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Free 20 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android Devices [2020]

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20 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android: There are some best wallpaper apps in the play store. These wallpaper applications are very unique & make your home screen attractive. So, if you are looking for some high-quality images, then have a look at these 20 best wallpaper apps below.

Here Is The List Of 20 Best Wallpaper Apps:


Wallpapers is another well-known app of Google. It is regraded as one of the best wallpaper apps for Android. This app is very light-weight. Yet, it comes with many advanced features. You can choose one of your own photos, an image from Google earth collections and more.

It offers to use one wallpaper on your lock screen & keep one for yourself on your device’s home screen (But it requires Android 7.0 Nougat or above). You can pick one category and it will bring a new wallpaper every day.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

4K Wallpapers-Auto Wallpaper Changer:

4K Wallpaper is a simple, fast & light wallpaper application. It provides a large variety of 4K (UGH|Ultra HD) as well as full HD wallpapers. Auto-changer feature changes the background automatically. You also add time frequency to change your wallpapers automatically.

This app has more than 10000 UHD wallpapers and backgrounds. This wallpapers and backgrounds are divided across 22+ categories. They also update Full HD wallpapers each day. It also offers to save wallpapers on your phone.

Muzei Live Wallpaper:

Muzei is a great live wallpaper app that changes your home screen each day with a beautiful work of art. It dims & blurs the background to keep your icons and widgets in the spotlight. Of course, you can choose your own favorite photos on your device & other third-party apps.

Muzei makes your home screen fresh & rotates your favorite photos every few hours. With these features, it is one of the best wallpaper apps for Android.


With Backdrops, you can enjoy a wide variety of different wallpaper styles & flavors. Here, you find exclusive & unique designed walls for your device. It also offers to sync your wallpaper collections to Google for accessing multiple devices.

This app has a stunning user interface. This app will get new designs every day. You can cheek their pro version for more extra features. You also join their Community Tab to share your own piece of work & photography.

Backdrops - Wallpapers
Backdrops - Wallpapers
Developer: Backdrops
Price: Free+

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Walli is a decent wallpaper application for Android. It provides high quality & selective collection of unique wallpaper that is exclusively made by artists. This makes your phone very attractive and good-looking. Walli offers a large selection of wallpapers on various themes. The wallpapers are available in multiple sizes.

Walli’s wallpapers are features on Google Wallpapers app. They have a selective community of artists from around the world. Walli helps their artists by sharing their earning with them. According to your favorite playlist, it automatically changes your wallpapers.

Forest Live Wallpaper:

Forest Live wallpaper is a smooth, cool & relaxing wallpaper with natural circumstances. The tree is blowing in the wind and a sky that automatically changes from dusk till dawn. It offers a 3D parallax effect & parallax effect. This gives a good animation effect when you titling & scrolling your device.

Forest Live Wallpaper
Forest Live Wallpaper
Developer: Kaka
Price: Free+


Resplash is one of the best wallpaper apps that come with simple UI. Here you can browse more than 800000 HD photos. And new wallpapers are updated each day. Resplash automatically refreshes your home screen with new wallpapers.

It also offers to download wallpaper in your device. You can use their Dark & Black (AMOLED) theme to make your phone more attractive.

Resplash - Wallpapers
Resplash - Wallpapers
Developer: Brandon Lam
Price: Free+

Wallp-Stoke HD Wallpapers:

Wallp has a large and varied collection of HD stock wallpapers.  New stock wallpapers also add every day. They provide Ultra HD wallpapers with the resolution of 2880×2660. Wallp provides official mobile phone wallpapers freely.

Here you can get popular device wallpaper like Google Pixel, Apple, ASUS, Xiaomi, etc. And their special category helps you to find wallpaper easily. You can crop wallpapers in Beta version.

WalP - Stock HD Wallpapers
WalP - Stock HD Wallpapers

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Wallpapers and Backgrounds:

Wallpaperscraft is a tailor wallpaper app. Because it will display those wallpapers that match your screen size. All the images are of high quality & support for all devices. They provide various types of resolutions.

This app has more than 80,000 wallpapers for 540×960 pixels, no more than 5000 wallpapers for 1080×1920 pixels, no more than 5000 wallpapers for 2K QHD screen & no more 1000 4K wallpapers for 4K display with a 2160×3840 pixels. Its popular categories & tags help you to find targeted wallpapers.

