LG To Disclose Its Foldable Display Smartphone At CES 2019


LG To Disclose Its Foldable Display Smartphone At CES 2019

Foldable smartphones are the next big thing in the smartphone world. Recently, we have heard rumors about Samsung. Samsung is planning to unveil a prototype of its foldable smartphone at Consumer Electronics  Show (CES) 2019 at Las Vegas.

According to some rumors, the company like Xiaomi, Huawei, and ZTE also participate in the race to develop their own foldable smartphone. But now a new report suggests that LG may disclose its first foldable display smartphone at CES 2019. 

This blast news comes from the serial tipster Evan Blass, who is a good track record at unveiling details about the future smartphone. 

Blass said that LG will disclose a foldable display smartphone during its keynote at CES 2019. He also attached that while he cannot speak for Samsung, that has already hinted that it will be unveiled a foldable phone in the future.

There is no much more information about the LG’s foldable smartphone at this moment. But, the company fill the patent with the US Patent and trademark office in late 2017.

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The patent suggests that the smartphone would bend in the horizontal direction, that is similar to the rumored Galaxy S10.

The patent also disclosed that the phone could be equipped with two microphones, two speakers and two antennas. These equipment are placed on the top and bottom under the display. 

Moreover, the patent revealed that the foldable phone would come with a bezel-less design. It would have the camera that located on the outside of the device, which could enable users to take the pictures even when the phone is closed. This also helps to increase the precious battery life.

However, LG has refused to comment on the development. The head of Global Corporate Communication of LG, Ken Hong said ” anything was possible at CES” in a response to Digital Trends.

Meanwhile, rumors said that LG could be supplying the foldable OLED display panels to Lenovo and Dell for making the tablets. In case that is true, foldable smartphones don’t seem too far-fetched for the company.

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