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10 Best Reminder Apps for Android [2020]

Best Reminder Apps for Android

Best Reminder Apps for Android: If you are constantly forgetting your important tasks in your daily life, then this article is gold for you. In our busy lives, we forget many works in our day to day life. Some of them are major but some works are very important. We forget them due to various activities and destruction. And this is where reminder apps come to help. These apps remind your tasks before the deadline. It helps you to manage and organize your day to day life. Here I have listed 10 best reminder apps for Android that surely save you from missing events.

Here Is The List of Best Reminder Apps for Android:

#10 Reminder with Alarm:

Reminder with Alarm is another unique reminder app. Here you can add various types of tasks like day-to-day work, meetings, homework and assignments, birthdays, anniversaries, paying bills, important calls and etc. You can create your reminders using your voice. This provides beautiful reminder widgets for home screen and helps you to stay up to date. You can use its synchronization features that help you to aces your task across all of your devices.

Reminder with Alarm
Reminder with Alarm
Developer: Arthur Ivanets
Price: Free

#9 To Do Reminder with Alarm:

To Do Reminder with Alarm is one of the simple reminder apps on Android. It is very easy to use. This app helps you to remind various things including daily tasks, meetings, business appointments, homework and assignments, paying bills, policy renewals, birthday anniversary and many more.

You also customize your tasks your own way with repeat options. You can repeat them in minutes, hour, daily, weekly and yearly.  It will remind your task with alarm notification with your favorite sound. It lets you share your notes with your friends and family. You can daily backup and restore your tasks in Google Drive or save them in your SD card.

To Do Reminder with Alarm
To Do Reminder with Alarm
Developer: App Innovation
Price: Free+

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#8 To Do List:

To Do List is a free and powerful task manager app for everyday use. This comes with a great user-friendly interface. This reminds your important tasks via notifications. You can also add your tasks and notes via voice. This app supports tasks without due dates, all day long tasks, and tasks at a specific hour of the day. It also provides smart home screen widgets that you can easily add your home screen. This supports synchronization that lets you sync your tasks with Google.

To Do Liste
To Do Liste
Developer: Splend Apps
Price: Free+

#7 Life Reminders:

Life Reminders is one of the best reminder apps for Android. It is a very simple and powerful reminder app. Here you can record tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule with deadlines. You can even manage your phone calls or SMS on a schedule. Additionally, these apps support more than 20 languages. This app comes with two different versions- a free version and a paid version. You can get most of the features in its free version.

Life Reminders
Life Reminders
Developer: Cameleo-tech
Price: Free

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#6 BZ Reminder:

BZ Reminder is a very easy to use and straight forward reminder app. Manage all your tasks that are available in your day-to-day lists. You can list your tasks every hour and improve your productivity. This app comes with Android Wear Support. It helps you to create a reminder with voice recognition from a smartwatch. You can also use this app as a note app.

BZ Erinnerung
BZ Erinnerung
Developer: Atlas Profit
Price: Free+

#5 TickTick:

Manage your time and tasks with a simple and effective task manager, Tick Tick. It comes with intuitive design and personalized features. You can create tasks and notes faster by voice input. It reminds your tasks by notifications. You can also set multiple notifications for important tasks and notes.

It comes with a handy gadget that you can add easily to your home screen. Its collaboration feature helps you to share your goals with your family, friends, and colleagues. You can also sync your task and notes across Web, Android, iOS, Mac & PC. It comes with two different versions. The paid version costs $27.99/per year. And the free version is enough good for personal use.

Developer: Appest Inc.
Price: Free+

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#4 Microsoft To Do:

It is an official reminder app by Microsoft Corporation. It helps you to manage your day to day tasks. You can use this app to take notes, record plans or set reminders and etc. to increase your productivity. It is a very easy way to organize and simplify your life. You can also share your tasks easily with your family, friends, and co-workers. This comes with office 365 integration that synced reminders and tasks list between Outlook and To-Do.


Organize your tasks in seconds with It can manage your tasks, lists, reminders, calendar events, grocery lists and more. You can also create your task with your voice. You can also organize your tasks at a scheduled time. This app comes with a great sync feature that seamlessly syncs your tasks on google calendar, facebook events, and outlook calendars. This helps you remind your important events all the time. There is also a simple and powerful design calendar widget. This keeps your day-to-day lists and calendar events at your hand. However, this is a very powerful task manager app.

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#2 Google Keep:

Google Keep is a very popular reminder app. It is a very easy way to capture tasks, thought, and notes. Not only text, but you can also grab a photo of a poster, receipt or document in it and easily organize them. It has a collaboration feature that lets you share notes with friends and family.

This reminds your tasks and notes via pop-up notifications. The notes or tasks that you added can sync across all entire devices. This app is compatible with your phone, tablet, computer, and Android wearable device. It is a very simple but effective reminder app.

#1 Todoist:

Todoist ranks on the first in the list of best reminder apps for Android. It helps you to capture your tasks & important events. You can prioritize your tasks with priority levels. This delivers deadline with reminders and due dates.

This is very easy to use. You can track your progress with personalized productivity trends. This integrates with many famous tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Amazon Alexa and others. More than 20 Million people are used this app to organize, plan and collaborate their projects.

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So, these are the top 10 best reminder apps for Android. All of these are great & come with great features. You can choose any of them as per your needs. I believe that these apps will help you a lot to manage your life & increase your productivity rates.

What is your favorite reminder app? Let me know in the comment below.

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