How To Monetize Facebook Page Officially

How To Monetize Facebook Page Officially

How To Monetize Facebook Page Officially
how to monetize facebook page

Hey Tech Lovers, do you have a big facebook page? But, you don’t earn money from your facebook page. Today I will solve your problem. I am going to teach you how to monetize Facebook page officially.

There are two options to monetize your Facebook page officially-

  • Facebook Ads Monetization
  • Facebook Instant Article

If you haven’t a facebook page, then create a new one. It’s very easy. Follow the below steps-

How To Create A Facebook Page Easily

1. Go to the page option in your Facebook Account.
2. Select the Business or Brand option.
3. Then choose your page name and category. After that press continue button.
4. Your Facebook page is successfully created. Then complete some basic things like upload photo, cover photo, choose a username and etc.

How To Monetize Your Facebook Page

1.Facebook Video Monetisation:

Facebook Monetization is a new feature of Facebook. It is launched in 2018. You can now monetize your video in facebook just like YouTube.But facebook monetize is not available for everyone. They provide an option to appeal for facebook video monetisation.

How To Appeal For Facebook Monetisation

1.Appeal for facebook monetisation
2.Please read their Monetisation eligibility standards and Content guidelines for monetisation fully.
3.Then give your page URL and upload a screenshot of your page.
4.After that send your proposal. They review your submission as quickly as possible.Appeal for facebook video Monetisation

2. Facebook Instant Article

Facebook Instant Article

Facebook Instance Article is a very useful feature of Facebook. With the help of this tool, the publisher distributes their article fast in facebook app. If you have a big audience facebook page, you will earn a lot of money from facebook instant article. You can connect your Facebook page with facebook instant article.

How To Use Facebook Instant Articles

1. Click to go Facebook Instant Article

2. Connect your page with Facebook Instant Article. Complete these steps very carefully.

3.Upload at least 10 articles then submit your application for review. You also connect your website with Facebook Instant Article via your Facebook page.

These are the two official monetisation process of Facebook. These methods help you to generate good revenue from Facebook. You don’t believe that many people earn a lot from Facebook monetisation.

There are also many other processes to generate revenue from Facebook. Here is some handpicked article for you-

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