Google Assistance Helps You To Book Cabs

Google Assistance Helps You To Book Cabs

Google Assistance Helps You To Book Cabs

On Thursday, Google announced that Google Assistance now help you to book cabs services from Ola, Uber, Lyft, Grab, Go-Jek and more. This features will now available on the Google Assistant on Android Phones, iPhones, Google Home, and any You can easily use this feature other smart speakers that support Google Assistance.

You can simply ask Google Assistance “Hey Google, book me a ride to [ your esteem location]”.Alternatively, if you choose Uber, you can say“Hey Google, get me an Uber ride to the gateway of India.”  

Then Assistant will list out cab options with estimated times and pricing. Then you can easily choose the best option without any troubles.

This feature is now available for only for English languages. They plan to expand more language in the coming months. “If you are in a hurry and your hands are all tied up, you will now be able to use the Assistance to see all your favorite ride services in one place and pick the one that works best for you,” said by Vishal Dutta, Product manager of Google.

Before to this update Assistance automatically open Google Maps when you need cab details. But this update helps you to see estimated times and pricing on the one screen.

In a recent update, Google Assistance added a new command “Tell me something good”. With the help of this command, Assistance delivers current good news, stories and etc. But this is an experimental feature that only available for the Asistantant user in the US.

See Some Important And Useful Google Assistant Commands: 

 For Greetings and Weather Report                                

You just say “Ok Google, good morning” and it will also greet back and it provides you a brief weather news of your location.

 For Opening any Apps                                                    

You can easily open an app just by saying “Ok Google, open Facebook”. You can use this command for opening any apps.

 Set Daily Alarm                                                                

You can set an alarm by commanding “Ok Google, wake me at 8 A.M”. Assistance set your alarm automatically.

 Make Phone Call                                                              

You can easily call anyone just by commanding “Ok Google, call Arup(the person name)”.

 For Playing Game                                                            

When you are along and you become so bored, you can play interesting games. You just say “Ok Google, I am bored”. Then Assistant offers you with many jokes and interesting games like tic-tac-toe, solitaire and etc.

 For Song                                                                           

Just command “Ok Google, sing a song” or you can say “Ok Google, can you rap?”.

 For catching selfies                                                         

You can easily click a selfie just say “Ok Google, take a selfie”.

 For managing settings                                                    

You can easily manage your settings just by commands. You can command “Ok Google, turn on Bluetooth”. You can also use this command for opening any other settings.

 For Motivations                                                                

Do you feel demotivated? Don’t worry; Google Assistant helps you to motivate all times. You just say,” OK Google, get me a motivational quote” and Assistant provides you the best motivational quotes.

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