This Portable Cellphone Based Tool Can Identify HIV Viruses

This Portable Cellphone Based Tool Can Identify HIV Viruses

This Portable Cellphone Based Tool Can Identify HIV Viruses

In a revolutionary research made by Brigham and Women’s hospital Investigators, have designed a portable and low-cost mobile diagnostics tool using cellphone and nanotechnology that can detect HIV viruses and monitor their management.

HIV is the virus that causes Aids. It damages the immune system by attacking human cells. The virus can grow and survive only by infecting and destroying the immune system.

It is considered to be a major problem throughout the world. With the lack of infrastructure and trained medical professionals, it has become severe.

Traditional Virus detection method for HIV are expensive, recuring the use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Nano-technology has been used that makes it portable. It consists of a microchip, a mobile, and a 3D printed phone attachment. With this help, doctors created a platform that can detect RNA nucleic acid of the virus from a single drop of blood.

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A paper published in the journal nature communications revealed that investigators from Brigham and Women’s hospital have designed this cellphone-based Nobel platform.

Principal investigator in the division of engineering in medicine and renal division of medicine at the Brigham said, “This rapid and low-cost cellphone system represents a new method for detecting acute infection, which would reduce the risk of virus transmission and could also be used to detect early treatment failures”

It can able to detect HIV with 99.1 percent specificity and 94.6 percent sensitivity at a clinically relevant threshold value of 1000virus particles/ ml. It able to give the result with an hour. with its quick result, it is possible to take any major decision regarding the patient’s condition

According to Safiee, As a portable device, we can able to use it anywhere anytime and in any critical situation. During travel, it is possible to perform HIV monitoring and testing.

In case researchers are able to modify this technology, then it holds the potential to be a game-changer in an affordable diagnosis of critical patients in the resource-limited region.

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