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Most people like to watch movies for entertainment. There are many ways available for entertainment. But the fun of watching movies is completely different. In India, people are crazy about films. They are waiting for films with great excitement. But, these days people are downloading movies from the pirated site instead of going to the cinema.

Now everyone has a smartphone. We can easily do many things sitting at home. In this situation, some people download and watch movies to save money and time. Whenever a new film released, its pirated version is leaked on the internet. This destroys the lots of money of the filmmakers each year. The government has to try many ways to stop them. But it is increasing day by day. Due to this, Piracy is totally illegal in India.

If you are one who downloads movies on the internet, then this information is very important for you. Because in this post, we are going to tell you about a famous piracy download site MyDownloadTube.  This lets the user download Bollywood, Hollywood, and Hindi Dubbed Movies for free. Let’s I tell you some interesting about mydownloadtube:

What Types of Movies Can Be Downloaded from Here?

Mydownloadtube is a popular movie downloading site that uploads pirated movies. The films on this website are nicely arranged by categories like Year Wise, A to Z list and etc.  As soon as a new film comes, they immediately upload the content on their site.

Here you will find Bollywood, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Hollywood, Bengali, Hindi-Dubbed Movies, 300MB Movies and many more. With this, they also offer the latest TV series and Web Series. And the films are available in different qualities. The available qualities are HD, Bluray, 480P, 720P, 1080P, MKV &, etc.

There is also a ‘request for Movies’ section. Here you can place a movie request if you have not found it on their site.

Mydownloadtube Movies List:

Here I have listed some important categories that you can see on their main website.

Hollywood Movies Tamil Movies
Hindi Dubbed Movies 720p HEVE Movies
300MB Movies Tamil Movies
Bollywood Movies Punjabi Movies
Telugu Movies Malayalam Movies

Mydownloadtube All Blocked Domain List:

As I told you Government continuously blocked pirated sites in our country. So, we are not able to surf this. But these people back again with new domain & live their site. For the great popularity, they will get thousands of users immediately on their new domain.

Here is the list of some blocked domain lists that are blocked by the Government.

Many of the domains are completely banned. That means you will not able to access this site in your browser. You can also see that the above-mentioned domains are almost the same. There is only a difference in their domain extension.

How Popular This Site is?

A report says that 18% of the total population in India stream illegal content on the Internet. And India ranked in four positions for accessing the pirated website.

In our country, people are crazy about the pirated site. Mydownloadhub is one of the most familiar pirated sites. It uploads the movies immediately as soon as it released. Perhaps, for this reason, a lot of people have visited this site each and every day.

I checked the states of this website on a popular SEO tool, Aherf. It shows that more than 27 thousand people are visiting this site every month. Perhaps you will motivate from this information. But it is a dangerous job. This is a crime. If you caught then you will get a big punishment for this. The government has strict laws against piracy. If you found guilty in piracy then you have to face a 3-year sentence and a fine up to rupees 10 lakes.

Popular Searches about Mydownloadtube in Google:

Now I tell you some popular searches about Mydownloadtube in Google:

mydownloadtube Movies mydownloadtube dubbed movies
mydownloadtube tv series Bollywood
mydownloadtube Bollywood Movies mydownloadtube Bollywood in Hindi
mydownloadtube Hollywood movies mydownloadtube tv series

Some Alternative Website of Mydownloadtube:

These days, download movies from the internet are now a very common thing. Nowadays, the Internet is much cheaper than before. For this, the internet is easily available to everyone. So, people download movies from the pirated site to save their money and time. But, it is a crime.  Our country does not allow this.

Mydownloadtube is not only the one website that uploads pirated content of the original on its website. This is the reason why the Indian Government has banned such kinds of websites. But there are many websites just like this.

I am going to tell you some similar website of mydownloadtube that works in exactly the same way. There are lots of sites available. Among them, I am telling you the names of some popular sites. These are-

  • Filmywap
  • 7StarHD
  • Todaypk
  • 123 Movies
  • Worldfree4u
  • MovieRulz
  • Kuttyweb Movies
  • Cinemavilla
  • DVD Rockers
  • A to Z Movies
  • iPagal
  • 9xmovies
  • 9xrockers
  • Downloadhub
  • Coke And Popcorn
  • 8XMovies
  • Moviesda
  • Moviesraja
  • Movieswood.

Is it illegal to Download Movies from Mydownloadtube?

But before, you should know what piracy is. Whenever someone uses the original content without the permission of main owner is called piracy. It is completely illegal. So, the simple answer to the above question is –Yes. It is illegal to download movies from Mydownloadtube.

Filmmakers worked hard and spend lots of money to make a good film. And they will benefits when people go to the theater & watch their movies. If someone releases their movie immediately after the release, then they will lose. For this when the Government knows about such illegal websites, they immediately ban them. So, the filmmakers are not harmed.


Why is it difficult to stop Mydownloadtube?

A very big team works behind this website. As soon as the website is closed, the administrators of the website transformed into a new domain. For this, the website lives with a new domain. This website also applies the same method every time. They change the URL of the site and bring them back again. In this way, these people plague the Government.

I request all of you to stay away from these kinds of illegal movie downloading website. Go to your nearest theaters to watch movies.

Are Movies from Mydownloadtube is dangerous?

The simple answer is –”Yes”

I hope you know that these sites use 3rd party ad network to earn money. They do not use trusted ad platforms like Adsense, Media.Net &, etc. Because Adsense and Media.Net have a strict policy against piracy. Such pirated sites mostly use pop-up ads.

The pop-up ads are used java-script and we do not have control over it. When we click on any part of the website, it will click automatically on the ads. As soon as you click on the pop-up ads, you will redirect to a new window automatically. This causes security issues. So, always stay away from these kinds of dangerous sites.

At the same time, if you download movies from the Mydownloadtube, then you may have to face severe punishment or you may have to pay fine.

How to Watch Movies Legally on the Internet?

But don’t worry you can watch and download movies legally on the internet. Of course, you don’t get the movie immediately after the release. For this, you have to go to the cinema to watch a movie immediately. You have to wait 1-2 months. Because the original print comes on the internet only after 1-2months.

There are many platforms available on the internet that let the user watch and download movies legally. Some popular platforms are- Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, ZEE5, Youtube, Voot, Vlu, SonyLiv and etc. These platforms are legally uploading the content on their website. Due to this, some of the platforms are paid. You need to buy a premium subscription plan to use this.

[Disclaimer: Piracy of any original content under Indian law is a punishable offense. strongly opposes this type of piracy. The content that available here is only to provide the necessary information about the illegal activities.
Its purpose is not at any time and in any way to provide encouragement to immortal & piracy acts. Please stay away from those kinds of pirated sites & choose the right way to download movies.]

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