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15 Best Free Fighting Games For Android Devices [2020]

Free fighting games

Free Fighting Games: There are some wonderful free fighting games in the play store. But it is very hard to find which is the best. In this article, I have listed 15 best free fighting games for Android.

These fighting games are very popular and absolutely free. Some of them come with in-app purchase. But, it does not affect your gameplay. You can play all these games absolutely free.

Here Is The List Of 15 Best Free Fighting Games:

Shadow Fight 3:

Shadow Fight 3 is an epic ninja fighting game. It is one of the great free fighting games for Android. The game is based on a great storyline. The world of shadow stands at the edge of an epic war.

Here you can experience the world of infinite world and exciting action. It is 100% free & user-friendly. The game is in the list of Editors’ Choice.

Watch this exciting gameplay trailer of Shadow Fight 3:

Game Features:

  • Modern 3D Graphics
  • Realistic Physics & Animation
  • Use Fighting Style in Your Own Way
  • Wide Range of Different Weapons & Equipment
  • Special Shadow Ability
  • Thrilling Story with Many Quest
Shadow Fight 3
Shadow Fight 3
Developer: NEKKI
Price: Free+

Transformers-Forged to Fight:

Transformers is a decent action game on Android. Join Optimus Prime, Megatron & many of your favorite bots in the battlefield. Enter the battle where Transformers universes clash.

It has a heroic storyline with spectacular action. It also provides a wide range of bots in the Transformers universe. This game is also in the list of Editors’ Choice. So, choose your iconic bots for the battle.

Game Features:

  • Battle with other Players
  • Devastating Special Attacks
  • Huge 360 Arenas
  • Team Up with your Friends
  • Join Global Battle
  • Deploy Away teams to score epic loot
Developer: Kabam Games, Inc.
Price: Free+

Star Wars-Galaxy of Heroes:

With 10 million downloads, Star Wars is one of the great free fighting games on Android. Fight with your favorite dark and light side heroes over iconic locations. You can create & customize your dream squad using a wide range of characters.

It has a good number of star space ships & capital spaceships. Fight with other players in tournaments to become conquer of the Galaxy. This game also is in the list of Editor Choice.

Game Features:

  • Customizable Characters & Space Ships
  • Various Types of Battles & Tournaments
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Epic Ship Battles

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Marvel Future Fight:

Are you a great fan of Marvel Universe?

If the Answered is –Yes

Then you should try this game. Marvel Future Fight is a blockbuster fighting game on Android. This game is providing over 180 superheroes & villains of Marvel universe.  It has a good storyline.

Build your great team like Avengers or X Man to take advantage of a special bonus. Choose your favorite characters and join the battle. It is also in the list of Editors’ Choice.

Game Features:

  • Upgrade characters in Epic Quests
  • Most Thrilling Action
  • Unique Super Powers
  • Awesome Graphics & Physics
  • PvP Arena Mode
  • Team Up with Your Friends
MARVEL Future Fight
MARVEL Future Fight
Developer: Netmarble
Price: Free+

EA Sports UFC

Ea Sports UFC is one of the stunning free fighting games for Android. It is a hard-hitting fighting game. It has more than 70 UFC fighters in four divisions. Select your favorite fighters & enter the completive battle. You can battle through your career & invest your abilities skyrocket.

Game Features:

  • HD quality visuals
  • Action-Packed Gameplay
  • Great UFC Legends with Unique Abilities
  • Play Live Events
Price: Free+

Fight Club:

Fight Club provides a world full of action & adventure. It is one of the great free fighting games for Android. Build your deadly combos to pack the ultimate punch with Fight Club.

You can decorate your characters with tons of lethal weapons. It also features dozens of life like animated fighting techniques. 

Game Features:

  • Full of Action
  • Ultimate Fighting Experience
  • 20 Full Actions Packed Levels
  • Mega Heroic Characters
  • Upgrade Your Characters

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Fighting Tiger:

Fighting Tiger is another best 3D free fighting game for Android. This game has a good storyline. You play the character of Gin, a Kang Fu fighter.  He wants to leave her gang.

But his gang has other ideas. So, you have to fight for your life. It offers many different defenses and attack techniques to the fight. You can also pick up various types of weapons to beat your enemies.

