Best UPS for PC in India – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best UPS for PC

Best UPS for PC: The full form of the UPS is Uninterrupted Power Supply. As its name suggests, it delivers an uninterrupted power supply during the power cut. It is one of the most needed accessories for a personal computer.

Indian Electric power supply is not so good at all. We see numerous power cuts repeatedly. Sometimes a sudden strong electric surge can destroy your personal computer. And UPS is the ultimate solution to tackle this situation.

However, there are numerous popular UPS brands available in the market. Here I have listed 10 best UPS for PC that give you great battery life. I also provide some important buying guides with it. This helps you a lot to consider which is the best ups for PC.

Types of UPS:

There are several types of UPS available in the market. They are the Standby UPS unit, Line-Interactive UPS unit & Online UPS unit.

Standby UPS unit:

This type of UPS unit is generally used at home. It charges its battery automatically when the power supply is one & provides automatic battery backup during power cuts.

Line-Interactive UPS unit:

The line-interactive UPS unit is the same as the Standby UPS unit. But it comes with an extra transformer that prevents voltage drops.

Online UPS unit:

The online UPS System is different from the above two UPS units. It does not wait for the power to switch off. This type of UPS unit is continuous checks the input power supply via the battery system. It is just like a home inverter. This provides constant power supply without any disrupters. This type of UPS is very expensive than the other UPS units.

Buying Guides for UPS:


You should sure about the compatibility of the UPS before buying it. Means, you want a UPS for one device or multiple devices. If you do not sure about UPS compatibility, then you are simply shooting in the dark. So, you should aware of your number of connected devices before buying a UPS.

Power of UPS:

You must look out at the Power of the UPS before buying it. Because it is not worthy of your UPS does not provide the required power to the connected devices. If you buy a low power UPS than your connected device, then your device will die soon. So, you must always go for those UPS that has more power than your connected devices.


Basically runtime of UPS depends on the number of connected devices. If you connected a number of devices to your UPS, then it runtime will decrease. On the other hand, if you connected one device in it, this will provide a long battery backup.


Price is another important thing that one should look out for. Most buyers do not pay any attention to it. They think that an expensive UPS is better than others. But there are many UPS in the market that are inexpensive but delivers a great performance.


Warranty is another important factor for buying a UPS. This ensures you to use it without any worrying about purchasing a new one. I suggest you not to buy a UPS that has no warranty.

Here Is The List of Best UPS for PC:

APC BX600C-INRs. 3024Buy Now
iBall Nirantar UPS-621Rs. 1975Buy Now
APC BX1100C-INRs. 5995Buy Now
Luminous Zelio+ 1100Rs. 4725Buy Now
VGUARD UPS SESTO 600Rs. 2449Buy Now
APC BE700Y-INDRs. 5608Buy Now
Intex Protector 725Rs. 2179Buy Now
APC BR1500G-INRs. 14667Buy Now
Cyber Power Bu600E-InRs. 2449Buy Now
CHAMPION UPS 800VARs. 2748Buy Now

APC BX600C-IN 600VA/360W UPS for PC

APC BX600C-IN 600VA/360W UPS for PC

Product Information:

Weight4.7 Kg
Product Dimensions23.7 X 10.7 X 21.8 cm
Battery Charging Time4 Hours
Input Voltage145V
Output Voltage130V
Output Plugs3
Warranty2 Year

APC is one of the leading brands in UPS. It’s APC BX600C-IN is an ideal UPS for your PC. This comes with a normal input voltage of 230V. The power consumption would rarely between 250W to 300W.

This features audible alarms that provide notifications of changing utility power & UPS power conditions. It automatically notifies users when to change the battery. It comes with an Automatic Voltage Regulation that automatically provides a suitable voltage for your equipment.

Its Battery Changing Indicator lets you know the charging status of UPS. This has a Battery Saver feature that prevents unnecessary discharges while the UPS is on battery. The Boost AVR preserves battery life & maximizes the runtime.

This UPS comes with an exciting feature called Cold-start. This provides temporary battery power when the main power is out. The battery of this UPS comes with a fast charging capability. It can recharge your battery when the generator power is on. It’s easy to read LED indicators help you to read the unit & utility power condition status.

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • LED Indicators
  • Cold-start capable
  • Fast Battery Charging
  • Generator Compatibility
  • Quite Heat during the Time of Charging

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iBall Nirantar UPS-621V 600VA UPS with Power Protection

iBall Nirantar UPS-621V 600VA UPS with Power Protection

Product Information:

Weight4.44 Kg
Dimension27.8 X 10 X 14.2 cm
Battery Charging Time6 Hours
Input / Output Voltage230 V
Outlet Plugs3
Warranty2 Years

iBall is a very well-known electronic accessories manufacturer. Its Nirantar UPS-621 ranks in the 2nd position in the list of best ups for pc. This comes with great compatibility. It is compatible with almost all electronic devices like- PC, CCTV & DVR systems.

