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15 Best Strategy Games for Android Devices [2020]

Best Strategy Games

Best Strategy Games: Strategy games are one of the most popular gaming categories. This gaming category includes tactical, logistical, strategic games and etc. You should need your own unique skills and planning to play this game. It is a fantastic way to test your creative power. Here are the lists of best strategy games for Android.

Here Is The List of Best Strategy Games for Android:

#15 Game of Kings:

Game of Kings is a real-time strategy and simulation medieval war game. Here you play the role of a king of an empire. Build your epic empire, train your warriors and prepare them for defense. It is a very addicting fantasy game. Here you can explore different types of world maps and able to fight with many different monsters.

Game Features:

  • Players Vs Players Epic War
  • 6 Different Kinds of Resources
  • Epic and Legend Weapons
  • Supports Different Types of Skills

#14 Rise of Empires:

Rise of Empires is a great real-time multi-player strategy war game. It is also the same as other strategy games. Train your troops and go to the war. Here you can fight real-time with other players across the world. For defeating enemies, you have to know your enemy and yourself very well. So, join the battle and shows your strategy.

Game Features:

  • Worldwide War
  • Strategic Gameplay
  • Powerful Dragons
  • Realistic Graphics

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#13 WW2:

WW2 is a strategy war game. Here you need to use strategy to lead your army and win the war. It is one of the best World War II strategy game. You can use terrain and generals, arms, troops with any combination. This helps you to make your strategy successful.

Play as a WW2 war game and take part in all the famous battles in the human history of WW2. This is a perfect blend of sandbox simulator, turn-based strategy, and military tactics gameplay.

Game Features:

  • 30+ Historical Events
  • 2 Warfare Conflict Camps
  • 30+ Large Battlefield Maps
  • Powerful Firepower Weapons

#12 The Battle of Polytopia:

The Battle of Polytopia is a strategy war game. Here you have to build a civilization and take it into battle. It is a 3D turn-based strategy game. The concept of the game is very interesting. Build your epic empire, train your heroes and send them to fight either army of other civilizations.

It is free to play a single-player game that you can play offline with its AI. If you want to play this game online with other players that you have to purchase at least one tribute. So, if you are interested in this game then you can buy this or play freely offline with their AI.

Game Features:

  • Real-Time Action
  • Choose Your Tribe
  • Plan Your Strategy

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#11 Zombie Anarchy:

Zombie Anarchy is one of the best strategy games for Android. This is an action-strategy survival game. Here you need to fight against the apocalypse for survival. Build a great defense to protect your camp from an army of raiders.

They provide many survivor characters. Each survivor has a unique fighting ability. It also comes with lots of realistic weapons that help to shoot off enemies. If you are a fan of zombie games, then you should try this.

Game Features:

  • Online PvP with Strategy
  • Devastating Weapons
  • Live In-Game Events
  • Realistic Graphics and Audio

#10 Dawn of Titans:

Dawn of Titans is an action-based strategy game on Android. Here you need to build your own kingdom and fight enemies. This game provides a stunning 3D fantasy world for fighting. It delivers lots of powerful gear and warriors to dominate your opponents.

This game includes daily quests, unique campaigns and alliance events. You can also unite with your friends & share your strategy in real-time MMO chat that helps you to dominate your opponents.

Game Features:

  • Console-Quality Graphics
  • Dominate With Massive Titans
  • Real-Time Battle Control
  • Non-Stop Events & Campaign

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#9 Mafia City:

Become the Godfather by using wit and time management with Mafia City. Fight with other players to take over the city and the Mafia World. It is a real-time strategy game. To take over the enemies, you should constantly improve yourself. It has a good collection of extensive maps. Each map comes with different enemies and special buildings that are uploaded weekly. It can be considered as one of the best strategy games on Android.

Game Features:

  • Awesome Graphics and Gameplay
  • Extensive Maps
  • Weekly Events
Mafia City
Mafia City
Developer: YottaGames
Price: Free+

#8 Hearthstone:

Hearthstone is a strategy based epic card game. Pick your own cards and throw down the gauntlet. There is a wide range of cards that you have to win and craft. You have to increase your skills to take down other players. For this, play and practice matches against the computer-controlled heroes of Warcraft Universe. When you are ready,  jump into the arena to win.

