PUBG New Mobile Update: 10 Changes That You Will See Next

PUBG New Mobile Update: 10 Changes That You Will See Next

PUBG New Mobile Update: 10 Changes That You Will See Next

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has become the largest multi-player game across the world. With the constant updates, PUBG players are getting lots of regular updates which blow their minds.

Recently, some major updates come out to users all the global. It has not just only new vehicles but has new rifles as well as several optimizations and a more difficult mode.

Let’s See The 10 New Updates Of PUBG Mobile Updates:

Ride On A Scooter:

In PUBG game, you can ride on bikes, jeeps, buggy, and motorboat. But now you can ride on a scooter as well. However, this is only limited to only Sanhok map. It can assist only two players.

M762 Automatic Rifle Is Here:

The new update gives the M762 automatic rifle that you can discover in all the three maps. It has been said that the M762 is the first 7.62mm automatic rifle that accommodates stocks. Unlike others, you will see three firing modes: single shot, triple shot, and full-auto shot.

Extra Things In NIght Modes:

In the night mode, PUBG introduced dynamic weather for Sanhok map including sunny, rain and foggy.

Challenge Yourself With Hardcore Mode:

PUBg will introduce a new mode call Hardcore Mode that makes the game more challenging and more interesting. In this mode, you don’t see the direction and footstep of the enemy gunshot on the map. You also pick up each item manually and the doors won’t open automatically. This mode will available periodically in the form of Hardcore Week.

Added UC to Elite Reward:

Player also see that PUBG has added 600 UC to Elite Pass Reward for players to buy next season’s Pass.

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Mission Cards Added:

The Royal Pass Season 4 joined Mission Card for the players to complete harder missions.

Black Friday Event:

The new update adds a Black Friday event where discounted backs are cheaper than three days.

Language Choosing Options Become Better:

Chat and matchmaking now support not choosing a second language.

New Front Page Of The Shop:

The front page of the shop has been changed. It has been turned to emphasize weapon finish theme.

Optimized Chat System:

PUBG mobile now optimized chat system that takes less RAM and keeps more messages.

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