1 million people downloaded this.

Stick Fight- Shadow Warrior:

Stick fight is a very popular stickman action game. On the other hand, this game also in the list of Editors’ Choice. Here you play as a young stickman. He fights against his new and old enemies to earn the title of Shadow warrior.

Game Features:
  • Easy to play
  • Full of entertainment and fun
  • Packed of actions
  • More than 30 new weapons and hats

Downloads: More than 10 million users download this game from Playstore.

Survival- Prison Escape:

This is a very popular prison break game. This game based on a very unique storyline. You were punished to the jail of 10 years in a horrible prison for a crime.

But this crime is never committed by you. The jail is covered by high security. It’s time for you to break the prison in order to get free again. In short, this is the best prison game under 50 MB.

Game Features:
  • Stunning and realistic 3D graphics
  • Action packed levels
  • Realistic physics
  • Modern weapons and guns
  • Real life sound effects

Downloads:  This game is installed by more than 10 million users.

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So, these are the best offline 50 MB games for Android. In conclusion, you should use this under 50 MB games a least one time. I hope you like this article.

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