Game Features:

  • Special Fighting Styles
  • Distinctive 3D Fighting Control System
  • Realistic 3D Characters
  • Smooth & Insane Motion
  • Variety of Deadly Attacks
Fighting Tiger - Liberal
Fighting Tiger - Liberal
Developer: Jiin Feng
Price: To be announced

Injustice 2:

Injustice 2 offers all your favorite DC superheroes & villains on your mobile.  You can feel great action-packed fighting with customizable DC superheroes & villains.

Customize your superheroes with a wide range of powerful gears. It continues a story in motion. It is one of the epic free fighting games on Android.

Game Features:

  • Epic Action-Packed
  • Combat Console Quality
  • Story Line Stunning Graphics
  • Daily Challenges & Contest
  • Fight Players around the World

Real Steel Boxing Champions:

Real Steel boxing is a stunning robot fighting game. Build your own Robot machines for the ultimate action & sport adventure. This game comes with great graphics & awesome gameplay.

You can battle with over 1000 unique robots in an epic battlefield. You fully customize your robots with a wide range of robot’s accessories.

Game Features:

  • 1500+ Robot Parts of 32 Exclusive Robots
  • Ironic Heroic Moves
  • Battle with Real steel Legends
  • Tournament with 25 Fights & 5 Bosses
  • Realistic Robot Physics

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Ninja Arashi:

Ninja Arashi is an insane fighting game for Android. Here, you represent the character of Arashi, a former ninja legend. He fights against the wicked world to save his children from the hand of the devil Orochi.

It offers many superior & deadly weapons to fight. Ninja Arashi comes with simple but addicting gameplay. This game has a tag of Editors’ Choice in play store. So, it is one of the marvelous free fighting games on Android.

Game Features:

  • 3 Different Maps
  • 45 Levels to Play
  • Easy to Control
  • High-Quality Graphics
Ninja Arashi
Ninja Arashi
Developer: Black Panther
Price: Free+

Power Rangers:

Become a part of the legacy with Power Rangers game. A space witch who creates virtual monsters & ranger clones to fight on her behalf. So, organize your own Ranger team & destroy the evil power.

You can fight with the other players in real time PvP mode. It provides famous locations in the movie & TV shows. This game is also in the list of Editors’ Choice in Play store.

Game Features:

  • Real-Time Battle
  • Console Quality Graphics
  • 3D Models
  • Stunning Visuals & Animations
  • Unique Power Rangers
  • Team Up with Your Friends
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
Developer: nWay Inc.
Price: Free+

Punch Boxing 3D:

Punch Boxing 3D is a great combat sports game on Android. It comes with smooth animations & stunning 3D graphics. Here you experience an adrenaline-pumping world of boxing action. You can use various types of special moves, punches & more to beat your opponent.

Game Features:

  • Lifelike Fighting Experience
  • Console Quality Graphics
  • 120+ uniforms & Equipments
  • Awesome Gameplay
Boxmeister - Punch Boxing 3D
Boxmeister - Punch Boxing 3D
Developer: CanaryDroid
Price: Free+

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Prizefighters is one of the great free fighting games on Android. Choose your favorite boxer and customize its appearance as you like.

You can also customize a fighting ring & even the appearance of your opponents. Prizefighters come with great gameplay. You can choose different control options including virtual buttons & gamepad support.  

Game Features:

  • Career Mode & Online PvP Mode
  • New Skills & Stat
  • Fully Customizable
  • Recovery Your Boxers in Cloud
Developer: Koality Game
Price: Free+

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage:

This game provides all characters from famous TV animation shows Boruto & Naruto. Build your own fortress & attack rival forts. Use deadly traps & skills to defeat your enemies’ strategy.

You can also play with your friends in online Multi-Player missions. You can team up with a maximum of 4 players in a match. It is also in the list of Editors’ Choice in Play store.

Game Features:

  • Simple Controls
  • Fast Combo Attacks
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • New Style of Ninja battle

Darkness Rises:

Darkness Rises is an innovative fighting RPG game. It mixes with generous graphics & innovative gameplay. Darkness spread across the lands. And you have to destroy this evil before it covers our world.

It also offers an epic Boss fight that will put your skill to the test. You customize your characters from a number of accessories. 

Game Features:

  • Epic Visuals
  • Fantasy RPG Gameplay
  • Machine Legendary Heroes on Dungeon Raids
  • Customizable Characters
Darkness Rises
Darkness Rises
Developer: NEXON Company
Price: Free+

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So, these are the 15 best free fighting games For Android. These games are completely free. You don’t pay anything for playing this game. 

What are your favorite free fighting games? Let me know in the comment section below.

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