Reliance Jio Is Planning To Offer Affordable 5G Services

Reliance Jio Is Planning To Offer Affordable 5G Services

Reliance Jio Is Planning To Offer Affordable 5G Services By 2021

Reliance Jio’s commitment to providing 5G service in India at the affordable price is gaining pace.

Keeping in mind, to provide services at the affordable price as its main tagline punch, the company again gives its insight to take its network service to a bit higher notch.

The company vowed that telecom tariffs in the country cannot be raised as there are a large number of people who still use feature phones and companies need to innovate around data to perform.

At the India Mobile Congress, Reliance Jio President Mathew Oommen said “There are still around 400 million Indians who use the feature phone and hence tariff can’t be raised to reach out to them,”

Emphasizing more focus on innovation he added “As a service provider, we need to know are we going to make GB (gigabyte) cost a little bit lower and make money or a little bit higher and make money — that is not the mechanism. We have innovated or we will get displaced,”

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“We live in the gigabyte economy and not product economy. We as service providers are the enablers for any digital transformations. That digital transformation is enabled by ultra-broadband. We need to be invested in data science, artificial and machine learning — that is going to enable us to transform quickly,” Oommen said.
He brings the example of  US and Chinese internet giants and points out the need to bring on new technologies data science, artificial and machine learning for successfully implementing 5G.

The infrastructure needed to provide 5G service is a big challenge. Talking about the feasibility and wider adoption, he looked very optimistic and said ecosystem will be ready by 2019-20 and mass adoption will be coming afterward.

“5G ecosystem will be available sometime in 2019-2020. We in India need to take 5G service to every part of India. For that, 2021 is when we will have the devices that will be affordable. 5G technology as a technology impact is not just in telecom but it is across, reshaping every single industry,” Oommen said

Devices are needed to reach this technology to the doors of customers. 5G enable devices are needed to be in the market and every Indians hand. As mobile devices on 5G technology are not available yet it poses a big challenge.

“In end-2020 (or) 2021 when technology evolves… it is very difficult for me in 2018 to predict what will be the cost structure in 2021. Right now we have to leverage the assets we have today and grow in capacities and experiences till such time,” said by Oommen.

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Giving the view of the market size and the cost of 5G, Ericsson Head of South East Asia, Oceania, and India, Nunzio Mirtillo, said that It was estimated that  5G technology will be far cheaper compared to 4G and  This technology can create a market of a USD 27 billion by 2026.

India is still struggling to keep seamless service of 4G technology to its huge customers. 5G technology may seem far way in this respect. Now the new market leader, Jio’s announcement is a vast challenge to provide the service actually and meet the expectation of every Indian.

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