15 Dangerous WhatsApp Message You Should Never Click On

15 Dangerous WhatsApp Message You Should Never Click On

15 Dangerous WhatsApp Message You Should Never Click On

Whatsapp is now the most popular social media platform. It is generally used by most smartphone users. More than 1 billion people around 180 countries use WhatsApp.

But, nowadays WhatsApp is now full of the scam. It is now full with phishing attacks, hoax message, and fake news. And the scams of WhatsApp are spreading quickly.

I have listed some common dangerous messages that WhatsApp users receive through WhatsApp group and in most of the cases, this kind of messages are designed to snatch people’s personal information like bank details.

Here Are The 15 Dangerous WhatsApp Messages That You Should Never Click On:

Adidas Shoe Hoax Message:

A viral WhatsApp message is Adidas Shoe hoax message. This message asked the user to click on the link to participate in the giveaway of 3000 free Adidas shoes on the occasion. It is a phishing attack message. So, never click on that type of message.

Zara Voucher Scam Message:

Zara’s free voucher is another scam just like Adidas hoax messages. It asked the personal details and contacts of the user so that it could be earning money from premium text messaging.

WhatsApp Subscription For Premium Service Message:

It is always remembered that WhatsApp is the free messaging service. They don’t have any official paid plan or paid subscription-based version of WhatsApp.

Pizza Hunt Scam Message:

It is a pizza scam message that promises to give free pizzas. It is another big scam message that affected lots of users. Lure users click on the link to get free pizzas.


Message Threatening Martinelli Video:

Simply delete those messages that you receive on WhatsApp which states that the user shouldn’t open a video named Martinell as it would hack their phone. It is a scam message and nothing happens.

Free Beer From Heineken:

Like Adidas, hoax messages using popular beer brands are also very popular in WhatsApp. Always careful and don’t click on that type of scam message.

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whatsapp scam message

Change WhatsApp Colour Message:

Another popular scam message is the “change the WhatsApp color”. Remember that there is no official option on the official app. So, don’t fall for such scam messages.

Amazon Big Billion Sale Offer Scam Message:

Some scam messages receive in WhatsApp for the lure people by offering Amazon Shopping details. It is one of the biggest scams.

Special Apple iPhone Sale Messages:

Another big bank scam message is “buy iPhones starting at Rs.999”. Don’t click any of this fraud messages in WhatsApp.

Donation Or E-Darshan Messages Of Popular Sites:

In case you receive messages on WhatsApp that asks you for giving donations or e-darshan fees of a popular religious place. Be careful from such fraud messages. It is a big phishing attack that steals your banking and card information.

Flipkart Christmas Carnival Sale Messages:

Like Amazon fake messages, Flipkart Christmas Carnival Sale Messages is another phishing attempt that asks users to click a link and fill a form to take part in a fake Christmas Carnival Sale.

WhatsApp Popcorn Carnival Video:

As the Martinelli video, in case you receive any message regarding WhatsApp carnival, simply ignore this.

Messages That Track You:

You can be tracked by simply clicking on a link to download an image on WhatsApp. So, never download any content from any unknown senders.

Upgrade To WhatsApp Gold Service Message: 

There is no WhatsApp Gold Service and in case you receive such message just ignore them as a hoax.

Innovation To Use Third-Party WhatsApp App For Better Features:

Don’t use third-party WhatsApp. There are many fake WhatsApp versions and always download official WhatsApp.

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