iPhone Sales In India Fall For First Time In Four Years


iPhone Sales In India Fall For First Time In Four Years

Apple’s iPhone sales are set to fall by around a quarter in India’s holiday season fourth quarter, putting them on course for the first time fall in four years, said by the Industry Researcher Firm Counterpoint.

The Cupertino, a California Company, struggles to break through with India’s 1.3 Billion consumers swung more sharply into focus this week after Apple disclosed a disappointing set of sales on a handful of the big emerging market.

Tim Cook, Chief Exclusive Of Apple said that after publishing the third quarter results that sales were flat in India in the fourth quarter, that includes a month-long festive season culminating this week in Diwali- an exclusive period for electronics sales.

Based on counter research, Neil Shah, researcher director at Hong Kong said that its channel checks pointed to numbers for the quarter in the range of 700,000 to 800,000 units, down from a million a year ago.

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In 2018, Apple was set to sell about 2 million iPhones. A drop of about a million from last year, he said, as Indians baulks at highest prices for the devices, operated by trade tariffs and a week rupee.

Shah said “Sales are set to drop for the first time in four years.”  if you look at Q3-it was 900K last year and this year is around 450K.

“iPhone has gone costlier and the features and specs aren’t that compelling. The install base of Android has grown vastly; the new customer base is not coming.”

On Thursday, Cook called the company’s problem in India “speed bumps along a very long journey”.  According to some analytics, the prestige of Apple’ brand should allow it to claim back lost ground as Indian’s spending power to rise.

Shah added that more than half iPhones sold this year were older iPhone model, high selling prices meant Apple’s Indian revenue should still be flat or slightly higher than a year ago.

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