Samsung’s Future TVs Won’t Require A Remote Controller

Samsung’s Future TVs Won’t Require A Remote Controller

Samsung's Future TVs Won't Require A Remote Controller

Samsung has made a mark on the TV segment for its AMOLED screens and the design. It is already giving a tough fight just like LG and Sony with the new technology and image processors.

But the South Korean tech company is working on some new features that for now can be termed nothing less than ‘radical’. Samsung is now working on TVs that won’t require a remote controller, but require a human brain to operate, reported by CNET.

The company’s best way to get rid of remote controllers is to bloom a Smart TV Software. However, this technology is not made for the general audience but it is helpful for those who have physical disabilities.

The software aims to track eye movements, read the brainwaves, and use the Machine Learning algorithm to control the channels and even adjust the volume.

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For this, a user needs to have to wear a headset that has 64 sensors. A user would also have to look at the eye tracker to control the TV.

Samsung has named the project as ‘Project Pontis’ and the company’s Switzerland team started working this project three months ago.

The company partnered with Center of Neuroprosthetics of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland to make this project. Samsung also said that they plan to test the TV in Swiss Hospital early next year.

The South Korean tech company Samsung also ads that it is working on a technology that only relies on the brainwave. This tech is for those who can’t use the eye tracker.

The second prototype of the TV was shown last week at its developer conference in San Francisco. The conference becomes very interesting.

In this conference, Samsung also shows a demo of its first-ever foldable display. The company also announced that it is also working on other display styles with the notch.

Samsung also confirmed the arrival of its foldable display phone for next year.

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