Top 10 Best Pattern Lock Apps for Android Devices

Top 10 Best Pattern Lock Apps for Android Devices

Pattern Lock Apps

Pattern Lock Apps for Android: Privacy is very important for all of us. We always concern about our privacy. Nowadays, Smartphone is a handy store of our personal & sensitive data. We store many informative data in Smartphone for quick support. In this reason, we need to protect our device from snatchers.

Here, I have listed 10 best pattern lock apps for your Android Devices. This pattern lock apps are great & give you strong security on your device. So, have a look at this following pattern lock apps:

Here Is The List Of Best Pattern Lock for Apps:


With over 500 Million downloads, AppLock is one of the best pattern lock apps on Android. It can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Contact, Incoming Calls & any apps you want. AppLock also hides pictures & videos from an intruder. It provides a good looking pattern lock for security. This is a very good way to restrict illegal access & protect your device.

Other Features:
  • Well-Designed Theme
  • Incognito Browser
  • Private SNS
  • Intruder Selfie
  • Customized Background
  • Advanced Protection
  • Time Lock & Location Lock
  • Prevent Uninstalling Apps
Schützen (AppLock)
Schützen (AppLock)
Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free+

Lock Screen:

Lock Screen is a simple & easy pattern app to unlock your phone. It creates pattern lock by using your Android’s inbuilt pattern lock. Lock Screen offers many beautiful lock screen wallpaper for design. Here, you can easily set a pattern to protect your phone. You are no longer have to worry about your privacy protection because of Lock Screen.

Other Features:
  • Disable Home/Menu/Back Button in Pattern
  • Easy to Setup
  • Various Custom Lock Wallpapers & Backgrounds
Bildschirm sperren
Bildschirm sperren

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AppLock-Lock Apps, PIN & Pattern Lock:

AppLock is another well-known among pattern lock apps. It is one of the most useful apps that protect your privacy along with many advanced features. This is a very powerful pattern lock app on Android. You can lock your phone with a fluent pattern lock. Secure your device with pattern & keep your phone safer. It helps you to block unauthorized access & provides a strong privacy guard.

Other Features:
  • Lock Apps
  • Break in alert
  • Hide AppLock icon
  • Take Intruder Selfie
  • Disguise Lock
  • Phone Clear
  • Better User Experience

Pattern Lock Screen:

Pattern Lock Screen is a cool & popular lock screen application. It is free & comes with beautiful live wallpapers. This provides various live wallpapers such as Galaxy Space theme & Ocean theme for decoration. You can also customize your sliding text as what you want. It is a very light-weight & one of the coolest pattern lock apps on Android.

Other Features:
  • Beautiful Wallpaper with Live Effects
  • Cool Style
  • Slide to Unlock
  • Secure Pattern Screen
  • DIY Locker
  • Efficiency & Lightness
Pattern Lock Screen
Pattern Lock Screen

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Lock Screen:

Lock Screen helps you to protect your privacy with pattern lock. It provides many different types of background to choose from. Every wallpaper is beautiful & comes with an exciting design. You can select your favorite wallpaper as you want. This lock application is very simple & easy to use. Just select function allows key, then enter the pattern. So that your device is protected.

Other Features:
  • Dynamic Wallpapers & Background
  • Good User Interface
  • Various Types of Lock Screen Options


Prevent others from snatching your privacy & sensitive data with AppLock. It can lock any apps that you choose. It has two types of lock such as PIN & Pattern Lock. Pattern lock is very simple & comes with a fresh interface. It also unlocks fast. This has inbuilt sets of beautiful pattern themes for your lock screen decoration. In short, this is a very easy & powerful way to prevent unauthorized access.

Other Features:
  • Rich Themes
  • Home Screen Locker
  • Lock Screen Timeout
  • Uninstalling Prevention
  • Lock Setting to Prevent Misuse
  • Simple & Quick

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Love Pattern Lock Screen:

Love Pattern Lock Screen is one of the best parallax effect pattern lock apps on Android. It is a great application to secure your phone. You can’t only Slide to unlock your phone, but also set a pattern to increase your phone security. Unlock screen is impossible without the right pattern. It has some beautiful retina HD wallpaper for decoration. The wallpapers are very nice & come with a good graphical interface.

Other Features:
  • Custom Background from Gallery
  • Display Real-Time Clock & Date
  • Disable Home/Menu/Back in Pattern Lock Screen
  • Slide to Lock

App Lock:

Lock your phone with MAX AppLock. It supports many advanced security features to keep your phone high secure. App Lock provides various lock such as password lock & pattern lock to lock up your sensitive data. You can also create a fake lock cover that makes fool others. It helps you to get extra security.

Other Features:
  • Intruder Selfie
  • Photo Vault
  • Lock Disguise
  • Call Blocker & Assistance
  • Better User Experience

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Pattern Lock Screen:

Pattern Lock Screen is one of the best pattern lock apps. This is a great lock screen app with water droplets effects. You can create a home screen widget for easy settings. It offers to customize text display on your lock screen. You can use dynamic beautiful wallpaper from their repository. It is a great lock screen to personalize your lock screen.

Other Features:
  • iPhone & iOS lock screen
  • Create live HD Wallpaper
  • Show Battery Health on Screen
  • Consume Less Battery
  • Display Real-Time Clock & Date
  • Change Background with Wallpaper
  • Support Over 50 Languages

Pattern Lock Screen:

Pattern Lock Screen is a very simple & fast lock application. It is one of the best pattern lock apps on Android. This supports two types of lock screen such as photo pattern lock screen & Pattern Lock Screen. It offers to customize lock screen & button as you choose. You can change the lock pattern with your photos, images from the gallery.  You can also create separate images for each lock screen button.

Other Features:
  • Custom Button & Lock Screen
  • Multiple Beautiful HD Wallpaper
  • Create HD Live Wallpaper
  • Indicate Battery Health on Lock Screen
  • Support over 50 Languages
  • Lock Screen Slider
Developer: 302 Lock Screen
Price: Free

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So, these are the Top 10 best pattern lock apps For Android. All the apps are very popular & downloaded by lots of people. So, you should try any of them according to your needs. I hope you like this article

What is your favorite pattern lock app? Let me know in the comment section.

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