Game Features:

  • Build Your Own Disk
  • Hone Your Glory
  • Simple and Insane Gameplay
  • Support Multiple Languages
Price: Free+

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#7 Forge of Empires:

Forge of Empires is a strategy city simulation game. In this game, you need to develop your own city through the ages into a glorious empire. The game is too interesting. Journey through the ages, research new technologies and expand your empire.

Not only developing, but you can also battle with other players to prove your skills as king and warlord. Use your own negotiation or battle skills to take over your enemies. The game is available for free to download and install in Play Store.

Game Features:

  • A Historic City
  • Journey through the Ages
  • Unique Trading Skills
  • Tactical Battles
Forge of Empires
Forge of Empires
Developer: InnoGames GmbH
Price: Free+

#6 Last Shelter:

The last Shelter is one of the best strategy Zombie themed war game. The concept of the game is very simple. Rebuilt your city and survive in the Zombie World. It allows you to built your own empire and attack your enemy to survive the zombie apocalypse.

This is a massively multiplayer game. Here you take the part of a leader. This means you can do anything. Train your troops, recruit your legendary heroes and of course use your own unique skills to defeat your enemies.

Game Features:

  • World Wide War
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Your Own Wasteland Empire
  • Strategic Gameplay
  • Alliance Warfare

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#5 Toy Defense Fantasy:

Toy Defense Fantasy is a funny defense strategy game. This game provides you a castle that you have to defense from dragons and trolls. Make your own army of defenders and fight with monsters that try to destroy your medieval fantasy kingdom.

Show your own skills and logistic in defense. Use your own TD battle plans and fight with both ground and air attack in the game. You can also upgrade your defense right in the battlefield zone. If you’re a lover of medieval military strategy game, then this game is for you.

Game Features:

  • Medieval Fantasy Atmosphere
  • Fantastic Armies
  • Powerful Spells and Skills
  • Weekly Tournaments

#4 Fire Emblem Heroes:

Join the strategic based battle with Fire Emblem Heroes. The game is based on an interesting story. There are lots of new characters & dozens of battle-tested heroes are available from the Fire Emblem Universe.

In addition to the main story, there are many other interesting modes where you can compete against the other players and more. You have to use your own strategy to choose each hero as per their advantages and disadvantages.  Lead your heroes & use your unique attack style to defeat the enemy.

Game Features:

  • An Epic Quest
  • Intense Battle
  • Lots of Characters and Heroes
  • Repayable Modes
Fire Emblem Heroes
Fire Emblem Heroes
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Price: Free+

#3 Lords Mobile:

Explore the erotic magical world on your mobile with Lords Mobile. It is a real-time open-world mobile game. Build your own epic empire here by winning the war. They have a user base of 310 million globally. So, choose your favorite heroes, make new friends and charge fearlessly into the war. But it is not easy to defend your opponent. For winning the war, you have to think of new ideas and perfect your strategy.

Game Features:

  • Powerful Heroes & Animated Battles
  • An Open-World Mobile Game
  • Master Your Strategy
  • Beautiful 3D Graphics

#2 Clash Royale:

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer strategy game for Android. It provides a head-to-head battle in Clash Universe. This comes from the creator of the most famous game Clash of Clans. Choose your favorite clash characters and join the battle.

You can upgrade your troops, spells, and defense as per your requirements. Knockdown the enemy king and princess from their tower to defeat the opponents. No doubt, it is one of the best strategy games on Android.

Game Features:

  • Real-time Battle
  • Ultimate Battle Deck
  • Team-Up with Friends
  • Special Events
Clash Royale
Clash Royale
Developer: Supercell
Price: Free+

#1 Clash Of Clans:

Clash of Clash is a very well known combat strategy game. The concept of the game is very easy. Build your village & go to battle. But this is not as easy as you think. It includes lots of battle strategies with countless combinations. You have to use your own skills and tactics to defend your enemies.

It has millions of players worldwide. So, build your own clan and enter in epic Clan War. You can also challenge your friend and show your skills.

Game Features:

  • Various Types of Leagues
  • 1v1 Battle
  • Various Battle Strategies
  • Upgradable Clan
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
Developer: Supercell
Price: Free+


Strategy games are really too interesting because these kinds of the game enable you to show your own skills and tactics. So, these are the 15 best strategy games for Android. I hope this article helps you to choose the best strategy games.

What is your favorite strategy game? Let me know in the comment below.

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