How To Make A Wishing Or Festival Website In Php-Full Guide

How To Make A Wishing Or Festival Website In Php-Full Guide
Hey Tech Lovers, in this article I am discussing a trending topic. I teach you how to make a festival or wishing website in Php. This topic is very viral and popular topic today. You find some wishing link in Whatsapp in the festival time and these links become very viral. You don’t know that this website will become a great way to earn money.

You can easily build a festival or wish website in Php. You don’t have required any knowledge of coding or etc. You only require some basic things. I will explain everything steps by steps in this article.


  • Domain Name: You can choose any domain for this. I recommend you to buy any kind of low price domain. You can use.OOO domain which is absolutely free.
  • Hosting Services: You can use free hosting services. I recommend you to use free hosting service for this. But you can buy a cheap hosting service. The choice is yours.
  • Approved Ads Account: This is very necessary for generating revenue from this festival or wishing sites. If you have an approved Adsense Account then you can use it.
  • Php Script: Php-Script is necessary for this kind of website.

If you have this, you can easily make a festival wishing website in a minute.

How To Make A Festival And Wishing Or Festival Website In Php:

I will give an example of Friendship Day Wishing Website.

   Download The Php-Script Of Friendship Day Wishing Website.

  • After purchasing your hosting service, log in your hosting C-panel. Then go to the File Manager.

How to make a wishing website upload guide

  • After going to the file manager, you can see a folder public-HTML on the left side in your C-panel. If you find, then click on it.

How to make a wishing website upload guide

  • Then you can see an Upload bottom in the above. Click on it. You will be redirected to another page. Then upload your festival Php script zip file. After uploading the zip file, close the tab.
  • How to make a wishing website
  • Then you can see a zip file in your File-Manager. If you don’t find it then refresh this page one time. Then Extract the zip file. Carefully the file must be extracted in Public-HTML folder.

How to make a wishing website

  • Now you can see a new file index.php. You can delete the .zip file from File-Manager.

How to make a wishing website

  • Now It’s done. But there has some little work. The website requires some major editing. The editing is very simple. If you can do this, your website is totally ready.


For editing index.php file, click left and you will see an edit button.

  • Change your website name in the above and below section of the script.

How to make a wishing website

  • The paste your Adsense Ads codes in the two places in the script.

Your website is fully complete and ready to use. So, In this article, you know how to make a wishing or festival website in Php. If you like the article, please don’t forget to share in your favourite social media accounts.


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