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Best Video Downloader: It’s the age of streaming. Stats point to the fact that Mobile users spend 40 minutes in an average session just on YouTube, and it’s not the only website people stream videos on now. There are tons of such websites. But what if you see a video and it leaves an impression on you. Many times, people want to keep those videos with them, since there will be times when streaming will not be convenient. 

There is a wide range of video downloaders available over the internet. It’s easy to get lost in them. Fret not; we will find the best ones for you based on features and ease of use. Here we provide you with five best video downloaders you can use next time you want to download videos.

Do note that downloading videos from sources are subject to the copyrights held by the video’s owner.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

 iTube HD Video Downloader

Considering all the checkboxes for software to be one of the best amongst its competitors, this one comes out as a clear winner. With the ability to handle full 4K resolution footage, it has a vast range of compatible websites. It has many features such as download acceleration, for downloading your videos, the ability to convert music the files to any format you would like them to be. It also has the feature of batch downloading. allowing you to download playlists in different batches, scheduling the shipments to download (auto shutdown after download, if you put the laptop on sleep mode). It has everything you have been looking for in a video downloader. Further, you can get a Spotify downloader to enjoy offline music. 

You can download videos in many ways through this software.

  • You will see a download button on the compatible websites, once you have downloaded and installed the software for Windows. You can directly download it from the switch.
  • Another way is to copy the URL of the video and paste it in the download tab of the software interface. It will automatically start your download.
  • Then there are some “unfit to download the video” web sites. Fret now, this software covers you here too. You can use the Record button to record the video. Just open the video and click REC to start the recording.

4K Video Downloader

This is a simple video downloader that helps you to have access to your favourite content at a fingertip. Its user interface is a simple one for anyone to use. Like its previous competitor, it also has a wide range of websites on which it is compatible. 

Although the best feature would be its capability of downloading entire playlists and channels, along with the choice given to the user to select the quality of the video, as the name might have already suggested, this too supports 4K and 8K video downloads. Batch downloading and download acceleration is an added feature of someone to select this downloader. There is one exclusive thing added in this, which is a Smart Mode feature, that ensures that videos are downloaded automatically according to your preferred settings.

Although, it does have a limit on playlist download length.

YTD Video Downloader Pro

It recently released its version 2.0, and it also offers compatibility across various online video platforms. It also has a built-in converter to ensure that the video you download plays on whatever device you put it on.

Although it does have plenty of features to help qualify in the “best” list, although due to its interface, which lacks design focus, people are used to now. Anyways, it gets its points corresponding to the tools it has and works well.



This one is also an excellent alternative if you don’t like any of the ones mentioned above. This is a free, quick, and multi-platform video downloader. Supports most of the major video websites. It lets you download multiple videos at the same time. A stand-out feature of this one is the built-in search feature it has, which makes it easy to find and download the videos you want right in the ClipGrab software. Like others, here to you can select the quality (includes HD) of the videos. It detects links directly from your clipboard. It has a simple and organized interface.

Although, it attaches adware with the installer while downloading the software. Given that it’s free, I guess we can live with that.


Lastly, JDownloader allows you to download your files quickly and easily across a wide range of platforms. It supports multi-thread download technology helping faster downloads. Again, here too, you can select your video’s quality (HD and 4K supported). A LinkGrabber monitors and detects the links copied on the clipboards and automatically downloads them. The layout is straightforward and intuitive to understand.

Like the last one, this also comes installed with adware. Although there is an option to skip the adware, this program also consumes more system requirements making it slower when compared to others mentioned in the list.

Well, there you go!

Go ahead, try them out, select which suits you and download all your favourite videos. 

What is your favourite video downloader? Let me know in the comment below. 

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