5 Best Highest Paying Paid URL Shortener Websites

5 Best Highest Paying Paid URL Shortener Websites
5 best high paying url shortener websites

Hey Tech Lovers, do you know you can earn money just by sharing URLs.

So, today I will share the collections of 5 best highest paying paid URL shortener websites. You can earn a handsome money from those sites. You must read the article from first to last.

There are many ‘paid URL shortener’ sites that help you to earn money. I share you many easiest way to earn money. But believe me, it is the easiest ways to earn money.

How URL Shortener Sites Works?

These URL shorter site helps you to short any website URLs. Every URL shortener sites make a special URL of any long URL. Whenever someone opens this short URL, they will see 5 seconds ads and redirect to the original URL. In this way, shortener websites work.

So, when someone clicks on the short links, you will earn money from it. Now, we are always sharing various types of the link on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and etc. So, now you can share short links through the social media and easily earn money.

Sometimes you can see many big blogger or YouTuber share short links to earn money. So, this is a genuine way to earn money.

How Much You Earn From Short Links:

The earning of every shortener sites are different. The company gives money in CPM rates. Every company has a different CPM rate. CPM rates also depend on the country from where people visit your link. But, the average earning of short links are $1-$15 per 1000 views. So, you can earn unlimited money by sharing short links.

These sites have also a referral program. In case your friend joins with your referral link then, you will earn commission from your friend’s earning. You can earn extra 20%-50% of their earning. The percentage of referral earning also depends on the sites.

How To Earn Money From Short links:

There are a few steps to earn money from short links. Check the following process-

  • Register on your favorite URL shortener site.
  • Complete your profile and payment details.
  • Short any URL and share the short links as much as you can. I recommended you to share the links through social media.
  • When someone clicks on your link, you will earn money.

Top 5 Highest Paying URL Shorteners:

There are many kinds of paid URL shorteners websites. I tell you the 5 most highest paying URL shortener sites. From here, you can earn handsome money. These websites are the most popular websites. You may know about them.

Best High Paying URL Shorteners Site:

  •  Shorte.st: Shorts.st is one of the best-paid URL shorteners sites. It is a very famous URL shorteners website.

how to earn money from shorte.st

CPM Rates: $4-$12 per 1000 views.
Payment Method: Paypal and Payoneer
Payout: $5 for Paypal and $20 for Payoneer
Referral Percentage: 20%

  •  AdF.ly: AdF.ly is a very famous URL shortener website like Shorts.st. The payout rates of the website are also very good.

how to earn money from adf.ly

               CPM Rates: $1-$16 per 1000 views             Payment Methods: PayPal and Payoneer
Minimum Payout: $5
Referral Percentage: 20%

  • Al.ly: Al.ly is a well-known paid URL shortener site. This website has also good payout rates.

how to earn money from al.ly


                   Payout Rates: $1- $21                             Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza and Skrill                     Minimum Payout:$1                      Referral Percentage:20 

  •  Za.gl: Za.gl is new but very famous URL shortener site. There is also a very high payout URL shorteners site.

how to earn money from za.gl


                       Payout Rates: $1-$100                                        Payment Method: Paypal                                            Minimum Payout:$2                              Referral Percentage: 50%

  • Adbitly.com: It is a very well know URL shortener sites. But, the payout rates of these sites are very low from the other four sites.

how to earn money from adbitly.com

                      Payout  Rates:$1-$5                                             Payment Method: PayPal                                           Minimum Payout:$3                          Referral Percentage:10%

So Tech Lovers, these are the 5 best high paying URL shortener sites. You don’t need any technical skills to earn money from these websites. So, choose a well-paid URL shortener website and earn money easily from it.

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5 Best Highest Paying Paid URL Shortener Websites
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5 Best Highest Paying Paid URL Shortener Websites
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