Microsoft Brings ‘Robot OS’ To Windows 10

Microsoft Brings ‘Robot OS’ To Windows 10

Robot Operating System (ROS)

Microsoft Brings 'Robot OS' To Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that they were working on Robot Operating System (ROS) for Windows 10. This is the next step of the company. It will be packed up many features like Machine Learning (ML), Internet Of Things (IoT), Cloud Service, computer vision and other Microsoft technologies across home education, commercial and industrial robots.

Microsoft’s aim is to ‘bring the intelligent edge to robotics’. Microsoft joins the company ROS Industrial Consortium. Microsoft works with Open Robotics and ROS Industrial Consortium to bring ROS to Windows.

‘ROSCon 2018’ announcement that Microsoft displayed a Robotis Turtlebot 3 that runs on the ‘Windows 10 IoT Enterprise’. It is known as ‘Melodic Morenia‘.

Lou Amadio, Principal Software Engineer, Windows IoT said: “This development will bring the manageability and security of ‘Windows 10 Internet of Things(IoT) Enterprise’ solutions to the ‘ROS’ ecosystem.”

Robot Operating System is a set of libraries and tools that use to build complex robots and “Windows 10 IoT Enterprise”. It provides enterprise manageability and security solutions that are used for manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and other industries.

“Windows has been a trusted partner of robotics and industrial system for decades and we’re looking forward to bringing the intelligent edge to robotics by bringing more advanced features” added by Amadio.

With the help of the advancement of robots, Microsoft plans to research into advanced development tools.

“Microsoft will host the Windows builds for ‘ROS1’ and shortly ‘ROS2’, as well as provide documentation, development and deployment solutions for Windows.” Amadio Said.

You can see a concept video of the Robot Operating System:

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