How To Earn Money By Writing Small Reviews

How To Earn Money By Writing Small Reviews

How To Earn Money By Writing Small Reviews:
how to earn money by writing small reviews

Hey Tech Lovers, this is very helpful for those who want to earn money. In this article, I tell you how to earn money by writing small reviews. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money.

Basically, it is a website and its name is MouthShut. You can earn real money from this site. This website is not a fake or spam. Some people say that this website is false or fake. You believe me. You can earn unlimited money from this website. You can check this wiki article for more information about this site.

I will explain all the necessary steps to earn from MouthShut. Write the full article from first to last very carefully. So, let’s start-

How To Sign Up On

The sign-up process is very easy. Go to and sign up with your Gmail or Facebook id. You can manually sign up with the email in this website.

This website has an official Android app. So, you can download it from play store.

How To Make Money Fast From

The interface of is pretty nice.

The interface of

As you can see, there are lots of categories. Choose any one category and write reviews. You can also search for products from the search box. Your only work is to write honest reviews.

Honest reviews must require to earn money from this site. In case you copy reviews and paste it. Believe me, you don’t earn any money. You can see many other reviews just below the product. You can read them but write your unique reviews.

As you can see, there is a like and dislike button. Supposing you want to write a positive review, then click on like button. In case you want to write a negative review then click on dislike button. For writing positive reviews you can earn 10 MS points and for negative reviews you cash earn 20 MS points.features of

After that, you need to add a title. Then write your unique review about the product and make sure that your review must be overcome minimum 250 letters. After that, you need to give 5 stars on some extra options.

After writing the review, submit your review and share this review on facebook/twitter. It takes 24 hours to approve your comment. In case your comment is a copy, junk, promotional and not too relevant then they disapprove your comment. No ms points are credited in your account. So, write a unique and personal review.features of

How To Withdrawal Money:

Here, you receive money as MS point. 1 MS Point = 1 rupee. After completing 500 MS points, you can transfer this amount directly to your bank.

They have also a referral program. You can earn 10 MS point from every referral. You can invite your friend through facebook/twitter/email/whatsApp. Your friend must join in your referral link. After approving your friend’s first review, they credit 10 MS point in your account.

Therefore Tech Lovers, this is a simple and genuine way to earn money. It is not a fake website. Write unique and honest reviews to earn money. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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