Samsung Displays 5G Tech For Smart Agriculture In India


Samsung Displays 5G Tech For Smart Agriculture In India

One of the best companies to provide 5G technology solution throughout the world, Samsung Electronics on Tuesday showcased how its solutions can enable a variety of 5G-powered business models and plans for smart agriculture, home broadband services and smart cities in India.

5G services can change the present scenario of the agricultural sector in India. 5G enable sensors and devices can provide information on soil moisture, nutrients, spoilage and other aspects of farming. Farmers will have them all information to boost productivity.

“Making the world a better place for humans is our focus. We want to make people’s life more organized,” said by Claudia Park, Director, Networks for Samsung Electronics.

She also emphasizes the need and scope of this technology. By implementing 5G India can addressed lags in various fields.

“The government is very anxious on 5G use cases around agriculture, considering that farming is one of the mainstays of the Indian economy, ” said by the company.

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Samsung has announced its 5G trials in India in the first quarter of the next year in collaboration with the Department of Technology (DOT).

Samsung has also been selected as leading service provider for the 5G solution in the US by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint. In December it will start its 5G operation in South Korea.

The company is working with the Indian telecommunication sector since 2012 and provided giant infrastructure to Reliance Jio within a short period of time. It handles Jio-Samsung 4G LTE network in India.

With its capabilities to handle large-scale services in India, It has the potential to digitalized India and leads India to a transformation of the 5G network.

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