6 Splendid Features Of The New PUBG Mobile Update

6 Splendid Features Of The New PUBG Mobile Update

6 Splendid Features Of The New PUBG Mobile Update

Playerunknow’s Battlegrounds is the largest multiplayer games all over the world. Recently, PUBG has updated it’s new version 0.9.0 for PUBG mobile. It introduces a bunch of cool little features like night mode, Halloween timed effect and more.

You can see the update automatically. In case, you haven’t got yet, you should update it manually. Here I have listed six most interesting features of PUBG that you will see in its new update.

 Night Mode 

Of course, this is the most interesting feature of the new PUBG update. Fighting at night mode requires some new strategies to be employed. The limited visibility does not give you a better chance of bounding an ambush on a group of players.

But, It also gives you a chance to retreat things go sour. The addition of night vision goggles surely makes them needed after items in Night Mode.

 Happy Haunting 

With the update of Hallowman, PUBG also receives a festive makeover. You can see this in your home screen where a haunted house in the background with the pumpkins all around the main character.

The Spawn Island has carved pumpkins everywhere and you will get a chance to throw small candy-filled pumpkins at the other players when they are waiting for the game start. 

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 A Bit of Laugh 

PUBG is quite serious and realistic game as compared to other multiplayer games like Fortnight. With the new version 0.9.0, you will see a bit of laugh.

Now anyone can be killed by a Hellfire AKM that will turn into a scarecrow rather than simply turning into a loot crate. Similarly, now you can see the smoke of the grenade expose as ‘Spooky Face’. 

 Better Matchmaking 

In the new update of PUBG version, you will get a better matchmaking. Now, the system will now prioritize teammates who speak a similar language. 

 Play Dress Up 

Another amazing feature of this update is to add new costumes and vehicle skill. Now you have an option of gunning dowing foes in the time of dress up. 

Sanhok Map: 

Sanhok is the smallest and newest maps out of the three that are offered to the player. The small size of the map made it’s quite popular among the players because it provides more exciting in the gameplay.

For this map, they add some new vehicles and weapons. They added the new QBU DMR rifle and Rony Pickup Truck. This two addition make the gameplay very exciting and popular.

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 Take A Look On A official Video Of PUBG 0.9.0 Update 

Don’t know How To Update PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 Update? Don’t worry. Follow These Steps 

  • Open Google Play store or Apple Store.
  • Search the PUBG in the search icon. 
  • Then you can see the details page of PUBG.
  • You can see the option install if you don’t download it or if you are a PUBG user, you can see the update option. 
  • It shows the download size around 1GB, download it to get the update of 0.9.0. 

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