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Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment In India

online data entry jobs without investment

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment:

Do you want to earn money by doing simple tasks at home?

If you answered ‘Yes’ then this article may be very helpful to you. Because here I have listed 10 best online data entry jobs that need no investment.

Data Entry jobs are the very most reliable way to earn money at home. It requires zero investment and less effort.

You only require a PC and an internet connection. Perhaps, these things are very common to us. You can also use a smartphone as an alternative of PC.

What Is Data Entry Jobs?

Data Entry is a process of entering information for effective record keeping. When you make an entry or collect for an organization, then it turns into Data Entry Jobs.

Types Of Data Entry Jobs:

There are mainly two types of Data Entry Jobs-

  • Online Data Entry Jobs
  • Offline Data Entry Jobs

Basic Necessary Skills For Data Entry Jobs:

  • Good Typing Skills
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer
  • Good Written and Verbal Skill
  • Good Knowledge of Word Processing Software (M.S Office, Excel, And Word, etc.)

Here Is The List of Best Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment:


”Which is the best among all the online data entry jobs without investment?”

Answer is-


Fiverr is one of the biggest freelance marketplaces platforms. Here you can buy or sell your services at a minimum price of $5.

Here, you can find many kinds of Data Entry Jobs. You can also sell your Data Entry skills for the minimum price of $5. When you become a professional, you can choose your own price.

You can freely sign up at this platform. After sign up, you need to submit your gig in Fiverr. Here, gig means project.

To get potential clients from Fiverr, you need to submit an attractive gig.


Snagajob is the largest hourly job provider platform. They have more than 80 million registered hourly workers. Snagajob is American’s No.1 hourly based platform. They have delivered more than 4 million jobs this month.

Here, you can find lots of Work. To find their Data Entry jobs, you can use their search bar. You can also use the location to filter your jobs.

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Lionbridge SmartCrowd:

Lionbridge SmartCrowd is the best home-work job provider platform.

It connected more than 100,000 cloud workers all over the world. This site has worked with hundreds of global market leaders including Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Adobe, Philips and many others.

They provide a variety of tasks like data entry, data research, testing, language and more.

They only provide simple tasks to the workers. There are no long-term works. They pay you for each task. But, they pay once per month. You can directly transfer your amount to your bank.

It is a free platform. After submitting this information, you will see once and more Placement Evaluations. This evaluation helps to show your talent and skill levels. This evaluation also helps you to get works in the future.

Amazon Mechanical Turk:

It is to be criminal not to add MTurk in the list of online data entry jobs without investment.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is known as MTurk. It is the best online data entry job site.

Here you can find million of HIts. Here hits means tasks. They provide only simple tasks. You can pay for completing each task.

You can freely register here by your Amazon account. After that, they review your account. But, they don’t approve all requests.

You can withdraw your money through the bank account or Amazon gift card.

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2Captcha is a very popular CAPTCHA solving site. Here you need to put numbers or some words.

You will pay for every CAPTCHA solving. The amount of money depends on CAPTCHAs. It is also a free platform.

But you don’t earn enough money from CAPTCHAs solving. They pay very little for every CAPTCHA. You can also earn money by referring your friends.


Freelancer is a very big freelancing platform. They connect 30,021,849 employers globally all over 247 countries. This becomes the largest freelancing marketplace by the number of users.

After sign up, your first work to complete your profile. Of course, your profile should be attractive. Because a good profile helps you to get potential clients.

To find Data Entry jobs, you can use the search filters. Instead of Data Entry jobs, there are many other jobs that you can do. Choose your jobs that you can do better and earn money.

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Up Work is another well-known data entry job site. Millions of jobs are posted on UpWork annually. Freelancers are earning more than $1 billion through UpWork each year.

You can freely sign up this platform. After sign up, your first work is to complete your profile. A good-looking profile is very necessary to get works from UpWork.

Then you can search Data Entry Jobs in the search bar. After that read their terms and conditions carefully. If you are eligible for the jobs, then send the proposal to the client.

In short, it is also the best among all the online data entry jobs without investment.

Click Worker:

Click worker is a leading micro job tasking marketplace where you find many types of micro jobs. Data Entry is one of them. They have more than 1.2 million click workers all over 136 countries.

They gave a big project from the client. Then they break the big project into micro-tasks. After that, they offer micro jobs to their click workers. Then they merge all micro works together and transfer the project to their client.

They also pay for every task. When you complete $10, you can withdraw your money through PayPal.

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Monster is also a leading data entry job site. They have connected more than 200 million people on the Monster Worldwide network.

You can freely join here. Then you need to complete your profile. After that choose the jobs that match your qualifications. Complete the work and earn money.


Microworkers is also very popular micro jobs site. They have more than 1,211,5480 workers worldwide. They also complete more than 36,853,846 tasks.

Here you can also find many Data Entry jobs.

When you complete a task, then submit a proof. After submitting proof, Microworks employer reviews your task. If they satisfy with your work, they pay you.

In short, it is also the best among all online data entry jobs without investment.

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So, friends, these are the best ”online data entry jobs without investment”. I have tried hard to give a genuine list of online data entry jobs without investment. I hope you like the list of best online data entry jobs without investment.

What is your favorite data entry platform? Let me know in the comment section.

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