It able to backup a standard PC load with an 18.5” LED monitor up to 40 minutes. And it can load 4 cameras and 1 X 4 CH DVR without monitor up to 3 hours.

Of course, the battery backup of the UPS should depend on the configuration of the computer system & other connected devices. It ensures to provide 33% faster recharging with an advanced backup facility.

This features a wide input voltage range generator. The voltage regulator of this UPS is an automatic that is used to boost & buck. This UPS for PC is controlled by a microprocessor that ensures good working of the PC. The noise of this UPS is also very quite & suitable for every workplace.

  • Impressive Backup Power
  • Nice Design
  • 33% Fast Charging
  • Wide Voltage Range Generator
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Heavy

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APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA/660W UPS System for PC

APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA/660W UPS System for PC

Product Information:

Product Weight7 Kg
Product Dimensions36 X 20 X 37 cm
Battery Charging Time6 Hours
Outlet Plugs4
Input / Output Voltage230V
Lithium Battery Energy Content230W Hours
Warranty1 Year

This is another best UPS for PC that came from APC. It comes with all the features of APC BX600C-IN. This comes with a normal input voltage of 230V. According to them, it can back up a single PC up to 45 minutes.

This provides notification of changing utility power & UPS power conditions by the audible alarms. The automatic self-test feature provides an early detection when the battery needs to be replaced. This UPS can balance the voltage automatically as per your equipment. It lets you know the battery charging status by the Indicators.

APC BX1100C-IN comes with Battery Saver features. It prevents unnecessary charges while UPS is on & extends the battery life up to two times. It has the cord-start capability that provides temporary battery power when the power is out.

This UPS supports Fast Battery Charging that reduces the battery recharge time. It can allow you to recharge your battery when the generator power is on. These features make it one of the best UPS for PC.

  • Audible Alarms
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Battery Saver
  • Cold-Start Capable
  • Support Fast Charging
  • Generator Compatibility
  • Quite Expensive

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Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter

Product Information:

Weight11 Kg
Dimensions36 X 19 X 36 cm
Output Power900VA
Charging Time12 Hours
Warranty2 Years

Luminous is a very popular name in UPS & inverter industry. They have brilliant UPS & inverter in the market. Luminous Zelio+ is one of them. But this is not a general UPS that you can use only for your PC. This is also an inverter that you can also use for other electric applications at your home.

You can connect this device with the main current. This lets you choose points for power supply during power cuts. This device has not an included battery. You need to buy a 12V battery separately from the market.

It can display the power backup in hours and minutes via a LED Display. This is an intelligent home UPS that is powered by a 32 bit DSP processor.

  • Intuitive & Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Awesome Battery Backup
  • LED Display
  • 32 bit DSP Processor
  • Hassle-Free Battery Maintainers
  • Battery Is Not Include

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VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 - 600VA- Application Desktop UPS

Product Information:

Weight4 Kg
Dimensions31.2 X 22.9 X 14.4 cm
Capacity600VA / 300W
Input / Output Voltage230V
Outlet Plugs4
Lithium Battery Energy Content4400W Hours
Warranty24 Months

In the list of best UPS for PC, VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 has made a spot. It is an excellent UPS that comes with high voltage protection. This protects your device from the voltage surges. The power capacity of this UPS is 600VA / 300W.

This provides the output voltage of 230V. It provides the backup time of 10-15 minutes when the battery is fully charged. The battery of the UPS can charge in the off mode. This UPS of PC is compatible with one computer & one Pinter (expect laser printer). You can get a 24-month warranty on the product from the VGUARD.

  • High Voltage Protection
  • Quite Good Battery Backup
  • Does not Support Laser Pinter
  • No Stabilizer Support

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APC BE700Y-IND 420-watt Back-UPS


Product Information:

Weight7.8 Kg
Dimensions29 X 22 X 13 cm
Capacity Power700VA/300W
Outlet Plugs3
Lithium Battery Energy Content2 Watt-Hours
Warranty2 Year

This is another excellent UPS from APC. It comes with the capacity power of 700VA or 300W. This has three battery-backed cum surge protected sockets to connect your PC. With this, there is also one surge protected socket where you can connect other electrical equipment.

It can provide enough runtime. So that you can safely shut down your PC during the power cut. It delivers the normal output voltage of 230V.

