Samsung Is Also Copying This Apple Design

Samsung Is Also Copying This Apple Design

Samsung Also Is Copying This Apple Design

South Korean Electronics giant Samsung has finally decided to follow Apple. Samsung has recently revealed that it will bring notches to its upcoming smartphones.

The company revealed this announcement at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco.

Hassan Anjum, Director of Product Marketing said that Samsung has started testing notches on the displays while talking about the evolution of displays.

The upcoming notches include infinity U that looks like the notches found in smartphones by Sharp or the one seen in Essential phones.

There is an infinity V notch that looks similar just like a V-shaped design. There is also an infinity O notch that is circular in design and is moved towards the left of the phone lower than the status bar.

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Expect from the above-mentioned designs Samsung also showed the New Infinity design display without notch. The display will come with under display front camera, sensors and under display fingerprint support.

However, the display will also be used to absorb sound and the speaker grille will be removed from the phones.

Aside from the display, the company also gave a glimpse of its foldable display smartphone that the company will plan to launch next year. Samsung showcased a prototype with a screen that esteemed a 7.3-inch in size that can be folded in two.

Dave Burke, vice president of engineering of Google’s Android software platform, said that a Google conference in California that Samsung has planned to introduce a new Android-based device early next year.

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