How To Create WhatsApp Sticker From Selfish And Photos?

How To Create WhatsApp Sticker From Selfish And Photos?

Recently, WhatsApp introduced the sticker option where you can add your custom stickers. In the beginning, there are only a few pre-loading stickers are available to send your friends.

However, users can add more stickers through the build in sticker store. Besides, there are some third-party apps available in the Play Store. But, this is very hard to find which is best.

But in the new sticker option, you can make your own custom stickers from your selfish or photos. Is this sound interesting? 

Here Is The Step-By-Step Guide For You: 

Step 1: 

At first, you need to open the Google Play Store. Then download any background eraser app from the store. I recommend you to use ‘Background Eraser’ app. You can also download it from the below box.

Background Eraser
Background Eraser
Developer: handyCloset Inc.
Price: To be announced

Step 2: 

Then open your camera and clicks some photos or download some photos from the internet.

Step 3: 

After that open the background eraser app and select the image that you want to covert in a sticker. Erase the background nicely to make your stickers more attractive. 

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Step 4: 

After erasing the background, crop them correctly that the image should look like a sticker.

Step 5: 

Again open the Google play store and download an app called ‘Personal App for WhatsApp’. Download this from the below:

Step 6: 

After that, open the app and this will automatically show all the new stickers.

Step 7: 

In this app, you can also see an ‘ADD’ button beside the stickers. Then click on the ‘ADD’ button.

[Note: You must have 3 stickers and more in a folder]

add images personal stickers

Step 8: 

You see a popup. Then tap on the ‘ADD’ button again.

pop up add button

Step 9: 

Come back to your WhatsApp app and open the chat and tap on the ‘Emoji’ icon.

emoji icon on whatsapp

Step 10: 

Then go to the ‘Stickers’ option and select your custom stickers to send your friends and family members.

send stickers on whatsapp

Boom! now you can make your own custom and cool emojis from your own selfish or photos.

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