Top 8 Free IDM Alternatives That You Can Use [2020]

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IDM Alternative: IDM (Internet Download manager) is probably one of the best download managers that you can use. It offers some great features which allow users to download multimedia files from multiple websites. This software can even fetch videos from the web pages. But it’s a paid software and according to the IDM pricing page, it costs somewhere around $25. It might be an expensive deal for some users. Hence, we’ve created a list of best IDM alternatives that are free and provides useful & premium features for free.

If we talk about the necessary features that a user wants from a download manager, then it’s speed, easy to use, and small in size. We’ve even listed such download managers which are very lightweight. Your computer won’t hang when the download manager is running in the background.

Most IDM alternatives seamlessly integrate with web browsers. Whenever you try to download the file, it automatically fetches the download link. It saves time as traditionally, we need to copy and paste the download link inside the download manager.

Another must-have feature includes download speed and controlling it. Many software offers users to set the speed limit and offer great download speeds as well. We’ve listed 10 best IDM alternatives that one should prefer. All of them offer faster downloads, pause/resume, speed controls, and many other essential features.

Here Is The List of Best IDM Alternatives:

FDM (Free Download Manager)

One of the most admired download manager, available for both Windows and macOS. This download manager will up-lift the download speed as compared to other normal in-built downloaders of a web browser. It allows it’s users to arrange the downloads in many ways. You can sort your download files by giving them priority in case of torrents. There will be no download speed issue in large files, it will follow the same approach for large files also. Many times while we are downloading something we have seen that downloading gets stopped due to network error, but a free download manager has a feature that allows you to start downloading from the broken links. 


Another all-in-one free downloader, available only for window users not for macOS. According to Eagleget official website, they have claimed that they were currently using highly advanced multi-thread technology to boost up the downloading speed. They have download scheduler also, it basically allows you to schedule your downloads so that you can run different downloading at the different time slots. It also has the auto-media content detector, as if there will some kind of multimedia available on the website, it will notify you. It also has an auto-malware detector, so that you only download safe content. It is also available as in extension.


In the list of IDM alternative, we have JDownloader at number three. At free of cost, this downloader is available along with open source code, that means if you are a developer, then you can do something. But, let’s move to the main content that is we are here to talk about JDownloader. This downloader provides its users with simple and quick downloading. With JDownloader, you can adjust bandwidth limitations. Available in Windows, Linux, and macOS. This downloader is not a limited downloader, you can download serval downloads. In JDownloader, they have enabled the OCR module, to provide you with fast downloading. One thing more they were providing it’s users 24-hour support.

Ant Download Manager

Ant Download Manager can be categorized in premium downloaders. As you have to buy its license for complete use. A 30-day trial is also available. It has multiple download streams so that you can download both audio and video streams. Scheduling of download files is also available. Besides, downloading it also has a feature of recording streams. In its mechanism, it has a feature of first automatically detecting errors and then resume the downloading from the broken part. It has a converter too, you can save audio files from a video using an ant download manager. No doubt, it is a great IDM alternative that you should try. 

Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager is another downloader that allows you to download various files from the internet. With the help of this download manager, you can also save streams from youtube and other video sharing platforms. If your downloading get stopped, due to any reason, then, in this case, it will resume downloading from broken links also. It also has an already embedded video converter, so that it can provide your downloading format independently. Available for Android, Linux, macOS.


Ever waited for files to download only because of unsatisfactory internet speed than its time you to stop, we recommend you to give a try to FlashGet. It is a complete solution to all of your problems.

In most scenarios, downloading large documents seems a waste just because the internet connection doesn’t perform well.

Dropping the download seem to be a suitable option instead of waiting too long, as the internet speed is not satisfactory or your computer browser is taking too much time to load the file completely than in such cases we recommend you to have FlashGet Downloading Manager.

It is a freeware software and is easily available for download over the net, and works well on platforms such as the Microsoft windows.

It is way faster than your usual browser and commonly known for its high downloading speed as it breaks the file into sections and downloads them together which sequentially increases the downloading speed five times faster. It has two parts one is the drag or drop zone and the second is the downloading zone.

We all are familiar with the downloading interface of internet downloading managers but in FlashGet, the drop zone feature is new and with the help of this feature you to download files instantly only by dropping the downloading link on it or dropping this gadget on the downloading link and it automatically starts downloading the file. All these features make it a good IDM alternative. 

Download Accelerator Plus

It is also known as DAP (downloading accelerator plus) in short. It comes under the freeware software category which means that it is free to download and use, also, available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS x platforms.

Purposely developed for downloading files over the internet. Works similar to the FlashGet as to break the downloading files into small pieces and downloading them separately and quickly at the same time to increase the downloading speed plus you don’t need to panic if your downloading stops in between, you can continue the downloading at any point of time (if stops) within a specific downloading interval of time which is of one hour, because of these features this is also one of the best IDM alternative that you may take under work.

Ninja Internet Download Manager

In short, know for NDM (ninja internet downloading manage). it is available for platforms such as Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Simply we can say that it’s an overall solution for downloading issues. it uses the multi-connection technology which sectionizes the overall downloading process and downloads it’s in simultaneous connections for better speed over that it has the play and pause feature to start and stop the downloading process.  Users can add more than one file for downloading but only a single file will be downloaded at a time there is another option as well for previewing the multimedia document in ninja internet downloading manager.

It also supports the drag and drops feature which makes it more compatible for use, it has a very simple interface so that everyone can use it without any problem

All these are best alternatives of IDM and not only admired by us but trust these are admired by people across the world. As you know these are for downloading any file from the internet, many times we aren’t able to find from where we have to download. So, if you need one platform where you can find all stuff related to entertainment, education, deals, then you should join some best telegram channels.


Download managers can help those who’re downloading multiple files a day. There can be various reasons behind fetching multiple files from the internet, such as office work, research purpose and so on. Download managers helps users to manage their files in a much better way. Traditional web browsers offer very few features to the users and those aren’t sufficient to all the users.

Failed downloads, broken files, not pause/resume features are some of the most common issues that browsers are facing. There’s no need to face all those issues as IDM alternative is always there to offer you great features. Allowing you to manage all the files that you want to download or have already downloaded to your computer.

Most software that we’ve shown in the list are cross-platform. Hence users can use them on their Mobile, Windows, and MAC devices. If you have some suggestions related to the article, make sure to comment down below. Share the article with your friends if you find it useful.

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