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How IoT Can Make Indian Cities Smart

How IoT Can Make Indian Cities Smart

For the low data plans and higher mobile penetration, many services will be provided via cloud sourcing or a mobile-first strategy.

Indian cities and the villages are going to witness a massive change. Data can be the major catalyst in operating the economy by creating experiences that overcome the services and products.

The result that we can get from this shift is smart cities and smart economies. The technology that will help to build smart cities is the Internet Of Things (IoT).

The IoT is the network of home application, vehicles, Physical device, and many other items that embedded with electronics, sensors, software, and connectivity which permit these things to collect, connect and exchange data.

Many companies are using IoT in a very innovative way to create and apply utility services like mobility, power, buildings, water supply, and many others.

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” Citizen services are going to see a huge improvement in smart cities. Devices are going to intelligent day by day. To provide some context, day-to-day scenarios such as traffic congestion, parking problems, waste management-from how much waste we dump to how much of it is recycled and everything else can be tracked, analyzed and improvement” said by Keerti Melkote, co-founder and president, Aruba, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Aruba making a partnership with the government of Rajasthan in India. The company led the Rajasthan Sampark, an e-governance platform to supply transparent and accountable grievance redressal service.

At the recent conference of IoT congress India In Bangaluru, many start-ups showed their IoT works. Ali Hosseini, CEO, SenRa, a LoRaWAN network operator for IoT, suspect that by using LoRaWAN many services in existing cites and smart cities can be improved. LoRaWAN is a protocol for low-powered devices to transmit to internet platforms.

Ali Hosseini tells about his project in Maharashtra where his team employed 50 water meters during Diwali and it showed a three-time increase in water consumption through the holidays.

Then the water management board supply the demand and also find where the demand is big and how it fluctuated. His company is working on many things like river water management, traffic decongestion, offshore communication, waste management, and driving revenues.

They are worked on the project by displaying public parking using sensors. ”Sensors can be used to track hazards and monitor the health of infrastructure” said by Hosseini.

They are working on WinAMR with the government of Telangana. It is a smart electrical metering solution provider. It is led by its CMD, JT Rao.

“By deploying smart meters we don’t just monitor power consumption remotely but also analyze how our grids can be used optimally,” said Rao. They have 5000 smart meters already in operation in the state of Telangana.

In this time, many firms are focusing on making the basic amenities smart. But, there are those who hope to make smart cities to a different level. Unlimited, a Reliance company for IoT services, working on automatic cars, Skyship Drone and etc. with 5G technology.

“The services we can provide with data collected through connected devices blur the lines between connectivity, entertainment, safety, security, and many such fronts. IoT can drive GDP at a much faster pace,” said Juergen Hase, CEO, Unlimit.

Santanu Ghose, Aruba’s country head of India says what lies ahead for the people of India will be very interesting to see. He also says that moreover 250,000 villages are expected to be connected with Wi-Fi and the country is going to be a data-rich country.

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For the cheaper data plans and mobile penetration in India, most jobs will get done via ‘cloud sourcing’ or by being ‘mobile-first’. The individual incomes levels and GDP are significantly increased day by day.

“So now, the task is nothing but fast and well-connected networks throughout the country,”  Santanu Ghose says.

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