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Mobile Movies: There is hardly anyone who does not like to watch movies. I think there are few people who do not like to watch movies. You don’t believe that some people watch two or three movies in a day. That’s is a crazy thing. 

Nowadays, people are watching movies from pirated sites instead of going to the cinema. That is totally wrong. These pirated sites are uploaded content illegally on their sites. Due to this Government banned those sites many times. I also suggest you stay away from these kinds of pirated sites.

If you are one who is looking for some legal movie streaming sites, then you are in the right place. Because here I have listed 12 best legal mobile movies streaming sites where you can stream and download movies legally. So, let’s start: 

Here Is The List of Best Legal Mobile Movies Streaming Sites


Netflix is a very popular mobile movies website where you can stream movies as well as TV shows. It is a paid platform. You need to buy a subscription pack to access this site. But thanks to Netflix, it provides a one-month free trial to its new user. So, you can check this site for one month without paying anything. This site is so much popular for its own produced Web Series. Besides web series, they also provide own produced films as well as other latest released films. Believe me, the movies and Web series of Netflix is too good. Moreover, the user-interface of this site is very good. You can also install their official app on your phone that is available for both iOS and Android. If you are available to spend some money, then you can surely check it.


After Netflix, Hotstar is one of the biggest online streaming services on the internet. It is a freemium platform. Means, some contents on this website are free and some of them are paid. This site hosts a wide collection of movies and TV shows. Here you can find different types of movies in various languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and etc. Besides regional movies, you can also get many popular international movies, series, shows and etc on this site. It also comes with both the iOS and Android app. So, you can install them easily on your Smartphone. However, there is no doubt that it is one of the best mobile movies streaming sites on our list. 

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another popular paid subscription-based online streaming service. This is an official website of popular E-commerce site Amazon. They also produced their own web-series and movies just like Netflix. The content of Amazon Prime is as good as Netflix. But you will get extra benefits by purchasing the subscription of Amazon Prime. You can use this account during the time of shopping on Amazon that gives you fast delivery than others. This is a plus point of Amazon Prime. It also provides a 1-month free trial to its users. Besides, the user-interface of this website is very attractive that delivers a great viewing experience to the users. Due to this, we can consider it a great mobile movies streaming site. 


I think there is no introduction required for this popular video streaming site. Youtube is the biggest video streaming site across the world. But do you know it is a great source of movies?

Yes, YouTube has a very good collection of movies. Here you can find all types of movies in various languages. Besides, it lets you watch movies in various qualities. Some movies of YouTube are free and some of them are paid. Some production houses or television channels have their own YouTube channel where they upload their own movies & shows freely. You can simply search your favorite movies on it and check whether it is free or paid. No doubt, it is another best streaming site for mobile movies.


Zee5 is another exciting website where you can stream your favorite movies and shows. This site is controlled by the Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. This website provides the latest movies, TV shows, Original Web-series, International shows, Live TV and etc. it is a freemium site. Means, you have to pay some bucks for accessing some premium contents. This website is available in 12 languages. The platform is available everywhere expects the United States. They also have an official mobile app that is available for different platforms including Android, iOS, Smart TVs & others. The user interface of both Apps and Websites is really immersive. 


Popcornflix is a popular free movies and shows streaming website. This is owned by a popular company called Screen Media Venture. It has a very large collection of movies and shows. You can find lots of categories there including New Arrivals, Popcornflix Originals, Action, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi and etc. And the site is always updated by the new movies and shows. I am sure that you will come back again and again to see the updates. There is no limitation. You can watch it as many times as you can. Besides, the user interface of this site is also very good. You don’t face any problem with surfing.


Hulu is a paid streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime. It is a very popular mobile movie streaming site. This site is owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-consumer & International. The overall review of this site is pretty good. Here you can find hundreds of movies and TV shows in HD resolution. And every latest movies and shows are updated within a very short time. Besides, the user-interface of this site is well-organized. The movies and shows are decorated by the different types of genres including action, romantic, documentary, sci-fi and etc. This site also has an official Android app. The most interesting first is that this provides a free trial period like Netflix.


Vudu is a freemium streaming site. This means it provides both free and premium content on their site. For accessing free content, you just have to sign up in it. There is a wide collection of free television shows and movies. And they continuously update their site with new content. So, you can stream them free from any devices. The interface of this site is simple but attractive. You will love it at once. Each movie and shows are nicely decorated by categories such as action, crime, suspense, sci-fi and etc. There is also a manual search option where you can search your favorite content easily.


Voot is one of the best free online streaming services for mobile movies, owned by Viacom 18. Here you can find a good collection of movies and shows in different resolutions. Actually, this site mainly famous for TV shows and programs such as Big Boss and etc. Besides, you also find several new as well as old Bollywood, Tollywood & other movies. Here you can stream content as much time as you can. There is no particular limitation. Moreover, the user interface of this site is so attractive. Every show and movie are nicely decorated. If you are one who is fond of TV shows, then this site is a bar of gold for you. 

Sony Liv

Sony Liv is another well-known online streaming website. This is so much popular for regional movies like Hindi movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies and etc. Apart from regional movies, this is also a very good source for international movies. It is a freemium streaming site. Some contents of this site are absolutely free and some of them are paid. You have to pay for accessing that content. Here, you can find lots of newly released movies and shows. This is almost the same as Hotstar. If you are great fond of regional movies, then you should visit it.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV another popular legal mobile movies site on the internet. It is a free movie streaming site. This lets you stream free movies and shows without any paid subscription. You have to just sign up to access this site. This site mainly provides Hollywood movies. You can find a good collection of Hollywood movies in different genres like action, comedy, Crime and etc. This site comes with a very good user-friendly interface. You can use this site easily without facing any issues. You can also download the Tubi TV app on your smartphone, tablet or other devices. The app is available for both iOS and Android. If you are a great fan of Hollywood movies, then this should be the best choice for you. 


The last but not least member on our list is IMDB TV. It lets users stream movies and TV shows for free. When IMDB is owned by Amazon, they make this service free for all Fire TV users. It provides a very good collection of old and new movies. Besides, you also get some original contents of IMDB TV that are produced by them. But the service is only available for the users of the USA. So, if you are living anywhere else, then this is not for you. However, this is one of the best mobile movie sites on the internet.


So, these are the 12 best mobile movies streaming sites that you can try. All these sites are completely legal. All these sites are mobile-friendly. You can easily access them on your mobile. If you can pay some bucks, then you must try Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar. All these platforms are worth as per their subscription fees. If you want free entertainment, then you can try free platforms such as PopcornFlix, Tubi TV and etc. I hope you like the list of mobile movie sites.

What is your favorite online streaming site? Let me know in the comment below. 

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