5 Best Ways To Earn Money From Whatsapp

5 Best Ways To Earn Money From Whatsapp

5 Best Ways To Earn Money From WhatsApp:

5 Best Ways To Earn Money From Whatsapp

Hey Tech Lovers, welcome to another fresh article of Techy Feast. Today I will share 5 best ways to earn money from Whatsapp. You think about how it is possible. But, it is possible. You can easily earn money from Whatsapp.

How To Earn Money From WhatsApp:

Whatsapp is a very popular social media. I am sure that every android users use WhatsApp. You need a big audience to earn money from Whatsapp. You simply join groups as much as you can. Every group has 257 members. So, I think you understand what I want to tell.

5 Best Ways To Earn Money From WhatsApp:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Link Shortening
  • Event Blogging
  • PPD Network
  • Earning Apps

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a very good way to earn money from Whatsapp. Every shopping website has their own affiliate program. You can earn a commission when someone buys a product in your affiliate link.

For beginners, l suggest using the Amazon affiliate program. It is very easy to use. Choose a good product and share the links of the product in WhatsApp. In case someone buys a product from your link, you will earn money.

You can earn a good commission from Amazon Affiliate Program. They gave up to 10% commission on the product.

Link Shortening:

Link shortening is the best way to earn money through Whatsapp. You can earn a good money from the link shortener sites. You can short any links on those websites. They provide you with a special short link. When someone clicks on the short links, you earn money.

If you want to get enough clicks, share interesting and viral content links.

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Earn Money From Whatsapp

Event Blogging:

Event Blogging is also a very good way to earn money from WhatsApp. In the time of the festival, you can see many wishing website links. (Example- Diwali, Holi, Eid Mubarak, Independence day and etc.)These websites are directly earning from AdSense. These websites become very viral. You can make this kind of event websites and share in your Whatsapp groups. You can easily make a wishing website.

PPD Networks:

You can earn money from PPD(Pay Per Download) sites. They provide the download link for Applications, Softwares, Songs, Movies and etc. When someone downloads something in your link. You will earn money per download. You can share PPD links in Whatsapp. I gave you some PPD websites name below-

  • Five bucks
  • Daily Upload
  • Share Cash
  • Upload Cash
  • Uploads.to

Referral Programs:

There are many earning apps in the Play store. Every earning app have a referral program. You can download some trusted money-earning apps from Play store. After that send the referral links of the apps in WhatsApp. When someone downloads those apps from your links, you will earn money.

I suggest some trusted money-earning apps below-

  • TaskBucks
  • Don
  • Pocket Money

You can earn a good money from their referral programs.

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I hope you can try this 5 ways to earn money from WhatsApp. Make a big audience in Whatsapp and earn money from Whatsapp.

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