3D Parallax Live Wallpapers:

3D Parallax Live Wallpapers comes with 3D Wallpapers & 3D lock screen. Its 3D live wallpapers make your home screen and lock screen a real 3D depth with gyroscope controlled.

Besides, it also adds many cool AMOLED themes. You can preview your theme before use. It uses small system resource & consumes less battery. Their collection of live wallpaper is increasing day by day.

Wallpaper HD & 4K BAckground:

7Fon opens the world of splendid wallpaper for you. It has more than 120,000 HD background photos with various resolutions. They also update new HD wallpaper regularly. For a quick search, the images are divided into 65 categories and sorted by alphabet & popularity.

You can save the photos directly to the SD card or to the gallery. Automatic Wallpaper Changer also implements in the application. You can able to choose the image source & interval of changing. With these features, it is one of the best wallpaper apps for Android.

Earth & Moon in HD Gyro:

With more than 5 million downloads in the Play store, it is one of the best wallpaper apps. Earth & Moon is the 3D live wallpaper with the gyroscope. Sun & stars also include here.

It provides incredible 3D parallax effects, lens flare effects & reflection. It also offers lots of customizable settings. They made HD resolution texture for Tablet.

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Tapet is very different from the other wallpaper apps. Here no images are downloaded from the internet. It automatically generates high-quality backgrounds according to your screen resolution.

It uses beautiful parallax effects to make your wallpaper more pleasant. You can set the time for changing your wallpapers hourly or daily. They also said that you will most likely never see the same wallpaper twice.

Developer: SharpRegion
Price: Free+

Papers Wallpapers:

Papers Wallpapers is very well-known and one of the best wallpapers app for Android. It has a great collection of HD wallpapers and backgrounds. They update their collection regularly. Paper wallpapers have thousands of great wallpapers and backgrounds.

This wallpaper app has simple & material layout. The wallpapers are greatly arranged by categories & colors. You can download wallpapers and upload the wallpapers in their wallpaper community. It offers some more options include share, crop, save, blur and more.


Wonderwall is a simple & lightweight yet stunning wallpaper application. The design of the WonderWall is very simple & delight. They add many unique photos each day. It adds an only top notch and unique backgrounds for your device.

Wonderwall auto sets new wallpaper on your device without anything. This auto-set feature is fully adjustable to your personal preference. You can also submit your own work of art. Of course, you will earn your credit if it’s approved by Wonderwall team.

Wonderwall - Wallpapers
Wonderwall - Wallpapers
Developer: Ignace
Price: Free+


ZEDGE is a free ringtone, wallpaper and notification app for Android. It provides millions of ringtones, wallpapers & notifications to make your device unique.

You can create an account to access all of your favorite wallpapers, ringtones & icons from all devices.

You easily set ringtones & wallpapers within the app. It also offers Cropper Toll to personalize the image for your device home screen & lock screen.

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HEX Shaders:

Hex Shaders is a very lightweight live wallpaper application. It shows hexagonal pixels with a shader program. It contains over 15 shaders program. You can choose a program as your need and also customize it with detail level and animation speed.

Developer: Sergey Konyukhov
Price: Free

Background HD:

In Background HD, you will find diverse backgrounds such as images, videos & live watch. And a new & unique background is updating every day. Choose the best backgrounds and images for your device’s home screen. You can also upload your own self-made images & videos for selling.

Hintergründe HD (Backgrounds)
Hintergründe HD (Backgrounds)
Developer: OGQ
Price: Free+


Mysplash is another decent & one of the best wallpaper apps for Android. It provides a rich & smooth experience. Mysplash supports Muzei Live Wallpaper. It is very easy to use. You can easily change your wallpapers. This is very light in weight & provides only High-Resolution photos.


Super AMOLED Live Wallpaper:

Super AMOLED Live Wallpaper provides all high-quality Super AMOLED Wallpapers. It supports various resolutions such as 1080×1920 pixels, 2160×3840 pixels and more. For different resolution, these wallpapers are supported for all devices.

Much new AMOLED wallpaper also adds every week. It is very easy to use & comes with simple UI. You can also save your favorite wallpapers to SD card. It is famous for its dark AMOLED wallpapers. It has about 2400 dark display wallpapers.

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So, these are the 20 best wallpaper apps for Android. All these applications are provided incredible high-quality wallpapers. I hope you like the list of best wallpaper apps.

What is your best wallpaper app? Let me know in the comment section below.

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