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12 Best Free Card Games for Android Devices [2020]

free card games

Card games are very popular among all of us. Because It is full of fun & entertainment. These games help to kill our boringness & boredom. Card games are the perfect backpack for your travel. I have selected such 12 best free card games that come with a fantastic form of entertainment.

Here Is The List of Free Card Games:


Solitaire is one of the most addictive & free card games on Android. This is a great Klondike solitaire game. It comes with simple, quick animation & subtle sounds.

This offers simple gameplay. Move your cards with a single tap or pull them to their destination. This provides an efficient, fast and sensible card game interface.

Game Features:

  • Draw 1 (Easy) or Draw 3 (Hard) Cards
  • 14 types of App Background
  • 31 Various Card Background
  • Portrait or Landscape
Price: Free+

Card Wars Kingdom:

Create a team of awesome creatures and fight for Card Wars glory. Pick your creature from the hundred of creatures such as cool dog, knight & the pig.  Each hero has game challenging special cards.

Associate your creature together to make them more powerful. You can also play this game with your friends in PvP battles. This game is in the list of Editors’ Choice.

Game Features:

  • Epic Creature Combat
  • Multiplayer Action
  • Level Up to Unlock New Cards & Ability
  • Special Events

Card Wars Kingdom
Card Wars Kingdom
Developer: Cartoon Network
Price: To be announced

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Callbreak Multiplayer:

Callbreak multiplayer is a trick-taking card game. You can play this game between four players with a standard 52 cards deck.

All four players are starting with the right bid a number of tricks that they must win in that round for getting a positive score. Otherwise, they will get a negative score.

Here, Spade is the trump card. It follows the same in every round. This brings classic & popular card game with online multiplayer features. Callbreak Multiplayer is one of the best free card games for Android.

Game Features:

  • Bots Available to Improve AI in Single Player  Mode
  • Intuitive Drag Interface
  • Multiplayer with Random Players & Facebook Friends.
Callbreak Multiplayer
Callbreak Multiplayer
Developer: Teslatech
Price: Free

29 Card Game:

29 Card Game is a very addictive tactics card game. This game is played over four players with a fixed partnership. It implements all the common rules such as double, re-double, pair, single hands and more.

The game is played with 32 cards containing 8 cards from each set. Every card has different points. Jack card has 3 points, Nine 2 points, Ace 1 point and Ten has 1 point. This makes 28 points in total. Every team needs to set a target & bid itself. If a team achieves 29 points, then this team will win the game.

Game Features:

  • Simple Interface
  • Easy to Control
  • Interesting Game Rule
Card Game 29
Card Game 29
Developer: Z Level Apps
Price: Free

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The Elder Scrolls Legends:

Make a journey through The Elder Scrolls stories with this game. You have to collect cards & prepare your deck for the battle. It features a divided battlefield & turns the simple act of cards placing into a tactical strategy.

Level up your cards to power up your decks and tailor up your play style.

Game Features:

  • Single Player Game Content
  • Sole Arena for Building Skills
  • Play against your Friends
  • Online Daily & Monthly login
  • Rewards New Cards Every Months

Zynga Poker- Texas Holdem:

Join one of the world’s most popular free card games with Zynga Poker. It comes with more tables, more tournaments & more jackpots. You can compete against 9 persons in a table. You can also play with 5 person table for faster play.

It provides a real tablet experience. Challenge your friends to poker games or play with random players. It has a strong community to play.

Game Feature:

  • Authentic World Tour Experience
  • Faster Tournaments
  • Free Bonus Chips
  • Play Anywhere Through Online
Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem
Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem
Developer: Zynga
Price: Free+

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Animation Throwdown-Your Favorite Card Game:

With over 10 million downloads, it is one of the best free cards games. Assemble your favorite cartoon cards & join the adventure of Animation Throwdown. You can fight with other players in the strategic head-to-head card battle.

Hit Other Players in the Arena & Secret Fight Club to level up. You can join a society with your friends & share tips & tricks via the chat. It is a great epic adventure battle game.

Game Features:

  • Over 30 Islands of Story Levels
  • Infinite Hours of Play
  • Different Types of Powerful Cards
Animation Throwdown: TQFC
Animation Throwdown: TQFC
Developer: Kongregate
Price: Free+

Spider Solitaire:

Spider Solitaire is a fun & challenging puzzle game. You need to stack all the cards of each suit in descending orders to solve the puzzle. It offers new daily challenges to play.

Here, you will receive unique & exciting puzzles every day to solve. You can also challenge yourself when the puzzle gets increasingly difficult in the strategy game.

Game Features:

  • Comes with 1, 2, 3 & 4 Suit
  • Variety Stunning Animation & Flawless Graphics
  • Unlimited Undo Option
  • Full Customized Settings
Spider Solitaire
Spider Solitaire
Developer: MobilityWare
Price: Free+

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Join over 100 million players’ community with Hearthstone. You can play as the hero in a fast-paced, whimsical card game of cunning strategy. It provides very funny missions. This brings you into the world of Hearthstone’s instinctive gameplay.

You can construct your set with hundreds of additional cards. Develop your skill in practice matches against the computer. When you ready, and then go to the Arena & dual to play with other players. This is also in the list of Editors’ Choice.

Game Features:

  • Deceptively Simple Gameplay
  • Full of Fun
  • Build Your Great Deck
  • Supports Multiple Languages

Price: Free+

Governor of Poker 2:

Governor of Poker 2 is one of the most popular free card games to play. This game starts with an interesting story. A new Government decided to put a ban on all the poker games & considers them illegal.

And your work is to take the matter in your hands & prove them wrong. You can play this game anytime & anywhere. It does not require any internet connections.

Game Features:

  • Amazing Texas Poker AI Engine
  • Over 80 Challenging Poker Players
  • 27 Stunning Casino Saloons
  • 19 Amazing Texas Holdem Cities
  • Customize Your Poker Characters

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This is a classical trick-tracking card game that comes with online & offline mode. Play online with your Facebook friends or random players via Multiplayer Mode. You can also play offline in single player mode against the smart AI opponents. In Multiplayer game mode, you can send a gift to your partner. It is another best among the free card games.

Game Features:

  • Six Themed Tables with Awesome Design
  • Free gold Bonus Every Few Hours
  • Variety of Special Items & Rewards
  • Leader board Available for Ranking
Developer: KARMAN Games
Price: Free+

Gin Rummy:

Gin Rummy is an ever-popular card game on Android. You can play either individual match against your opponents or play a tournament according to your skills against each opponent in turn.

It offers statics to track your wins, hand results, score & more. You are able to pick up an accidental discard if the opponent has not acted yet.

Game Features:

  • 5 Unique Opponents
  • Easy Options to Sort Your Cards
  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Hours of Entertainment
Gin Romme - Offline
Gin Romme - Offline
Developer: SNG Games
Price: Free

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So, these are the top 15 best free cards games for Android Devices. Have fun with these most exciting free card games. I hope you like this article.

What is your favorite card game? Let me know in the comment section.

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