This UPS is featured with an inbuilt Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). It ensures the required voltage during low or high voltage conditions. This has user resellable thermal cutoff that tackles the overload protection.

It has a very simple LED interface that helps you to read the battery status. This also notifies the UPS condition by the audible alarms.

  • Inbuilt Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Simple LED Interface
  • Audio Alarms
  • User Resetallable Thermal Cutoff
  • Easy to Configure
  • Quite Expensive

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Intex Protector 725 UPS

Intex Protector 725

Product Information:

Weight4.25 Kg
Dimensions27.9 X 14.2 X 10.1 cm
Input / Output Voltage230 V
Outlet Plugs3
Battery Charging Time6 Hours
Warranty1 Year

Intex Protector 725 is a great reliable UPS that comes with superior functionality. It is controlled by a microprocessor that increases the reliability of the UPS. This is built by the robust case that protects the inner part of the UPS from damages.

This UPS can boost & buck AVR for voltage stabilization. The battery of this UPS can charge in the off mode. The cold start feature provides temporary battery power during the time of power cut.

The typical recharge time of the 90% battery capacity takes up to 6 hours. Intex Protector 725 comes with easy installation setup. You do not require anyone’s help to install it.

  • Compact Size
  • Controlled by Microprocessor
  • AVR for voltage stabilization
  • Off Mode Charging & Cold start function
  • Backup time is not so good

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APC BR1500G-IN 865-watt Back-UPS


Product Information:

Product Weight11.8 Kg
Dimension38.2 X 11.4 X 30.1 cm
Outlet Plugs6
Charging Time7.20 hours
Output Power Capacity865W / 1500VA
Normal Input Voltage230V
Warranty2 Year

APC BR1500G-IN is one of the best UPS for PC. It is a very powerful UPS that provides the output power capacity of 1500VA or 865 watts. The normal input of the UPS is 230V.

It comes with an LCD screen where you can easily monitor every UPS parameter. The battery of this UPS takes up to 7.20 hours to recharge. It also warns you when a battery needs to be replaced. This comes with a power-saving feature that allows you to connect your PC and printers. And it ensures that when you switch off your PC, the printer will automatically switch off.

This comes with 4 battery backed cum surge protected socket for connecting your computer & other equipment. There are also two surge sockets where you can connect the large load equipment like printer & scanner.

This has an inbuilt AVR which allows your PC to work in low or high voltage conditions. It automatically cuts off the power of peripherals when the primary device like a PC is shutdown. This has a Green mode function which reduces power consumption by bypassing unused components in the UPS.

  • Power Saving Mode
  • East to read LCD Screen
  • A Green Mode Function
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • The battery takes quite a time for the full charge

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Cyber Power Bu600E-In

Cyber Power Bu600E-In

Product Information:

Weight3.8 Kg
Dimensions15.8 X24 X9.1 cm
Input Voltage300V
Output Voltage220V
Outlet Plugs3
Recharge Time8 Hours
Warranty2 Year

Cyber Power Bu600E-In comes with an outstanding fire resistance capability that protects the inner equipment from damage. The innovative Battery Management Technology increases battery efficiency & provides a longer battery life.

It has configurable alarms that let the user to On/Off the alarm as per their needs. It has auto-restart & auto-charge feature. This UPS comes with the generator compatibility. This provides an extensive application scenario during power cuts.

It has an Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) maintains a safe voltage. This protects your PC & other equipment from the damage.

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Generator Compatibility
  • Fire-Resistance Capability
  • Battery Management Technology
  • Only One Power Adapter Cable

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Product Information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions30 X 9 X 14 cm
Outlet Plugs3
Input Voltage230V
Maximum Output Voltage250 V
Warranty2 Year

CHAMPION UPS is one of the most competitive UPS in the market. This offers comprehensive protection for your PC equipment. This comes with great comprehensive power protection that helps to protect against surges & spikes.

The capacity of this UPS is 800VA. And it can provide the backup time up to 25 minutes. This is enough to shout down your PC safely during power cuts.

This UPS of PC can deliver stable power to your connected equipment. It also features an alarm that alerts you in various situations.

You will get a warranty of 2 years on UPS and 1 year on battery. No doubt, it is a perfect choice for any home & small office.

  • Comprehensive Power Protection
  • Stable Power According to the Requirement
  • Alarms Available
  • Quite Heavy

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So, these are the 10 Best UPS for PC. Every UPS is one of the best accessories for your personal computer. So, choose the right PC as per your needs. I hope you like the list of best UPS for PC.

What are your best UPS for PC? Let me know in the comment section below.

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